* Devs----Ban nest from Heli Mode

yup spamming anything isn’t fun n nest are spam…
ban this from heli mode,thank you!



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Seems like all the other homing missiles are more popular and more effective than Nests in that mode.
I’ve tried Nests on aircraft, and they were ok against other aircraft, but the ground vehicles were an issue, because you have to get so close to target.

Anyway, it’s aircraft mode, so you need to be prepared for homing missiles. Run a Flock, or an Argus, or a cloak, or Griffon, or be fast enough to stay out of their meagre range.

I haven’t had much luck running flock. If it’s not pointed in the direction of the incoming missiles it just doesn’t get them to lock onto the flares.

Run two and fly away from the missiles. Works every time for me.

I’m not picking up a second one when I can’t get the first one to function by itself most of the time.

I haven’t had that problem, but I often forget that I have it and don’t trigger it in time.

How are you mounting yours? I usually have mine pointing upwards, rather than forwards or backwards.

Currently I have it mounted underside firing towards the rear. I’ve tried up and down as well.

I use a pair of Nests on a copter build, but I play them as a novelty in bedlam. I wouldn’t dare use them in pvp, because I haven’t met a copter player less skilled than I am.

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It seems to matter a lot when you trigger the flock. Too early and it does nothing. Too late and they’ll still hit you.

I do find Argus is more efficient, but it costs energy.

Don’t really have room for one on my tiny heli.

Mounted facing up and closer to the bottom, facing out to either side. Strafe away from the missiles, pointing your flares towards the incoming swarm.

I kind of already pointed that out.

Well that seems like that’s obvious. Saying that not pointing your flares at the missiles and complaining about them not working is like not pointing your gun at the enemy and complaining about it not killing them.

Well there are maneuvers that can align them even when they initially aren’t, but they suffer from such a severe timing and range issue that it often fails.