Customize Your Co-Driver

How great would it be if you could customize your own co driver to your liking?.
Choosing the perks you wanted for your specific playstyle.
Just like skill trees of classes in various MMORPG’s.

Or perhaps customizing the existing co drivers in a way to your preference that keeps in line with their theme, but also gives the players many choices instead of the standard buffs and perks.

Targem Games could make good money of it if they implemented it right,
By having a Respec feature that costs coins to reset the expanded choice of buffs and perks the system would provide.

I would call that a win=win.
The devs get more money, and the players get more choice.

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If you search around You’ll find that I’ve suggested this a number of times.

I Did use the search function on the forum with keywords “co driver” before making this post.
But it didnt return anything useful.
Looks like great minds think alike :wink:

I call them bland often that term will probably pull the other listings. lol

i’d rather have extra codrivers that building them…too meta crap that way…just making a lot of different codrivers (even by mix and matchin abilities from egzisting ones)…our codrivers aren’t us, nor is this an rpg…

instead, people, make a thread for codriver creation, and post codrivers that you have created…story/profile and all…and then let the devs decide if they add them or not…

i agree more variety is needed, but custom aranging…NO TY…there’s enough meta as it is…the last thing this game needs is MORE OF THAT!!!

ps. i made a co driver idea in my thread here:

anyone who wants is free to drop their co drivers ideas here…if they want…the more the merrier

From where i came from you could choose Two or three builds ( of co-drivers)for each type/class of vehicles