CrossPlay console/pc

Im writing this post to ask for crossplay between PC and Console.
I’d like to play with my father that has a ps4 and i have a pc, but there isn’t crossplay, so i’d like to know when crossplay is coming to crossout because i’d highly apreciate it.
Thank you for reading

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They’ve already said crossplay is comeing between Consoles. It doesn’t look like pc will be included however.

Ps no exact day was given. Only that it will happen before the years end.

thats sucks actually, is there any reason why they wouldnt bring the crossplay ro pc?
IS it because of cheats or because its not worth

Anyone’s guess.

Perceived cheating always ends up being part of the topic however if you look up the issue in other games. The topic often includes accuracy of the mouse vs controller with and without aim assist. As well as differences in hardware power including faster monitor refresh rates. Generally consoles players end up complaining.

If they do include PC’s they should attempt to add in a way to opt-out of particular player pool sources as it will keep the dissatisfaction to a minimum.

I really want pc to be a part of crossplay. I don’t care if there are cheaters on pc. I can beat cheaters. It’s not like they have Invulnerability cheats on crossout. Do they? I get called a cheater on ps4, where there are no cheats. Just cronus hardware or whatever(which I don’t have).

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It has never been confirmed one way or the other if PC will be included.

But I too would have to say that console crossplay has been confirmed 100%

We are still waiting to see if PC is part of that or not. I really hope it is, this game really needs it.

P.S. the good news is, the dev team has also NOT said that PC will not be included.

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May I ask when it was said?

Where you get that info from?

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There is disparity between PC and consoles, such as regarding drones, as the experience of play XO is just measurably different between the two platform arch-types. They are not identically the same game anymore, and they would have to be brought back into uniform balance to be able to have PC and consoles be capable of cross-play. Which will run afoul of the same reasons why they were independently balanced to begin with.

In short, Cross-Play between PC and consoles means one of the camps will be unhappy with how the game plays at a fundamental gameplay and balance level.

Drones where nerfed on console making them completely useless. This change was never needed and a return to being the same as PC is welcome.

Besides that this game is completely the same (except PCs messed up market corridors, you guys can keep that)

There is no “disparity” between platform.

There is no place that this information is coming from. It is an assumption at best.

It was said at the beginning of the last BP season. And in the Russian dev blog around that time they said pc would not be a part of crossplay. Again they gave no time of crossplay incorporation other than sometime this year.

Again, I want to believe you. Please provide a link.

No one has so far has been able to supply proof that PC will not be included.

I would love to know 100% one way or the other.

I have watched the BP videos more then once, I still might be missing it, but I never heard anyone say “PC will not be included” or “Only console will get crossplay”

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Its only your words, can you provide any data, links or something?

They said “crossplay end of this yr” so Im expecting it Nov. Dec.

Like I said before in an earlier post, it’s here say for me. But from credible people. Google it. Idk. I don’t speak Russian.

That mean you cant provide any info from official source but only rumors you’ve heard from someone whom name you dont know? :rofl:

If it is “here say”, then can you stop repeating it here till we know for sure?

Just like I have stopped saying PC will be included.

I am pretty sure they have mentioned it in the developer stream for last season, but I dont remember any details being mentioned on PC being included or not.


All we know is they said to a room full of PC and Console players that Crossplay would be added by the end of the year. They never clarified it would include both PC and Console, but they also did not say it would not include both.