Do you enjoy playing Crossout

Muppet got me thinking about whether I’m the minority for actually enjoying the game, and whether the majority of the playerbase are just addicted to a game they don’t actually think is very good.

Since we can’t poll the actual playerbase, I thought I would ask the forum!

  • I enjoy playing Crossout
  • I do not currently enjoy playing Crossout
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i think alot of players r just like me love the game but hate the aa and ct if ur on console, plus all the nerfs

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It’s not that simple yes or no thing.
xo gave me many interesting battles and very many frustrating ones. Some days I play and have fun, sometimes it feels boring, and sometimes after few battles I find myself with spoiled mood thinking about toxic people, greedy devs, wasted time and so on.

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Not voting, it is a love/hate relationship that’s what it is.


I do enjoy this game. The reason I discuss problems with the game is because I want this game to improve. If I hated this game. I would quit

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I generally enjoy it though there are times I’m just like I don’t want to deal with it.


In the moment… bad timing for this poll.

Armour nerf…

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I only play about 5% of this game these days; PVP, and with a very narrow scope of that (mostly just drones). I ignore anything above 6K and don’t chase the game anywhere beyond epic components. I don’t do contests, events, brawls, battle passes, Adventure mode, raids, or even open the dailies menu to chase resources like copper or wires anymore.

I like the build feature. The rest just feels like a carrot on a very sadistic stick, and I’m not that in to the melee to bother chasing it very hard.

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You might enjoy 9k with a finwhale mg kensei build. You can actually outplay dogs and shotgunners and with the finwhale, your guns stay on a good while. Its like playing 6k, but with added gun damage reistance and counterplay for the dogs at the press of the Kensei perk.


i hear ya on that i mostly play patrol now days


yes of course people are addicted to the game. but if we didnt enjoy crossout then we wouldnt be here. objectively when you compare crossout to what it used to be, its not what people bought and i would bet only a smaller part of the playerbase does think things like helicopters are good. but crossout is the only game of its kind, if a real viable alternative popped up crossout would probably die


Mostly this.

I’m already ready for another break from this game…uninstalled. Check back later. Good luck, folks.


Depends on what you mean by playing

Do I enjoy grinding pass challenges, events, confrontation challenges, game modes I do not want to play unless forced by some manner of a way and all other kinds of other forced stuff? No, hell no, not at all

Do I enjoy casual play and playing just for fun? Yes

To hell with all this endless battlepass grinding challenges and forced heli and forced confrontation activity and forced money spending just to be able to have any form of fun and everything is so forced and stupid and the people currently in charge of the game should re-evaluate their precious little cinnamon roll car game trying to ask as much of it’s players as a real job would

Any time I am having fun with the game, it is done by ignoring all the stuff you “should” be doing like clan confrontation and battlepass grinding and whatnot


It sounds like many of you have what might be described as a love/hate relationship with the game.
That is interesting!


For me building vehicles is my primary source of enjoyment. Then trying those builds out and see how they perform.

For raids I build cars that look like cars and are not super competitive. Form over function. (Once again this is about fun for me.)

Ultimately as players we have the power of choice. If we don’t want to do something, we don’t have to.

I feel Crossout does try and improve the overall game and gives players a diverse amount of gameplay options.

When I started the game in open beta there were much less choices. So, with time Crossout has improved with the number of maps, more weapons, more modules and different structure parts.

As for game balance, this has been an issue for a very long time. Shrug… don’t have a silver bullet answer and want to avoid cluttering the forum with complaints without a helpful solution.

I have a rule of thumb. If something feels bad don’t do it. If the game feels like a chore don’t play it. Just play the stuff you do like.

I find the community of players pretty balanced. Some cool, some okay and some not so hot. The forum feels pretty supportive with okay amount of salty and positive humor.

So, thumbs up to the dev’s for continuing to work on the game and provide fresh updates, bug fixes and interesting game play.

I have only one wish. Make end game relics easier to attain. I’m working on getting the Odin generator and it’s been a hassle. This is after they lowered the amount of uranium needed by half. (FYI - It’s about 12000 coins for this one crafting resource.)




this change improves gameplay as well as playercounts and microtransactions, therefore targem will never consider it

I approach the game very similarly, which might be why my feelings are more positive about it.
I only do the parts of the game that I want to do, so it never feels like work to me.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

Crossout: The best game I ever hated.

They are currently undertaking a massive overhaul of this game (the energy thingy) that looks pretty stupid at a glance, but I’ll be curious to see how it actually lands. I know it’s getting a lot of friction from the general population, but it might actually improve my game experience by making things more difficult for the cheese wizards…it might not too. IDK. We’ll see won’t we?

I also will maintain that I think that this new energy overhaul is part of a larger scheme they have in mind, and that this incoming update is only half the picture.

I’m gonna wait it out, personally, and not frustrate myself by messing with this game until after that drops and settles…not a fan of the melee frenzy, had enough.

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I think the energy rework is just what they say it is: a way of doing more precise balancing by essentially giving us half points to work with.
Hope it works!


Me too. I’m already going through withdrawals. It’s cold, cloudy, and lightly rainy outside, which is the perfect excuse for some Crossout because I’m sort of stuck inside, and it’s the weekend. The garden sure likes it though, and the grapes are flourishing in a big way.

I uninstalled because otherwise it’s too easy to just continue to punish myself by logging on to the horrific melee riot that’s going on in there, and I’m tired of it…but I’m pretty bored right now and starting to rationalize, like an alcoholic, why I should just take a sip, I’ll just tinker with the build feature, maybe…I’m pathetic.

The reason I think there is more to this update than balance (like they say) is because it’s so extensive and extreme, and I don’t know that it even addresses the current balance issues. I suspect it is to provide context for future issues (added features), ones we don’t have yet, and they plan on introducing shortly after they have this update in place.

It looks like a lot of work, and I don’t see melee (which I feel like is the current predominant balance issue) addressed by this update at all. It’s not even mentioned, is it?

I guess that conversation is for a different thread, eh? But, I’ll bet you a beer that I’m right, though. This is a two part update, and it will make more sense later, when part two is revealed. The current balance issues, IMO, don’t need that much tweaking, but are needed badly, and I don’t think it warrants this massive overhaul of the core game mechanics, which I think is over-complicating an already complicated game…glad I’m no noob.

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