Things CROSSOUT need to be come fun again or things that can and maybe even interest new players?

Even if its overhauling something or changing something can be anything. What would help the game or make it really fun again.

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STEP 2) Get rid of bots in normal matches unless a person has been in queue for a set amount of time.
Also do not be scared to have matches sometimes run 4 vs. 4 in standard battles. (BOTS ARE ANNOYING)
STEP 3) More free things need to happen for existing players.
STEP 4) Figure out how improve the experience for new players. (New players try matches and sometimes get discouraged by the vet players. Do something to help with that beside freaking mini passes that cost money)
New players do not build well there need to be a video made by Crossout Devs explaining parts like things. Like the shoot threw pieces and just make a check list of topics to say and put a video in the game for new players to watch and make it easy to see for new players.
STEP 5) RAIDS ARE OLD AND OUT DATED. Make new raid maps not just one or two but a decent amount. (SKY RAIDS COULD BE FUN)
STEP 6) REWORK ADVENTURE MODE - make adventure mode something not just for unlocking stuff but something can actually go into with multiple people and do like area event things earning stuff as an example.
STEP 7) Find away to make cosmetics feel like your not getting punished. The game need more awesome factor to it.

Extra thoughts - Maps all kinda feel the same to me, Go outside the apocalypse style just a little add some jungles add some waterfalls make some fun new concept of maps while keeping the vibe of crossout / mad max style.

Also why does parts have to always be in the freaking battle passes…
We have factions that is pretty much at a dead end right now for vet players… Add new parts to factions or make some new factions that actually have more parts.

Co-Drives. I would love seeing more of them even and new players should get one co-drive right away.

Also just a IDEA or Thought. A MAP DESIGN TOOL WOULD BE AMAZING for this game. Let your players help with content. THEY WOULD DO IT AND LOVE IT. Have map contest or something best map will be added to game or something.
This game is based off creativity pretty much. So embrace it.


i must say i agree with most of the things you said.
i also started a thread and would like to know what you think as we seem to have similar opinions on some issues that the game is facing so far.

Improve Clan Wars. That mode has been neglected for years now.

Bring back old Brawls. I miss Brawls like Storm Warning and Operation Red Light.

IMO: One of the biggest problems with the game is the lack of fun game modes. PVP is the meat and potatoes of the game, and it can get stale after a while. Raids have always sucked, and CW just isn’t worth the effort.

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I’ve seen this a few times, but someone made an interesting point. Bot AI seems to work differently in PvP than it does in Patrol. The bots in PvP (the few times I’ve played) seem to be utter garbage. The bots in patrol, however, are LETHAL. I stand still for one second in a heli, and am reduced to a tenth of my hit points. And I make some tanky sh*t (2.5k, 3k, even 3.5k hp helis). So if you want bots (and the game) to be improved just a bit, make the AI consistent.

(This is, of course, based on my experience, yours might be different)

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They need to reduce the grind and add more movement parts to special and rare tiers. They need to nerf OP and easy to use builds because people want to master something. The devs have been taking that away.

Wheels also need a rework because they are a noob trap movement part for anything that doesn’t need to be faster than 90kmh. They are by far the worst movement parts in the game and they are only relevant because the devs keep buffing their durability. Full reverse speed and diagonal steering is needed. Players complain about W+M1 but that is all that wheels are capable of. If those noobs using wheels with MG’s/cannons/wttf had reverse speed and diagonal steering the tards playing borers and shotguns wouldn’t be wiping lobbies with impunity and wheels wouldnt need indestructible durability to be relevant.

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I think the only way to save Crossout is to make the game open source and make players able to create their own servers.
But a good second option for Targem games would be to bring in new programmers and players who played the game from the beta.
Since what the current leadership has been doing the last years hasnt been working.

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aha, yes of course! could you cope if it wasnt though?

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Sure the young men at the bottom of the chain believe its real, and lives are lost for real, because they think its real, and fight for real.

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Did you know those conspiracy theories turn out to be conspiracy facts when you give it enough time?
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Im sorry buddy but 90% of people are good natured and are creatures that give love even when it is not returned.
From your words i can only assume the death cult has convinced you we are all a danger to ourselves.

What if most people are basically good, but also that most people are also scared?
And maybe it’s not powerful evil forces coordinating a complex plot of manipulation, but rather the age-old combination of ignorance, fear, and a hunger for easy answers?

After all, those wars you see being fought “over there” can be seen as fueled by variations on the same conspiracies you appear to believe in. Conspiracies that always blame current problems on some “other” that has intruded and is trying to spoil what you cherish.
People who really study history tend to notice the same patterns of childish xenophobia as the big factor in armed conflict. Yes, there are often corrupt leaders behind all this, but usually they’re just as dumb and scared as the people that follow them.
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Or you just don’t know.

I refuse to participate in things like this, even voting. I concentrate on what’s in my reach, and try to be the best version of me in that bubble. Prices go up and down, technology marches on, but mostly it stays the same. I have friends who lose hours every single day arguing, watching, decrying politics, only to never really affect anything except their own free time. Not a trap i care to get caught up in. If i ever become a big fish in a small pond, ill try to affect my ecosystem more.

For now, give me Boston’s version of ‘Peace of Mind’.

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WRONG. Historically, Germany was known as the “Fatherland” and Russia/USSR et. al. was known as the “Motherland”. What are you, a public school teacher? :unamused:

Actually it partly depends on if the language used for homeland is gendered as masculine or feminine before translated into English. English tends to use Fatherland coming via Latin equivalent patria, father being pater. Sometimes there’s secondary reasons out of the more ancient religion/cultural identity I won’t go into that portion though as I don’t feel like having my comment deleted though the general idea is the nation thinks of the land as gendered one way or the other when personified as an image. Separate usage from a more personal perspective is both terms are used one for each of a persons parents. Where your mother is from motherland and where you father is from fatherland. This usage is still correct regardless of how the nation might use the term. Similarly following this if the culture is patrilineal or matrilineal sometimes influences the national image. I’m not going to get into the more modern propaganda means which really popularized it though.

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Hi guys, long time
Not sure what you’re talking here but that doesn’t look like Crossout.
Stay in topic, thanks !


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We did get a little of topic but it wasn’t poorly intentioned. Thanks for giving us some leeway.


I have a modest suggestion. We need a cool villain that represents a threat to the different factions of Crossout. RAVAGERS!

Have an Event where the Ravagers start to attack the different areas within the Valley. CK’s are vital to turn existing weapons and modules into ones that are themed to be for the Ravagers. Structure Parts, Decor, and Stickers are used to help create the look and terror of this foe. This can be part of the event as well as Packs. Use lighting on parts and decor like steaming vents or a horn that has corrupted computer sounds.

Have new weapons that give advantage to the players against Ravager’s structure parts, modules, cabins and weapons. (The resistances are very low against these experimental weapons). So instead of being OP and having to make huge balancing investment it is dependent on Ravager parts. More parts mean more weakened resistances.) Think of the cool use like creating a Ravager Leviathan!

The store can sell decor, stickers and portraits as additions between Ravager events to keep the theme going.

Lastly create Brawls where players play the role of Ravagers in premade vehicles they can select. They play against the players and the selection is random on who plays Ravagers. Players also get a selection of vehicles that balance the brawl. (Instead of giving a different currency… Please use badges that can buy unique structures, cases that contain ravager decor and premium cases that contain CK’s.) This allows players who don’t want to invest in an event still have fun and get some cool stuff.

Have a Ravager Garage that is sold at the medium pack level. This follows the theme of spreading the Ravager virus. This uses the rule of cool to help capture the threat of the spread. (Have drones buzzing around inside the garage doing repairs etc…)

For a raid make a gauntlet where players fight to get to the Ravager Base. Fight Tiered Bosses. As Easy difficulty have 4 players. At Medium difficulty have 6 players and at hard difficulty have 8 players. I think for balance you might have to limit the power score.

Last idea… create a lower cost Relic Ravager Drone that is strong against Flyers! Hope this helps for ideas!

Cheers -MC-

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