CrossPlay console/pc

Lol, I figured. :slight_smile: no worries.

We will continue to correct you so you don’t pass on misinformation.


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That’s right Monkey, be rough on misinformation!

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Lol, thanx man :slight_smile:

I don’t care one way or the other. Crossplay will be good for the game both ways.

But I’m not going to make stuff up. We just don’t know.

Its has been confirmed cross-play by Christmas BUT did not specify to what extent of just consoles or PC as well.

This is all speculation

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What’s not speculation, is what will happen if XO goes PC/console crossplay.

You barely aim any of the weapons in Crossout anyway lol

I play R6, OW and other fps’s on PC but honestly I’d happily play PC players in Crossout, I wouldn’t be worried in the slightest

Well, I guess console CW players will have to massively switch to dogs if they want a chance against a good PC scorp/kaiju/punisher…

I mean they could just natively allow mnk on the game like others do, people already just cheat with cheap xim emulators anyway, I’ll still use my controller though, its Crossout not a twitch shooter

But you are right, a lot of people are bad on controller, luckily R6 on Console has 0 aim assist so playing that for 5 years or so honed my aim a bit, obviously still nothing compared to using my mnk on PC, but it’s wild how many people used the aimbot -like aim assist on console, it’s still really obvious when people are using the ‘tones-down’ verion

For the general masses, probably. But there are a few, like me, who excel either way. As in a play competitive PC games with M&k and have a 3:1 k/d on games like Tarkov. I also go ham with my joysticks. But this song and dance is wore out, PC Master Race vs. console. You guys have the superior aiming device, but also an inferior steering device.

I issue you a challenge: Post your best 5-10 minute montage showcasing your aim, and I will do the same. As you have the advantage, I’d like you to go first. Footage from any point of time, so long as it’s showing your superior PC Master Race aim.

Do you accept?

Bruh I can’t even keep important administrative papers around, do you expect me to record and keep track of XO? I just wanted to post a funny vid :rofl:

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You’re PC Master Race. It’s as easy as Nvidia’s built in shadow recorder. Epic game? press alt+ F10 and it’s saved, fire and forget style.

So you don’t want to compare, that’s fair.

Are there any other PC players who are absolutely positive that console gamers can’t aim? I’m not trying to toot my own horn, not as much as I really want to debunk the common misconception that PC player’s aim is automatically better than console’s aim.

aiaiai, again with this?

read what you wrote in this quote. your words. however, when pc players tell you exactly this, what you hear is “pc masterrace”.

its an ego related issue. you know and say a mouse is better for aiming, but when someone tells you this you feel attacked because you play this game with a controller.

example question to explain the ego thing: could you beat yourself in a 0 aim assist fps game with a controller vs you with mnk?

if your answer to that is yes id beat myself at aiming with a controller vs me with a mouse then youre saying a controller is better for aiming than a mouse.

if your answer is no, i couldnt out aim myself with a controller vs a mouse then the answer is what youve been saying already. a mouse is better for aiming.

to my knowledge all aiming heavy games with 0 aim assist are dominated by mnk players and its them taking the top ranks. which means, without getting any help by an aim assist, most people aim better with a mouse.

this translates into most mnk players aiming better than most controller players. its simple and youre not required to take this personally, but your ego makes you.

youre tough and into hardcore shit, right? go play hell let loose. i hear it has very little aim assist on consoles. then go play it on pc. then tell me you could out aim yourself with a controller. the game involves shooting at people some distance away.
or just go watch the gameplay clips on reddit and youll see what mouse vs raw(ish) controller looks like.

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Mouse will always aim better, do you play anything on PC?

I play on PC, i never try on console.

I always say it and i will say it again anyways.

PC crossout players are absolute garbage compared to console ones…

Not only they can’t drive’ or arim eve “good enought”

I already lost the count of how many quamtum thunderbolt fat-men with a roofmounted gasgen that has an spectre mounted into it… all in the same firing group as well…

Oh, and did i mention that they only have white rarity wheels, and a lot of them? All while still being extremelly ovetoonage and unable to go over 20 KM

Their builds + their lack of driving and aiming is just…

Well, i’m yet to see those kind of players in console, while i am guaranted to at-least see one of those once every 3 battles, and it is not the same player, but multiple as well…

I still remember seeing a roof-mounted gasgen ML 200 spider that had porcupines mounted on the gasgen and tons of other unnecessary explosives as well… all while being on 15k+ PS

Aiming is important in Crossout, but given that most of our vehicles have limited firing angles, driving is at least as important.
Look at how boxed in most high PS builds are: they’re barely aiming with their actual gun, and instead aiming with their entire vehicle.

Anyway, I welcome Crossplay, and hope it allows PC and console players to fight each other. More players = more good.

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I for one welcome crossplay with PC. Mostly because that would guarantee we’re getting 8vs8 back. I also believe I would be able to hold my own. I won’t be the best. But I won’t suck either

In a perfect world it would be full crossplatform with options to select which platforms you matchmake with when matchmaking.

Dont listen to that guy [Clebardman] hes always posting some bs towards consoles. In fact hes shaking hard hearing about crossplay :rofl:


Kuba, I respect your game. You’re not just a placeholder. But yes, the triple Whirl user would not make it past Bronze on Playstation. If we merge all 3 platforms, even Tin might be pushing it. But don’t blame him, it’s hard to drive when your input device is inferior xD

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hehe, isnt diamond like up to top30 out of 150 clans with points on consoles?

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