Dear Developers, could you please rework the perks for Goliath / Tank Track / Armored Track?

Tanks with tracks were meant to be slow and tanky. Yet they are just slow, and not tanky at all.

Builds using these movement parts lack the ability to strafe. In order to shoot the more agile enemy you have to use turreted weapons and mount them in such a way that the weapon can rotate in order to keep the enemy within your sights. Your weapons are now exposed and unprotected, and unlike agile enemies that can strafe and move at twice your speed you just don’t have the ability to dodge the incoming damage. Naturally people are aware of this weakness and will only aim for your weapons and nothing else, so it doesn’t matter how durable the rest of the build is.

Tank experience in Crossout is now: You spawn into the game → 30 seconds into the battle and the enemy destroys your weapons in 2-3 seconds while leaving the rest of your build fully intact → Enemy leaves and you now have to sit on the base for the remaining 4 minutes. Great fun right? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Even with my fused Mastodons mounted on Omamori with Grizzly and Cohort the enemy will destroy both my Mastodons before I even get to reload once. Quad Destructors can destroy one Mastodon in a single mouse click (1575 dmg.), while Athena can do it in to salvos even on Mastodons mounted on Omamori … The second most durable weapon in the game after Avalanche … degunned in a singular mouse click.

Now for the solution:
Change the perk of Goliath / Tank Track / Armored Track to something that increases the durability of the weapons:

“Each track increases the durability of all weapons on the vehicle by 10%. Maximum bonus of 40% when four tracks are installed on the vehicle.”

There are numerous ways to do this but this is one example. Weapon durability simply needs to be increased one way or the other.

With this fix people using these movement parts will be able to shoot the enemy (currently your weapons are destroyed before you even get to reload once. There simply isn’t time to deal damage to the opponent.)

For those reading this please don’t get hung up about the percentage value of my proposed buff. It is only an example to get the point across. Actual value needs to be determined by the developers.

Also the current perk of Goliaths make no sense: “Increases the durability of parts that are attached to the track by 10%.” - No one in their right mind would mount their weapon on the outside of the track. If you do that then you no longer have any way of rotating your weapons to aim sideways. This means the far more agile enemies will simply stand behind you and shoot your cabin and there is not a thing you can do to defend yourself because you can’t even hit them. Also if you lose the track then you also lose your weapon.

So please, don’t make us to mount our weapons directly on the tracks. Make the bonus work on all weapons regardless of where you mount them.

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hide ur weps under ur build between ur tracks/ ie; goblins,fuse drones,grenade drones.u know the drill. anything on top will be shot off like any build. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah and now they will shoot your cabin instead and you won’t even be able to hit them because they are hiding behind you the whole time…

This has been tried multiple times.

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I have also tried with drones but unfortunately the drones get destroyed by those very same builds that would degun you otherwise.

Also tried missiles but the DPS is far too low…

A lot of things have been tried, yet none of it is ever capable of competing. Bronze is simply impossible no matter the configuration.

The goliath tracks have the highest power drain of all the tracks in the game, using that many of them on one build is asking for trouble. Even using 2 with 4 hardened tracks is problematic. If your going to try to play that many you might as well try to run them with the Pegasus engine so you don’t tank your acceleration. Which is a huge part of why you can’t dodge. You also have some of these builds way over weight to the point where you kill your acceleration and reduce your top speed.

I don’t think tracks have ever worked at that high PS, unless you are just using them for armour on a spider.

In Crossout, tracks work best when you can hide your guns between them. The classic goblin tank is a good example, and can still work.

It’s true that strafing builds give you more flexibility and agility, but you can still use the specific attributes of tracks to your advantage. The high reverse speed in particular is your friend, and should be used to prevent enemies from getting too close.

The highest I normally take my goliath kaiju is normally 15k. It works just have to watch who you face off with and try not to get teamed up on. I do a master goliath avalanche at 14k that works too.

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I always ask those that criticize the builds over admitting that there is a problem with these movement parts to point me to a CW-viable tracked build using any of the heavy tracks. No one has been able to so far.

And if you try to run a two-track Goliath build in CW you will be de-tracked instantly.

I have a tank with Pegasus as well, unfortunately the acceleration buff doesn’t help. I get degunned just the same. Our testing always showed tanks using Colossus to be far superior, at least they can have a fighting chance against porc builds (with Pegasus the health of the tracks is too low.)

The heavy tracks in general are just far, far worse than any other movement part in the game. (I have done 7,000 CW battles with tracks so I’ve had plenty of time to come to this conclusion.)

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I don’t bother playing CW so I can’t really respond to that. It’s also not my problem if you don’t want to listen to people. Enjoy your game…

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Contrary to popular belief tracks were actually quite viable in the past.

Our clan used to hang out in Silver and Gold using nothing but Goliaths (check out our Youtube-channel where we uploaded a bunch of footage from that time )

But now we can’t even reach Bronze no matter how hard we try. Even with a team of four tanks all with fully godfused Mastodons, fused tracks, fused Humpbacks etc etc with any module or configuration you can think of, we’ve tried it.

This drop in performance happened instantly after the 2.0 update which added mouse-aim to the game, allowing hovers and spiders to hide their guns completely and still easily shoot through the tiny slit in the middle of the build while their guns are burried in armor.

Devs also keep adding more weapons that degun, always more effectively than what was best previously.

With all this powercreep going on the tracks need to be compensated for with better perks or else they will just remain unviable.

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The problem is that high mobility parts like Hovers and Gerrida offer more flexibility. Their high speeds and movements allow them to pursue and Outrun opponents. It also allows them to reach advantageous pages faster.

Simply buffing tracks or nerfing hovers won’t fix the problem.

I think there needs to be a recoil mechanic for certain weapons and a weapon rebalance if they want more Movement parts to be viable at high PS.

The philosophy of that playstyle was always that you traded speed and agility for tankiness. How is a build with tracks supposed to compete if it’s neither tanky nor agile?

Don’t really think it would be gamebreaking to allow the tanky builds to be tanky. They can’t be when their weapons have the exact same durability as the fast and agile builds do. It’s simply unfair.

tracks in general are not good to run in pvp mainly due to their power drain and very slow speed.
i also think big cannons like the mastodon and mammoth need a perk that has a resistance to bullet damage. something as big as a cannon with shields and made of solid metal shouldnt be that weak to bullets, if anything the bullets would just bounce off it.


I completely agree. Hovers and dogs get to be tanky while slow builds don’t.

They should also inflict more damage. I want a recoil mechanic in place that severely affects accuracy on cannons so Hover Players don’t just slap them on a build and use them as armor.

I’ve never been able to use limited turn angle cannons (not that great with cannons), but I was doing good with turreted cannons, then they nerfed the hell out of rotation speed, nerfed the Oppressors buff for it, and even removed the rotation speed buff from the co-driver, Billy, while simultaneously introducing a barrage of omi-directional movement parts that turn the whole vehicle into a turret with a rotation speed higher than there ever was for a cannon.

For me this killed the viability of cannons on anything other than omnidirectional movement parts, which I’m not that into, and it wouldn’t matter anyway, because of these new durability issues cannons have (plink. gone).

I went and bought some tracks the other day, and I’m shopping for a good cannon, because it’s hard for me to imagine the developers abandoning this entire category, like I have. I expect a buff sooner or later.


I couldn’t agree more, the ease of stripping is ridiculous and somewhat ruins game play. However, this will never change for 1 reason, Scorpions and the whales/veterans who have them. The only weapon that can delete your engine, module or a weapon from across the map. They need their sniper weapon that’s unobtainable for the vast majority or they will cry forever. Athenas get an honorable mention as well. Destructors idk but at least they’re relatively cheap.


The Devs dont read this forum, ive been here since the beta and never saw a dev post or a dev reply, all you will find here is an echo box of players with their opinions and moderators to remove the trolls.
If you want to really reach them i suggest email or call spam their company.
They manage more games than only this one you know.

I’m surprised you were able to do that well with tracks in CW, but I’m going to assume you guys weren’t common.

The thing is, a lot of things don’t work that well in CW, for a lot of reasons. Mostly, you can assume that any highly competitive mode is going to mostly be the most competitive builds. Even a slight disadvantage is enough to discourage people.

In PVP, I see lots of tracks across a relatively wide PS range, but the higher you go the less you see.

I can’t imagine a scenario in CW where anyone can get away with exposed guns. If you insist on putting your guns on top of your build and don’t want to box them in, you are going to be much more vulnerable than people that don’t do that.

Pretty much the only time I attempt that with slower builds is with machinist, and I’ll often use a defensive module along with that to further boost durability, as well as using grizzly.

I don’t expect CW to be diverse. It never really has been, and isn’t the point of that mode. It’s all about using the best of the best parts and configurations. That’s one of the many reasons I haven’t played CW in years.

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yet you keep religiously talking to forum newcomers as if they had started playing on xbox two weeks ago. giving those juicy generic tips and then noping out as soon as theres some push back.

maybe you try to learn something from a dude with allegedly 7k cw battles on pc. you look jelly or intimidated here.

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I’m bowed out of bothering because he wants to complain and get some sympathy. Not sitting and arguing with him was far nicer of me. It’s something you might figure out when you grow up mupppet.

I get my guns shot off sometimes especially when playing on tracks but I don’t complain about it. The few guns he mentions often take out entire builds in one round, why wouldn’t it be able to take off a cannon with a similar durability range.

I looked at his builds, I don’t think anyone would not point those things out when seeing them. I even mention playing with tracks within a few k of his range. I know I can play peekaboo and shoot with my lighter tanks I do it often. It’s normally one of those things that saves my guns. I’m not saying anything that I wouldn’t say to myself when telling him that his are underpowered and overweight.

He’s correct with the viability of two-track goliath builds even in 14k pvp they tend to almost require a Colossus especially with the heating issues from lasers. The Pegasus helps a bit on my 6 track but it’s not a huge change as the acceleration is still out off ratio via it’s weight so I often go back and forth with which one I use on it. As soon as it hits the weight and power drain area that kills acceleration the build is pretty much a sitting duck most of the time. Why would I bother arguing or even bother conversing any more over that?

The tracks are harder to play with then many of the other movement parts, that’s where most of my enjoyment comes from when messing with them. I do think somethings off about tracks but not really outside of how they deal with the weight to acceleration calc when encumbered and being able to be pushed around easily. I’m neither here or there on his fix, as it doesn’t solve the movement issue the tracks have when encumbered.

The only one that looks really jelly is you mupppet. I wouldn’t care if he has 10k or 20k battles, I’d still treat him the same which is to try to be generally helpful.

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