CrossPlay console/pc

This is true. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t box in Arbiters, Reapers, Aspect and Punishers. And its not just machine guns. Boxing in Kaijus is also extremely popular. Scorpions and all autocannons are usually partly boxed. Helios is always boxed.

The only turret weapons that are actually used for turning apart from leviathan use are Fat mans, Mammoths and Mastodons. Also, Destructors are often unboxed.

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This is true. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t box in Arbiters, Reapers, Aspect and Punishers.


Raises hand

I may or may not play with 2 Punishers in CW that are 100% uncovered, sitting directly on top on a flat surface, on a Torero cab on wheels. Works well for me.

Is that a question?

Nah, it’s a fact. I definitely play a 2 punisher wheel build with 0 armor around the guns, as my main CW/top PS build.

Just awaiting the “tHaT wOnT wOrK aGaInSt (x y z)” while you’re actively doing it just fine

You too? Call me a pessimist, but I’m waiting for the backlash as well. I definitely do quite well with it. To date, I’ve made two people on Playstation snap and change their entire PSN names using it against them. Redman3000 is now Redmankill216, and some guy who’s name used to be like BigRed or something is now DeathHulk216. Redman did finally manage to kill me for the literal first time two days ago. I imagine is was cathartic for him, after trying for a literal 2+ years.

mmmmhhh thats some tasty cringe right here, nomnomnom. keep it coming, boys!

Im sure you’ve realized by now no one cares about you. No one even engages you anymore. What’s the point to? A pissant with a bad attitude posting as such every time isn’t even sporting. Hell, at this point you even say the same generic thing every time. “Blah, blah, cringe, blah blah.” Oh no, a muppet has publicly shamed me! Grow up and/or contribute, or enjoy being ignored as you have recently.

well, youre doing it right here!

im going to stick around for as long as you refuse to understand how much of a douchebag you have to be to write dumb stuff like the above.

i also want to be around for your next “my top5 reasons why im leaving crossout for realz this time” post.

i mean seriously, youre posting psn account names of your own alleged cyber bullying victims and you wear that as a badge. in a moderated forum this can gst you a ban. and i dont know about what psn does with stuff like this. get a grip, idiot.

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