Do you guys believe that reporting players has any effect?

I am curious, do you guys believe that reporting players in game for stuff they do has any effect? And if you do not feel like it has any effect, does that mean that you don’t report players because you believe it won’t have any effect?

I’m asking because for months now, almost daily I run into the same people being same amounts of toxic at people the moment they die, throwing matches if they were on the loosing team the last round, constant swearing and insults at everyone, in general chat and dm’s, sometimes starting to push teammates all match who call them out on it and so on. I report them every time for insults etc, but it does not seem to have any effect. I used to believe the reporting thing works based on the amount of reports, like they gain X amount of reports for insults they get X days of ban from chat or something, but one specific player must have gotten around 50 reports from me alone for insults, all on different days, and there’s no change in any direction, you seem to be able to do all of this stuff freely on PC with no consequences whatsoever.

So do you believe reporting works and there are steps taken against people being jackasses and butthurt, or do you think it’s all smoke and mirrors and there is no real moderation at all in this game outside maybe a few algorithms that detect aimbots etc and ban players based on that?

I am starting to believe there is no real moderation in this game, at last on the PC


Really, I have nothing more to say on the matter.

I don’t think it does anything.

I just blacklist toxic people.

I report them if they are insults with cussing at other players or myself. If it’s PG and general non-directed complaints I let it go… Blacklisting only keeps them from messaging you outside of matches.

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And those are generally the only people who annoy me… people who think I’m cheating because I one-shot them across the map or something stupid, so they “whisper” to me after the match. Waaaah!! Whatever. Blacklisted.

I don’t think reporting anyone does anything, though.

I think the only thing they’d respond to is complaints with video evidence of hacking/cheating.

I sent one in years ago about someone driving under the ground somehow. That wasn’t rare back then. That got fixed, but I’m under no delusions it was because of anything I did.

I’ve also sent in video of players clearly macro-ing matches. Not sure they’ve ever done anything about those players.

I don’t re-bump into too many that have had cussing flip-outs after being reported. So I kind of lean towards thinking it does work. It’s really hard to tell. I normally repeat an abbreviated version of the cussed line in the report.

when it comes to games, I only report suspect bots and more dangerous people. Trolls and the rest…I just try to keep in mind that some are just kids who don’t know any better, some are people having a really bad day, and a small select group are hired by the competition to act that way and give their competitors a bad name.

The kids (hopefully) have parents that will one day catch them being a little terrorist in training, so I don’t need to report them.

The people having a really bad day will chill out eventually, so I don’t need to report them.

But, the ones being paid to do it, and I’m not saying I can tell who they are right off the bat, however, my mostly nice nature tends to get people to drop their guard, and if they say something I know to be akin to espionage, they get recorded, posted to youtube on a video set to private and reported.

That’s my 2 cents.

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From playing beside a friend who lets say… drinks more than a beer a playing session, yes reporting does have results at least in certain cases. He got quite a few 24 hour bans and a 3 day ban. I don’t know what for.

No one knows when someone gets a 24 hour ban unless you are obsessing about other peoples log in times. It’s not like Devs will send a notice to the person who complains. They do not want to gratify or reward false report abusers.

If you honestly think these people are cheating (I am not saying they are or are not either way) keep reporting them imo.

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DUI :rofl: :rofl:

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I have directly reported to gm had in my authors. and gotten out right bullying stopped. So it really matters the context of what your reporting. and don’t embellish the report let the chat logs etc speak for themselves.


Ive been banned for just dropping basic swears in unconflicting conversation. Even just saying stuff like, “thats F***ing cool”. My last ban was for calling someone a wackadoo. So ya reporting works if theres a mod there. But mods are terrible. Ive seen a mod ban a dude for nothing while the chat is full or swearing and racist comments and lude remarks that were left untouched.

As far as reporting players for game violations i dont think that works anymore. Hornochse doesnt do his job. Since he took over nothing gets resolved and no one gets help when they get bugged. Basically customer support in this game has gone to trash. Itq basically doesnt exist now.

Naaa, doesn’t matter anything, you can blocked, reports or everything else, the only thing will work fine is quit the game when you see somebody you blocked.

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I just reported a player who ive reported several times before with clear proof of in game rule breaking. Watch as nothing happens for this kind of behaviour.

Dude either does this or blows up every game hes on my team.

I believe it works, if it gets reported multiple times, the player will be blocked for a day, as I once was

What the hell did you do to set that bottle are salt on yourself?
I only had that out of jealousy a long time ago or when someone rams me and I ram them back they get saltier then Lay’s chips cause I dare to ram them back

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ramming usually occurs if your blocking their path to be part of fight or did something in previous match like push them directly into enemy crossfire. that lead to their Immediate destruction or crippling. I have had to shove people around when they deliberately block team fire so they get credit and more resources and rep. LIKE the kill does matter when who gets the last lick or majority of damage. that’s the kill number next to your name in a match. you do NOT get a kill point for assists. Thus influencing the kill ratio in your profile.

This is an older one but, yeah, people like this i think might be just kids that don’t know any better.

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See…im not exactly sure why. First i noticed he started focusing me every game. And i beat him up every single time. Then he started self destructing whenever he was on my team. Then he started ramming me in to walls mixed with blowing up every time he was on my team. I just figure hes mad i always beat the crap out of him in pvp.

I messaged him one time after he self destructed for the tenth game in a row. Bro doesnt speak english.


one thing your vid is lacking is what happened before the clip started. taking the shoving that player is doing out of context.

here example BUT i am NOT accusing you of doing it, I have seen bullies and trolls do it all the time . they start the shoving match. then edit video of the person they shoved, doing it back where the part they cut out was the video poster starting the shoving match, then post it claiming they were innocent and that they were being shoved around for no reason. when the poster of the vid was the real culprit for starting the shoving match or other incident that lead to getting shoved.

video means NOTHING without seeing all of it from start to finish from BOTH perspectives. NOT just the portion favoring the poster of vids view.

because of this experience over and over I take vids like yours with a grain of salt and remind myself this is NOT the whole story. there is MORE to this shoving match than your sharing.

We also have a few guys like this on Xbox.

they blow up if they see anyone on the other team that is good.

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