An extra game mode

Waaay back in the days, when helis weren’t there, i made a post about an adittional game mode called “V.I.P. Hunt/Escort”…
it basically went like this:
every game 1 random player out of the 8 players is designated as “the VIP” (this gives the player a bit of extra resistance to all damage, but just a little) and the goal is to find him/her and hunt them down.
ofc, the friendly team knows from the start who the VIP is, but enemies do not, though they can find out by capping the enemy base.
If any other player exept the VIP capps enemy base they manage to reveal which enemy player is the VIP.
the base has 2 cap levels with the first level revealing the VIP and the second cap attaching “a tracker” that prevents the VIP from being able to hide (with either invisibility or any other way).

-Victory conditions:

  1. kill the VIP
  2. the VIP capps the enemy base (ONLY works for VIP doing it)

-Loss conditions:

  1. VIP killed
  2. enemy VIP capps the base

i think it would add a nice game mode that would put teamwork to the test, and could spice things up a bit…

what do you think about it people…?


Seems like a fun idea, I’d love additional gamemodes!

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Just a small detail.
In current PVP we all know what’s the sad end for the last man standing when more than 2 or three players from the other team hunts down the fellow.

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well, agreed on that part. but given what i wrote the last man standing should be the VIP otherwise the game was lost. also i wrote that thinking that the team should focus on both offence and defence instead as just running around like lemmings…
so you are right,but i feel you’ve gone beside the point.

here’s some more “food for thought”

3 and/or 4 teams Royal Rumble

3 teams RR
it involves 3 6-man teams competeng against each other. so instead of there just being friends and enemies, there could more chaos this way…similar to “for the emperor”, just with more teams

4 teams RR
this could work as a clan based RR and it would involve 4 4-man teams (clans) duking it out. like invasion it could be in an “arena type stage”.

just sayin’

this one isn’t about a game mode, but it is something i’d RLY like to be implemented…and that is a bit better clan mamagement scheme. it’s about invite/kicking options. as things are now, it’s kinda dumb, seeing that only the leader and liutenent (i think it’s called) can inv/kick ppl in/out of clan.

the reason i write this is 'cuz i’ve been asking my clan boss to rank me up above vet so that i can also inv ppl in, but got refused with the reason that “i could then kick him out of the clan”…

i totaly agree with that statement as i also wouldn’t want a stranger taking over a clan i raised, but it is annoying at times having to bother always pinging the leader when i want to invite someone.

needless to say, I DON’T WANT the power/choice to kick ppl as i believe that’s “the boss’ job”, so imo, things should be made like this:

-rookie- can neither inv or kick
-veteran- can ONLY invite
-lt.- can invite and ONLY kick players of same or lower rank (that would prevent the boss’ place being taken over)
-leader- can inv/kick anyone

this could also be added as a simple on/off option in clan settings, so that the leader can choose to allow vets to inv ppl without having to be there all the time and such…

any thoughts about it would be appreciated…


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game mode: “Death Race”

this one is inspired by a veeeery old game on Amiga, called Overkill. it’s basically a race game (no bases) for 8 players. weapons can be used but start empty/overheated and a specific boost can be collected on the track that would allow shooting but just 1 clip (number of shots depend on weapo(s) carried) or just untill the weapon heats up (and then the same boost needs to be collected again to reload/cooldown said weapon).

the point is more in the race than kills…

other than that, traps (like spikes or tank trap, or ramps that would send players flyin into obstacles or out of bounds or smt…) could be strewn randomly on the stage to inconvenience/harm players in some way…

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New Codriver: Oilslick
a former racer, he joined and later left the lunatics gang. some say he got fed up with billie (reason unknown, as he doesn’t talk about it, but some speculate it was the former’s obsession with blowing up…) and left the gang to become a merc.

spec skill:
Turbo Injectors - gathers a set amount of charges while driving/drifting and then, when activated, increases the car speed for a time.

pasive skills:
Shoot as you drive - increases rate of fire (may be proportional to speed)
Tight turner - increases turning speed of weapons (may be proportional to speed)
Race ace - increases wheel grip


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here’s another one…

i heard some ppl in the gen chat talking about Engraved Shell Casings and other such stuff so it got me thinking…
How About linking collections of those things to Adventure Mode? not saying “make it grindable there”, that’s not what i mean…what i mean is use adventure mode similarly to the “replay memory” thingy.
for example:
there’s a gate at the northern part of the map that is just “a part of the art”, so it could be used as an entry point to Northern Justice or some such thing. you would have to que up as a team (no rando crap) and be able to replay it (northern lights).
similar to that, other game modes or team plays could be introduced for the aforementioned casings and/or lighters, or simply any such specific materials…again, not asking for a way to “grind those like mad”, just as some extra stuff that can be done from adventure mode, or maybe add some more situational encounters like the “guard/destroy truck” (the green ones) that people could do for those materials…seems a waste of nice potential for adv mode to be kinda empty.
sometimes i just go to adv mode to drive around since it a nice wide open space that’s perfect for a drive around plus it’s also a decent and safe way to farm xp scrap and copper…if you’re tired of sealclubing…hahaha

toss yer 2cent about it, will ya…?

some more stuff for adv.mode…
this was also inspired by a very old game i liked called firefall…for those who don’t know about it, it was a PVE MMO that had players pitted against an endless army of aliens and they had to defend the last livable parts of earth.

so…first make actual camps for factions. then those camps could be attacked by either ravagers or a rival faction which could give the players something to defend/attack, depending on faction chosen. this would work similar to situational encounters, and in case that said camp is destroyed, players of that faction could then try to storm and reclaim said camp.

a small digression…before starting adv mode you could for example allow players to choose if they want to be:

Mercenaries - do not belong to any faction. can attack or be attacked by anyone (players or AI), but they are allowed to take any and all factions’ side quests.

Faction member - can attack other factions (or players belonging to those factions). AI controlled friendlies could help those players against others (like you could “summon” them with the help button, or something). also, only side quests from own or friendly faction can be taken.
this could give players more varied choices of play, and imo revitalize adv mode somewhat…

side quest - A friend in need - it’s basically a crossbreed between “deliver and destroy” side quests. the player needs to rush to a certain place and help a faction member against multiple enemy faction cars trying to kill the friendly.

faction side quests.
as every faction has their own base, a player could obtain some kind of side quest by visiting said faction base camp.
firestarters could be used for arena brawls
scavengers could ask for escorts as they go dismantle something
lunatics could ask for assistance in a raid
steppenwolves could ask for protection of a site that they intend to make a watchtower of base camp in
nomads or dawn children could ask for an escort while they are analyzing an anomaly or something

ofc, such side quests could only be undertaken by players from those factions, or factions that are friendly, as well as “mercenary players” (who are allowed to take side quests from any faction).
so far, aside being just a flavor, factions per se have almost zero impact on the world, which is kind of a waste of a great potential, both as game options and world building…

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I like it sorry not got back to your post in my topic but yeah sounds fun. Played something like that in past on a game. Maybe it was Halo not sure :smiley:

nah mate, it was unreal tournament, the first one…

also, thnx for getting back, no worries…

…i got that wrong. UT1 had another mode…teams would switch between attack and base defence, iirc.
can’t remember what was the name of the game that had “V.I.P. escort” game mode…but it was a shooter none the less…

thank you so much….

may i know why?

here’s some xtra stuff…

4 vs 4 LEVIATHAN SLUGFEST, because…why the hell not. no bases, just a simple slugfest. i mean it’s already there…just “add it to RNG In The Sky”… :rofl:

and now for some xtra Coo Coo Drivers. unlike the previous, i don’t have a short story for 'em…if anyone feels like you can post it her…np :grin:

Gimmi K.
spec skill Cowboy - after X successfull shots (can be activated or smt.), reduce reload time of mounted weapons for a time or smt.
skill Trigger Hippy - increased weapon rate of fire
skill Bolts ‘n’ Screws - increase durability of car parts by a very little. this is applied to every individual part of the armored vehicle, exept for Cabin, Weapons, Moving parts, and Modules.
skill Break a Leg - increases max speed for legs by 5km

Ice Flow
spec skill Snowborn - activates after a set amount of elemental damage (fire, ice, THUNDER!!! :rofl:). increase the “time to overheat stat” of all weapons for a set time (or smt)
skill Frozen Stiff - reduce enemy push speed or push effect against this armored vehicle
skill Crampoons - reduced slow effect from enemy ice based attacks
skill Cold as Ice - increased effects of “cold based debuffs”

Ro N. Tghen
spec skill El. Storm - disable enemy radars / locators / and other such items, for a certain time and within a certain radius. can be activated after a certain ammount of damage to enemy Cabins, parts that require energy to function, and any type of Movement parts.
skill Juiced Up - increase max speed of hovers by 5km
skill Shortcircuit - increase (Energy / Uncategorised) damage to Modules and Engines
skill Energy Distribution - reduce “charge up time” for energy and uncategorised weapons

Mark S. Mann
spec skill Bullseye - activates after X successfull shots at enemy cabin. gives a damage bonus against all non-structural parts for a time
skill Hawk Sight - increase max range of all weapons (bonus may vary depending on weapon type)
skill Paint Target - increase homming rockets speed (or active time, or tracking accuracy, or smt… )
skill Commando - reduced aquisition / spotting range, for enemy armored vehicles targeting this vehicle

that’s about it for now…

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