CW dying

The gameplay’s so garbage since the update, anyone who’s not a Arbiter/Punisher hovering tart stopped playing it.
Kept getting matched against low Bronze people 200 pts above us while playing with newcomers yesterday, it was great fun. Ofc they were all running the same MG Omamori hover crap.
We still got back to Tin too, so I dunno what’s up with all these talentless hacks playing the same crutch DLed from exhibition over and over. They should try getting good before playing FOTM shit.

GJ targem, everytime you upate your game you kill it a little bit more lmao.


Crossout should have more competitive modes and divided by leagues which already has.
Whatever Mayhems are very similar to ranked battles.
About CWs i can’t say much, i never did one but one possible simple fix to what i “hear” every time is making CW a bit like Mayhems, in the sense, two clans would face each other with pre made builds provided by Crossout just like in Mayhems.
Apart from being a gateway for Relics (uranium) what are the other reasons to play CWs?
I mean rewards . There could be rewards for the clan and rewards for each player.
The game i used to play gave special ships that you couldn’t get any other way, special flags (jolly roger) and special resources like steel and stuff that you couldn’t get any other way, to Clan battles players who would win for 3 years and 5 years in a row.
And that had a really impact to the game.
I remember the first time i met a Flint (tier 7) , i was in my t6 Aoba, i saw the jolly roger flag and my heart sunk, i knew then i was outgunned, outclassed, and out skilled, my ship was sinking soon after.
Black was another ship, a DD with radar, in a game where concealment is everything, ame thing as Flint.
I know Mayhem has that too, a special ribbon but they could go a step further.
My clan had a naval base as every other clan, we would play whatever mode and we would earn oil (it was one of the rewards, it had a daily limit) that was used to build and upgrade the base, with those upgrades the clan would grow (bigger barracks = more members in a clan) other type of buildings would gave a small percentage of damage bonus for a ship of a particular nation.
A very active competitive clan had a base full of warships, a less active competitive clan had a base with less warships and with more merchant ships
We could visit and see, a bit like the garage
That’s my 2 cents

I don’t play cw but know a lot of the ex firedog/spider players are gone. At least back then the meta was down to 3 or 4 builds but now it is all just the same old arbiter flying junkboxes so that is probably why cw is dying. Even the arbiter banana’s are almost dead and some players that use to use that build are now on hovers since supercharged 2.0.

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CW is dying. I got two screenshots to prove it.

Taken 11/17/22

Taken today

It’s only gonna get worse if the Devs don’t do anything about it.


why are you on ongoing go to previous monki

i read this over n over again but still can’t figure out what your saying.clarify plz :crazy_face: :rofl:


Current (ongoing season) Vs Previous

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These screenshots are taken an hour before the season ends.

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Why are all you comment just smashing people around? If they are so bad, and you so good…why are you in tin…lol… get good before being nasty to others…

On a side not - i still think the game was in a really good place before the updates over the last 6 weeks or so. We used to see a lot of variety in CW and there were good counters to hover builds.

Roll it back and players will return!!!

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Well, you speak from the rage. Why arbitrer users are retards? I like arbitrer since its on game and i was playing it on cw when it was not meta, losing 4 weapons by single thypon shot vs teams who was playing with 4 canon hovers, and? game is changing and dont means you need to follow meta, i see teams with fortunes on omni tires having good results, you can have great results even using incinerator and kapkans with your team.
You should consider that you will lose more games when you play tilted because the game is punishing you personally because every one is tart except you. Just take it easy and play what you like to play even if its not meta build.

Im agree about aimbot, i play on ps4 and i dont have prove that top clans use it but some times i feel like they use it when one guy apear with punisher build and he strip only your covered weapons and cabin next, you die with full car. But for me CW is not about be top 10, is about have fun with my friends playing… All comunity will apreciate if devs do something to fight it.

Clan wars has been dying for around a year+ now…

It went from almost 1000 to 800+ active clans initially, then within this year we droped to less than 580 a few weeks before the patch, then for those few weeks we had a small influx at around 620…
And since the update the numbers are plummeting, we have lost almost 100 clans in 3-4 weeks.

Clan wars numbers started deteriorating ever since firedogs of all kinds started becoming bigtime meta in low-mid rating clans (the infestation was mostly up to low silver, above that there werent that much, good hover-spider players could effectively counter dogs).

Then we got the breaker-booster-omamori infestation (solid counter to firedog), although it wasnt as prevalent as firedogs in CW (didnt have the time to become, the firedog meta was brewing for more than 1,5 year prior when us firedog players could be counted on two hands), it was big in randoms and still kinda is.

Imo levi CW also being integrated on the same ladder as normal CW isnt much of a help either.

Now the next big meta, the machine gun-breaker hover, or pretty much anything you want on a hover is the next thing killing the mode, and it seems to be killing it faster than the rest so far.

To be very frank, there will always be FOTM builds in CW, what differs now is that its so overwhelmingly FOTM its tiring.
There were a few sessions in bronze over the last months we would get 1/2 of clans being full firedog teams in a session, but i have never experienced sessions like last tuesday for example where it was 18 games 17 of them only hover or 2-3 hover+ something else, with almost 70-80% of the hovers being machine gun-breaker.
And its not even the first session this has happened since the patch.

And its not the weapons, its the movement part, i dont want the weapons nerfed, they are perfectly fine as they are.

I have no more to say, they nare going to do what they want to anyways regardless.


We took 6th place on Playstation using a triple destructor Kami wheel build with a roof, a meta omamori Punish beholder hover, a mastodon bastion spider, and a triple punisher spider. What did we beat? You guessed it, 4 man squads of punisher omamori hovers.

The problem is skill cap. If you can’t overcome one of the strongest metas seen yet, you get absolutely steamrolled. No in-between. And using the same builds is no guarantee of a puncher’s chance, like it had been before in other metas. If the other dude can strip your Punis in 15 seconds consistently, and you can only strip his in 19 seconds, you will lose consistently.

Update 12-11-2022: 521 clans. 18 less than last week.


Update: 12/18/22: 499 clans. 22 less than last week.


Never played in a clan, but fwiw, Bedlam is growing. Alot of new faces the last 2 months.

CW was always the worst, cheapest gamemode where only a select handful of better than everything else cheese builds were viable

Can’t wait for it to die completely


CW illustrates everything that needs a nerf. Of the dozens and dozens of builds that could exist, a small enough quantity for everybody to be using cookie cutter versions of is all that’s competitive.

For the length of the event I would treat the numbers lightly. Depending on where rankings are some might not even care at the moment.

Oh yeah, that worked so well with CW and it is dying now.

Crossout needs more modes, including big maps and PvE.

Not childish PvP. If you want PvP, go play Fortnite or grow up.

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@kehich I think he means PS weight brackets and then leagues sitting over that like I’ve suggested a number of times. Look at how boxing divisions are layered out: boxing - Weight divisions | Britannica There are little meta’s in every PS range but they really don’t get a chance to shine right now.