Deadman perk

Would Deadman be too op if they changed the perk wording to “number of reload weapons mounted”? So that it would be a reload weapon buffing cab, but you would still get the max reload buff on a tsunami while having two machine guns mounted as well. I think this would make the cab better at promoting wierd weapon combos. We can always use more cabs that buff Wierd weapon combos. And for Deadman it’s a small change for Devs to script.

Honestly I’m not sure if it would be or not. It would probably have to be tested to really know.

it actually already works that way already if they didn’t change it, they could have changed so all weapons type count in the meantime, but i don’t think they did

So you mean that the cab perk woudnt be affected by non reloading weapons on the build?
I guess it would be helpful for excentric combos, ja. I ran that cab for some time and I never noticed that issue was a thing merely cause I barely ever do combos with reload weapons.

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Once again ja, one can use other cabs like Omnibox for that purpose.

It already functions that way.

Oh it does seem to already work this way. They seem to have messed up the wording of the perk. I just tested it and ya it already gives full perk to the Canon when paired with say machine guns. I guess I just forgot about that. I neeeever build with it. I only really use it with Wang double aegis.

Note to self: do not put as much faith in a crossout perk description’s wording as I would in the wording on an mtg card.

Lmao, they do be more confusing sometimes, kind of a mixed bag tbh.

So true and the Omnibox has 2 perks, even better and there both decent perks

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