Do you ever?

Do you ever make the enemy chase you all over the map when it is totally hopeless?

My allies may complain in chat, or give me the zzzzzz’s, or tell me to SD, or say nothing, but it most likely is no fun for them.

But I have all kinds of fun running away, sometimes out of turrets, sometimes the last drops saved for the chase or enemy base. I like to believe the enemy has fun chasing me to death too.

I see a few players who will refuse to be killed until the whole five minutes is up or until they caught and die.

This last one was so over, being chased 1 versus 4 and no enemy on fire or even smoking and no enemy was hobbled. They just chased me through the Tower, around the Fallen Tower, back to open space, back to home base and almost got away back to enemy base, but it was hopeless the whole time. But I was having a blast and I hope my opponents were too.

If any had been weak or immobilized, I would have rammed them to death of course or died trying, but all were too mobile for that tactic.

I take a long time to kill and if I am still mobile then I am hard to corral but they did it. I ran out of room, wheels and hit points. Probably wasted about 90 seconds.

You ever just let the enemy win by capture when you cannot do anything to stop it? I do.


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I find it disrespectful tbh. If the chances are winning are literal 0%, do the right thing and get it over with for everyone.

But it’s your game, you do you.


Thanks for the honesty.
I did not mean to say that I do this every time. This time it was just the circumstances. I was still very healthy and mobile, and they knew where I was, and I think they were having fun and I was having fun and it was within the rules. Games are for fun right? So, I do not think I should be blamed for disrespecting the players who failed to stay alive while I am respecting the opponents right to kill me and gain more points.
Same goes for when I let them get all the capture points. They chose to capture and not hunt me down, so I choose to give them an extra 15-20 seconds and let them get all 450 points or 200 points.
By respecting their right, that my opponents earned by dominating the mission, to capture the base is somehow disrespecting the dead players?
If some chase me and some capture, then I usually attack the capping enemy and try to let every opponent tag me for some damage before I die. I like making them kill me or capture. If they choose capture, then why should I deny them their points by self-destructing?
I asked for your opinion and genuinely thank you for posting it and I am not attacking you or your opinion.

I SD if I know I can’t win. I would rather get my reward for time spent instead of spending more time for the same reward.

If you have fun doing that, more power to you, I do not.

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I like playing cat-n-mouse mainly to unravel and observe my purser’s tactics.

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It’s your choice, but then you can’t be surprised if someone writes something nasty to you there.

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So true, well said. Thanks

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I think that’s pretty much all I do in this game. I thought that was the game. It’s not?


No it’s rude.


Used to, sometimes just to make them work for it. part of the game was trying to stay alive regardless. Unfortunately a lot of hate from impatient people make this a rarer habit than it used to be. Along the lines of disarm, disable and leave there… too many focused on the kill, not many on concession and mercy to swell ranks… But…

One thing I do miss is the utilization of terrain to your own advantage.


Rarely when I’m in certain mood.

They should go and f### themselves. It is their fault dying off easily leaving you to face the whole team. I usually would see it as sort of punishment for not playing it right.

Depends on configuration of craft.
There is a type of players thinking a 120kmph radar+cheetah+invis is extremely cunning and sly combo. They usually attempt to cap a section asap when enemy team is busy and run away rest of time. Makes it rather tough challenge to catch one alone. They more often win vs me at this. As someone said: “even dog has it’s day”. Two decent ~100kmh players usually will run him down no problem. Idk what’s fun winning with this combo once in 10-20 battles.
As I don’t use radar on my builds for firepower optimization I have to try tricks catching one, like if he hides behind some cover, I go one side, enough for him to see which side I chose to approach and choose which side to escape, than I quickly change direction and go other side. Sometimes it works.
But personally you - don’t you play The Call cabin?? I don’t imagine anyone having trouble catching you lol, must be some team of meta grinders or something.


If you can win by escaping, even if its 1% chance, then there is some sense in it.(but seriously, its also rude if chance is almost none)

If you cant win by escaping(0% chance), then you are just troll for other people(who want play next game and annoying escaping guy just force them to watch him escaping)

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This game deserves the small number of players it has. :wink:

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You’re not breaking any game rules, and if other players are upset, it’s all the developer’s problem, that’s all :wink:

Perhaps, when the number of players on one side is drastically reduced, the other side becomes faster in capturing the base? This will solve the problem to some extent


I mean… all they have to do to stop it is go cap & camp. Sooo…

But, typically I just SD to save time.
I’m a bit of a clown, though, so I may hang out & run. This is especially true if I have the fart horn or laughing clown horn & flares. :rofl: :clown_face:

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I’ve most definitely ran away and wasted time if my team have all died and left me 1v5-6 just out of pure annoyance… if you wanna waste my time then I’ll waste yours.


No one should run around the map when it is “hopeless” - it is a childish behavior.

If you got a chance then I’m watching and cheering for you.

But if your a piece of :poop: just burning the clock - then I add you to my mental “target list” for other games.

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If you wish to play that option, Please go into a private battle room by you’re self and only bots. . You won’t hold up others on they’re progress . The thought if its a loss match, Rewards are not going to be worth the time waiting for someone to “Have their fun” wasting my & others time. IMHO if this is the norm for someone in a match that I know of, I will return to the garage at the start before the match starts to avoid the drama. *waits for another chat censor

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I’ve seen lots of people clinch out a win when most would have self destructed, and I love watching that happen (or even better, being the one who made it happen).
I find a lot of players do not pay attention to the caps.


When I’m REALLY feeling lazy, I’ll take out a fast, cloaked turret build. Drop turrets along the way, cloak up & race to the cap. LOL