Differences are manifested in CK

Would you want a CK to have different properties than the original item, I’d like to hear what you all think!

they just skins…

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They could and I wouldn’t mind if they had added functionality but I’ve suggested that a few times already. Some are just better as skins though too.



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Yes…if you mean sound and visual effects. I want a pink plasma emitter, and I think there should be a CK for Chords that let the aces enjoy some sci-fi in their depraved world of seal clubbing, and melee META.

There is very little sci-fi for beginners, and a CK for Chords that make them go pew-pew, and fire sci-fi FX would be nice for kids who are more into the sci-fi thing than the grunge thing, I think. They could do the same for ACs and shotguns too.

Some of the CKs for cabs change the engine sound FX, and I like this, but I don’t think a CK should change their functional parameters…unless that was included in a package that involved fusion.

For example: when you upgrade something the appearance is upgraded (a CK is added) too.


I’d guess that if CKs added extra properties, they’d be monetized beyond belief…


It’s not all extra.The pros come with the cons.

i want to see a “glass cannon” CK. where it turns your cannons into glass and the shots they fire are glass as well. when they hit someone they twinkle and sparkle as if the bullet shatters on impact into dust. upon destruction of the weapon it explodes and sparkles.
i wouldnt add anything special to them. if anything they should just be cosmetic. if there was special properties added to them then theyd be monitized to no end. people would just buy them to see if they could make a meta out of them to and i say no thanks to that, we dont need anymore meta crap in here.


Um. Game is already P2W enough. Too many cheesy builds already.


Somebody once had a great idea for a stealth module CK, where it would make it so your car turned into a puff of smoke before it disappeared, or into a plague of rats, or a murder of crows that scattered and dissipated before it vanished. I’d like something like that…if they added creepy Ravager voices to it while it was operating, that would be great too.


I would actually get a big kick out of animation CK’s like that. Though they are kind of functionally useless outside of the humor of them.

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Yeah, I was looking at that Syndicate Rail Cannon Cyclone and remembered that it’s actually an attribute exactly like the original cyclone, but I don’t think it should be, actually: it’ll come with both bullet damage and explosion damage just like the cannon does

There is maybe one or two little exceptions for this going on with the wasp cks that I’ve heard about. This might have been fixed though that caused some 1 pin fit issues… I don’t have all of them so I can’t really test for them.

Going from past game dev experience: They could and this wouldn’t be that hard to do is use CK’s in a way to change out damage types like for example what if the trombone did acid dmg rather than fire puddle dmg. The change could be theoretically applied in the same way. I don’t know what everyone else would think about this though but I’ve suggested it for the Tow before as a way to swap warheads out recently in the forum.

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I’ve sent this suggestion to the developer, and for me, I hope it can be implemented.I think this change would be interesting.

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Copy @Charlie9204_XO on it if you want they do a weekly meeting still with the other mods and the dev team. I just don’t know how much of it gets passed along as I’m not in the meetings lol…

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Thanks, I think in the suggestions the developers will look at and possibly make changes, such as this load capacity change (although my intention was to strengthen the tracks while not overpowering the mechanical legs) so I wrote it directly there

@Charlie9204_XO Can I get a response from the developer?

I’m hoping to get a reply from the developer, I’ve been trying to do this for a long time now

They could probably do similar for adding spikes to legs for melee dmg or altering the blast shield dynamics on on cannons too. Within the coding of older games there really is not that much difference from doing bleed and poison effects for resist types this would be kind of doing the same thing with some cosmetic effects. It might make crafting a little more fun and customizable too.


There’s a joke I could make about how do you flavor your missiles payload. Keep in mind a laser is really a photon machine gun too. Some of the Devs would get the humor in that though.

There aren’t enough ck’s! Every weapon needs a ck. How hard is it to make a skin that they could sell in the shop?

Some weapons dont have a ck at all…why?

All drones need a ck. I want an annihilator ck the most.