Devs genius idea to bind look back to r3

I now got to press r3 for 1 sec or more to prevent the camera from doin a 180 when strafing. No option to disable it even on pc. Pure genius, great job devs


i hate the 180° thing too. I suspect it’s just been introduced for the muppets who use the new control scheme for strafing parts. Lame af.


it would be fine on a scuf controller or something with backpedals but for controllers like a regular ps5/xbox controller is a big no no. Totally game breaking to the point it is leaving me with either the option to stick to track/wheeled builds or use keyboard/mouse, the new scheme is totally unplayable.


Are you talking about the feature where looking around quickly puts you into rear view mode?
If so, there is a setting in the menu to make it so you only go into rear view when hitting the R3 toggle. Or at least there is on console: maybe they forgot to add it on PC.
Some control options aren’t where you think they’d be in the menu. Also, some things seem to be labelled in a confusing way, likely due to bad translations.

Did you play the game after todays update?

Nope, I’m at work.
I don’t see anything in the update notes about changes to the controls. Maybe a bug?

They broke controls, you will see when you’re on. They force you to use this stupid camera steering controls

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Excuse me but wat?

Weird they didn’t put that in the notes. You sure they didn’t just refresh the default settings and turn it back on as the default?
Doesn’t bother me either way, because I’m used to the new strafing controls now and I like them.
Regardless, you should still be able to go into the menu and adjust how the rear view is toggled on and off. While you are in there, figure out the best settings for rear view for you. I’ve found inverting all controls in rear view works best for me, but that does mean you can’t quickly toggle it on and off to take a quick look behind while still driving forwards.

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Nothing there, only option I got is right shift/look back all on the same line. I think the rear view stuff only works when you bind the strafe with the camera but when you are using L3/R3 to strafe those options are blacked out.


If there is a option to toggle it I don’t see it or it is worded badly. If you can find exactly where and what it is called too let me know.

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I’ll look when I get home, but I know it wasn’t on that menu screen. I think it was on the “interface” screen, and you have to scroll down to actually see those options.
It’s possible that those option are disabled if you are using the “vintage” strafing controls, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

You haven’t tried new update yet? they did a stealth tweak alright right under our noses. No mention in patch notes but it is there no doubt. Right strafe and look back are all on the same bind.

If you’re using a controller, maybe you might want to give the new strafing controls another shot? It took a little while for my muscle memory to adjust, but the new controls are working quite well for me, and it makes strafing much easier on the hand muscles. It would also fix your rear view problem, since R3 would only trigger the view change.
Edit: rear view also works on non strafing parts, so that shouldn’t be the issue. Looking again at your screenshot, it almost looks like the right side controls are on the wrong setting, so maybe this is a bug. Because I jumped right into the new controls, I’m not sure what the layout is supposed to be for the old controls anymore.

Now we got crossout full mobile version :crazy_face:

That is not an option, I use porcs and other weapons at the same time all on same build(toadfish, locust, jubokko etc.) so I got to keep my vehicle direction and my weapon aim in different spots and also deal with the different weapon turn speeds. Those controls will only work when you are using all the same weapon on the one build but when you are mixing weapons of various turn speeds and projectile speeds it don’t work.

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I still think you should give the new controls another chance.
The porcs should shoot forward regardless of where you’re aiming, and there really aren’t many situations where you need to be shooting a toadfish sideways and launching porcs forward.
The big advantage is that you can bury weapons much deeper in your build and not have to worry about blocking your firing angles.

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That is not going to work. There is no possible way to fine tune a porc shot leading into a opponent while aiming say slightly to the right of an opponent with a toadfish let alone something like jubokko’s without the classic l3/r3 combo or a scuf controller. You also got to factor in the projectile speeds of different weapons as well because your aim got to be in different places for various weapons to account for various projectile speeds. It is not just porcs that is the extreme example but other builds as well, you don’t get it man almost all my spider/hover builds center around weapons firing in 2 places at one time so the classic L3/R3 strafe is an absolute necessity for the builds I use.

This is one of those builds. How can I launch jubokkos behind me with the bind strafe to camera? I get flanked from behind my slow build won’t be able to turn fast enough so i got to rely on the weapon turn speed itself

Again, I think you can still pull off those moves with some practice.
On slower strafing builds like spiders or meatgrinders, your gun will pivot before your build will, and on hovers you pivot fast enough that it doesn’t really matter.

Sure, your techniques will change, but you might surprise yourself if you spend a week or two with the controls.

Edit: just saw your next post, and that’s a perfect situation for the rear view toggle. Just hit it, take your reverse shot, then hit it again to face forward again.