Crossout: The Evolution

The challenge here is to identify the things that have gotten better in Crossout through the years, without dwelling on all the things that are wrong with it. Most of us are already aware of the things that suck about Crossout, but I’m not sure many of us are aware of the improvements that have been made, and I’d like to hear what kids think have gotten better.

Maybe this will help the player focus on what they like and give the developers, should they peek in here to see what we are doing in this relatively abandoned and downgraded forum, a better grasp on what we would like to see more of from them.

Try not to dwell on all the negative things they have done to us over the years, We already know Crosscrowns suck, for example. There is no reason to go over that again…or one of us can start an alternate thread for that. That might be fun too. IDK.

Anyway, I’ll start…with…I like the new bots.

You don’t have to tell me how you don’t, but I do. I realize some kids don’t.

I also like the pacing and content of the new mini-pass, and I think it would make a good standard for future mini-passes, because it provides good content for new kids to catch up to other players at a reasonable price, and I think the pacing keeps people tentative and engaged, but prevents players from being gorged from marathon grinding.

I love all the new structure parts, decor and paint. My game revolves around that stuff, and the structure parts are free to all players. Graphically the game has improved, IMO.

I like the newer more interactive maps. I like the destructibles, the collapsing bridge, and the crashing tower. I like the geysers, and the new artillery feature on that one map (forgot the name).

I could come up with some more, but now it’s your turn. What have the developers brought us in the last several years that you see as an improvement?

Any takers? Do you like the new farm? I do. I think that was an improvement.


staying away from crossplay…

Gawd…OK, nevermind.

He could at least put on a shirt. That image is harsh.

I’m not going to hope this gets better. It was a dumb idea in the first place.

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What improvements? Graphics - disgusting for the year 2023, physics - ridiculous also for the year 2023, payments - pathetic squeeze, bots have to hit otherwise you would play 4v4 muhehe, cheats of those will never get rid of in pvp games, for example ainbot is obvious here. And I could go on

You don’t need to. That’s a pretty accurate distillation of the negative aspects of this game, probably, and I think most people are either aware of it and are either accepting it or moving on, or are practicing some kind of cult-like denial. For other’s it simply isn’t that big of a deal, because most modern business is conducted with some line of shit somewhere, somehow. It’s the modern world.

Security will check your social credit score, clearance level, and vaccination schedule for your safety.

Welcome to the future. Have a nice day. Hail Caesar.

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I love this too. Over time I hope ever map has something like this in it.


I had a chance to play a session of “confrontation” today.

And for me, I can’t speak for everyone, a 4v4 simi-competitive mode without bots is exactly the game play I’m looking for. So this is a BIG improvement for me in the last patch.

No one dropped any games I played.
For the most part the builds all looked more serious so I didn’t feel instantly screwed by my team when I logged in.

Also - the first two games I played was me solo joining with some randoms and in both cases we faced 4 man clan teams and we won both!

I really like that random people can make groups.

I always read people complain about fighting bots - but I’m sure they will come up with some reason to not play this mode.

So that is another improvement. A PvP mode without bots for solo players. The only mode we had before this was CWs.



Actually it’s “Awe. True to Caesar” you profligate!

Either way I disagree on a few points. MiniBP is a cashgrab and we all know that. Cashgrab is a cashgrab, no matter now good it is. And the new farm, which starts tomorrow, is even more stretched now.

Because solo players can’t get badges as of tomorrow. Only clans and clan abortions can have them.


I should have saved my list from the other thread for this one, but here are some more things:

  • not needing to wait to change factions, and not even needing to change factions to craft. This is a big quality of life thing for me.

  • less lottery based things. There was a time when instead of battling for scrap, wires and batteries, we battles for random common items. I hated playing “get the machine gun” over and over, hoping to finally get the part I needed to craft something.

  • the badge system. Really made it easier to maximize your grind, as well as being able to cater it to what you like to do. I no longer feel like I’m missing out on rewards if I don’t play raids.

  • less bots. Initially I wasn’t happy about console going down to 6v6, but I have to admit is has led to less bots and faster queues.

  • BPs in general have offered a great way for cheap/poor people like me to get a lot of high end gear, which really opened up the game for me. If low PS gets too repetitive, I can play a wide variety of high PS builds, and that gear cost me very little compared to packs.

  • more stability. This might be console-specific, but I definitely encounter less lag and connection/server issues that I used to.

  • deeper lore and expanded factions. When I started playing, the game felt very much like Mad Max vs Star Wars. That was cool enough to attract me, but adding in the Syndicate, Founders, and that other new faction has made it into a much more unique game, and allowed my imaginable and creatively to flow in new ways.

  • explosions are much better looking, and I love the wreckages. The thick black smoke really sets a mood.

  • I know this is controversial, but I have come to love the lighter system in BPs. Being able to choose your bonus rewards is really nice.

  • this one is really controversial, but I’m starting to think the mini-BPs might actually be good. I doubt I’ll ever pay for any of them, but I see them as useful for people who skipped previous full BPs, or who joined after. Allows them to catch up, and that helps counter the perceived unfairness of uncraftable BP items


Here’s the stuff I posted in the other thread, just to put it all in the right place:


I got two 1st place improvements

Biggest personally proud improvement is moving away from the storyboard style of animation into fully animated trailers.

Biggest and most effective technical improvement to me is the deflection we now experience while running into things. Whereas, before 2.0, when hitting a wall at any angle we would come to a dead stop but, now, we deflect off into an appropriate direction.

Then there’s the decision to add perks to the Special Cabs that are mini versions of the perks one receives when graduating to Epic. That’s something that has vastly improved game play in the lower PS.

Visually improved in lots of areas including but not limited to:
Better detailed interaction with environment (multi-directional dirt getting kicked up by movement), plus not so many issues with hit-boxes that extend beyond their bitmapping (rocks and walls that are invisibly bigger than their imaging denotes). So, in that area, visuals coupled with the game’s skeletal design have been massively improved.
Explosions just keep getting better and better (high-speed slow-motion playback of explosions reveals wonders to behold including but not limited to distortions caused by shockwaves).

Atmospheric improvements include:
Revamping of old battlegrounds to be:
1.) Larger to accommodate our fantastic borderline levi-style death machines
2.) Some have been multi-planed beyond two levels to three levels (with possible addition of ariel plane of combat).
3.) Have had their skyboxes enlarged for big-brain shenanigans.
4.) Several battlegrounds have been updated with new dynamics for PvP (destructible bridge, falling tower, orbital bombardment, so far with more to come).

Audio improvements from engines to voice acting.

I like that the devs have moved into taking inspiration from Movies and TV for the last year or so, rather than other game IP, it really grabs a hold of me.

That’s really I can think of for now. I might edit this later to include a couple more things.

Great thread Doc!



well said, yes, the BP’s and mini BP’s are a great way to a get a little something. The cynical call them cash grabs, the rest call it accessible.


Packs were/are the only real cash grab in the game, and that is obviously not their focus anymore.

BPs are cheap. At the beginning of the pandemic, I probably spent about $300 on a bunch of mainstream games, and barely played any of them. Instead, I just keep playing Crossout, and only buy the full BPs, which comes out to far less than I spent on all those “real” games I never play.


I want to add on here, but Poony and Obsidian - for the most part - really nailed everything I can come up with as far as specific examples go.

Overall, the game just looks and feels better. The graphics are way better. Don’t believe me? Zoom in on some of the old-school parts & look at the detail (or lack thereof) when compared to the newly introduced parts. The newer parts are amazing. I made a thread about this a while back… appreciating the aesthetics of individual parts. I mean, zoom in on the landing gear tires & wheels. They’re amazing… and THAT’S JUST A TIRE!

The ever expanding variety of parts is also wonderful… and most are free. Those bumpers & structural parts from the latest battle pass are both free and incredibly detailed. The legs are… man, I could go on & on… great work on the Devs’ part.

The game is also more stable than ever. I know it gets wonky right before any upgrade (what’s up with that anyway), but overall, it’s much better than it was 4 years ago when I’d sometimes go days without being able to log in & burn through several missions without disconnecting.

Brother, don’t let anyone’s pissy attitude (including my own) steal your joy!


Here are some improvements.

  1. Better Co-drivers

  2. Introduction of badges.

  3. Wheels and tracks will craft 2 at a time.

  4. More structure parts.

  5. Better weekly challenges

  6. No waiting to change factions


I finally got a fused hadron thanks to this mini BP.

Happy camper


well i’m sure ur gf is happy…
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I almost spit out beer :wink: lol

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Nearly everything.

Better graphics, more maps, more mechanics, more weapons, more parts, more SMALL parts, Awakenings (PVE), movement part variety (anyone else remember when Tractor tires were the go to tires??), physics improvements. Dailies, weeklies have all improved also. All the changes to crafting. (so nice not to wait 24 hrs to change factions).

Some of these have failed in implementation. Some have not. The ideas themselves were good though.


My only excuse is that my inventory no longer supports this game as a potentially competitive sport. I’m not going to inflict my art builds on kids in a serious setting, and I’m not sure I have anything anymore that could be competitive in a sport like setting.

As for the bots; I like the bots better than regular players and routinely get better result by grouping with bots than putting any faith in the randoms I get in PVP. It’s gotten hard to take that mode seriously.

Sometimes they’re good, and when they do have their shit together and have a well assembled squad, this game is funner than hell. I had a match like that recently, where we all just fit into our roles, played them and aced that gig hard. It was a blast, but that isn’t something I have come to expect from PVP. It doesn’t usually go like that.

Thanks for saving my thread from the slob meme. It was a funny joke, but when I saw it I thought, “Damn. I knew I was asking for trouble.”
That’s a good list.

I got the “Baby Monitor” battle pass, for this reason, and because it was so weird. I think it’s the first one I’ve gotten. I haven’t skipped any battle passes (maybe one. IDK), but I didn’t hang on to any of that stuff.

Then this “Battle of the Bands” thing came out, like I told Monkey, I really don’t have anything of that caliber to participate in this with. I looked through that mini-pass though, and I think I could hobble together something worthy with those Whirls, and if I really want to go for it, the Waltz is pretty viscous if you learn how to use it.

So, I agree, these mini passes, or at least this one, has some good content for getting noobs up to speed, or for just refurbishing an inventory, like I am. Also, I like it as a source of coins that isn’t Crosscrowns.

I’m glad you brought these things and others up. I forget about some of this, but these are some of the things I like about this game the most too; the ambiance, and it’s all those little, discreet things adding up that amounts to ambiance. I like immersion, and that’s what immersion is made of.

Very this. The structure parts are the part of my inventory I covet the most…and my paints. Those are the things that have help me make this game amusing when it really wasn’t very amusing. These are the best legos I’ve ever seen, and that part of the game is completely free. It also represents some of the developers best work, IMO. They almost always get the art right.

I forgot about that one. That has really made my f2p account much more interesting and competitive. It would be a lot rougher without that feature, probably.

I appreciate the feedback, folks. I don’t know about anybody else, but I needed a dose of positivity. I know I like this game, but sometimes it’s hard to remember why.


My whirl build seemed to perform the best of the ones I managed to try today. My gremlin auger build did ok too.
Seeing lots of people playing the new legs, so either play them yourself or a build that counters them.
Why does the vehicle select portion only give you a split second to change? Feature or bug?

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