Did I piss off the MM today?

Crybaby post…

I mean… just dayum!

Every powerscore from 5k to 16k, every build type… for the last 10 matches, all but one, I was in the top 3 players on my team.
Yes, playing solo, but it’s never been this bad.
I don’t mind losing, but for pete’s sake.
The “Unfinished” battles are from me dying early, so maybe I scored lower in those. I dunno…
Maybe tomorrow.

Oh, who am I kidding? I won’t play tomorrow.
At this rate, it’s not like I really want to play anyhow.


The game’s matchmaking mechanics are a bit strange, you will sometimes keep winning or keep losing, even if you play with the same effort


Yeah, I shouldn’t complain. I won that new Impulsiveness brawl like 10 times in a row. :rofl:

I was NOT top 3 in any of those matches, either. :sweat_smile:


The developers should probably make some changes to their matching mechanism

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I’m glad somebody else noticed it too. PVP is about as bad as I’ve ever seen it.
Here are a few screenshots from my experience this afternoon…

…and my personal favorite…

Looks “fun,” right?


Today the MM was very generous with me, and you apparently, end up with the short end of the stick.

You know what this mean, right?

Next time i’ll go out i’ll be holding the petite stick and probably MM will be generous with you.


I don’t think you pretty much in position to complain when your score is 20-300
I know it’s hard to score when team just vaporizes, but a strong build and careful play can reliably gets you 500-1000 score even loosing, and there wouldn’t be that much loosing.
If you don’t want to play strong meta build - that what’s you get, I too often play my semi-art builds and get this loosestreaks, but that what you get for not playing meta with care.

I’ll pass your lecture on to the rest of the guys on those teams.


No don’t bother. Go blow it out your ass.


The game feels wild but idk how are they even supposed to balance that. Make some shady rating of perfomance and use it for balance? Give you crap team if you win too much, or strong to carry you on loosestreaks? All that to always balance your game to 50% winrate? Doesn’t exactly sounds good either. I think everyone would rather have it fully random as it is.

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Besides, all that is not even bigger evil in the game.
The party of 4 strong meta players - that is just doom. I’d vote for that to be removed entirely. People play compound builds rarely anyway. But I know what some will say - make party of your own… yeah, and wait forever to get into battles and still get mess if yours isn’t 4 meta players.
There should be mode for parties, but the wait times won’t allow.

If you not making a point and discussing than yours is just something you blow out of ass. “I don’t like loose streaks. Bad game.” :neutral_face:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:

I don’t see any issue in PS in any of those screenshots.

Not sure what we are looking at.

That seems to be the way of it… I just wonder how or why I’ll have a run of almost all victories & then a run of almost all losses.

I think there might be some sort of mechanism where if you win too much, the game adjusts the difficulty for you & teams you up with ding-dongs. Several matches in a row, I was teamed with guys who just went blazing into battle Leroy Jenkins style… I’m not talking at 5kPS, either.

I don’t think PS is the issue. If you’re playing solo, sometimes, there’s no hope. I have a theory this is worse on the weekends. If you’re not grouped up, you’re just cannon fodder.

I hate this, but you’re actually right. Everything I played in that miserable losing streak was Meta for the PS… One was a riff on Charlie’s “Hold my Bear,” another was an auger goblin, and then a hover turd that did pretty well unless it got one-shotted by dual scorp bots.
This is the auger goblin… ugly as sin, but has every pass through trick in the book in play. It takes a beating, but when you’re constantly alone with your team out playing grab-ass with the girl in the corner, you don’t have much chance to win. :rofl:

Feces happens. So what. Move on.

omg… that thing…
I might be a little bit wrong but I’m most likely right. It’s meta now so surely plays somehow but… those damn bumpers everywhere. Why? You only should put the to places where you need melee resistance. Otherwise use structural parts to give HP to cabin. Bumpers only protect cabin if you shoot them while getting to cabin. It’s like the simplest example a craft protected with train plow up front - good enough when you stay front to whatever shoots at you, but once someone shoots your cab from side or rear - it’s like you have nothing, while structural part provide HP for any situation at all.
Second thing - bumpers have elevated PS cost too.
A good goblin build is ~3500 HP at 6000 PS.
Yours must be?? 1000-1500 at 7500?? No wonder you are not happy with it. And I don’t recommend using any decors at all. Only few cheap ones if you need extra XP for prestige levels unopened. Beyond that you just get higher PS ranking for nothing.

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Ah it happens more often as usual, just look at the enemy team


that isn’t exclusive of this game, most probably is MM trying to balancing things out, trying to coup with a lot of variables in the game. (type of players, nº of players, player’s age, and so on)
I know people here don’t believe in 50 % WR but in other games where this happens the MM behaver is the same.

We win some we lose some

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