Do you want the Ears hologram to stay? A poll

Do you want to keep the Ears hologram after the Easter event?
Choose one:

  • Yes. (I am a furry/possible furry.)
  • No. (I am a furry/possible furry.)
  • Yes. (I am not a furry.)
  • No. (I am not a furry.)
  • I didn’t need them at all. (I am a furry/possible furry.)
  • I didn’t need them at all. (I am not a furry.)

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Let your voice be heard! Do it for the fur! Or just to have a free hologram permanently. Why remove it at all, anyway? “Here, have some content. OK, time’s up. Give it back.”


I’ll be honest. I don’t like the ears.
Somehow, I wish things added to this game ware more serious, rather than all this Fortnite-like stuff… Ears, farts, etc…
There used to be spikes with skulls, and now we get kiddy-happy things… It’s Easter in apocalyptic metal carnage killer world.
I would rather have a metal bunny skeleton that sprouts fire than something a 7 year old would come up with…
If they keep adding silly kiddie things, the whole atmosphere will shift.

The duck theme was ok. It was the Crossout stamp of humor. Leave it there.


You didn’t get my upvote for one small detail.
I don’t like the ears, but the fart machine was a good addition, i like it very much, in fact it was the best addition to the game ever.
metal bunny skeleton is for 5 years old.
A bunny in the pan is how i like them, with tomato sauce and french fries

Ok, I’ll correct my self.
I don’t care if it’s for 5 year olds, or whatever, as long as it fits the wasteland theme.
A metal bunny skeleton is just an example of what would fit the theme.

If you look at firestarters, or lunatics, or other factions. Do you see any of them sporting bunny ears or googly eyes?
It’s all metal, spikes, flames, and serious business, etc…

These are supposed to be survivors killing each other for territory or ‘a gallon of water’… Not happy pranksters content with life with nothing better on their minds then to fart in your general direction and wear oversized pink bunny ears.

That’s what I am saying.
Just hoping it doesn’t become a trend, because a game needs to know what kind of atmosphere it’s trying to present.

Who would turn down a free thing?

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I would not turn it down if it was free.

But I wish all this cartoon crap was not in game.



A few years ago, the most popular cars on the exhibition looked like some hellish demons. Sharp angles, spikes, flames. Now it’s dominated by the ‘smol’ kind. The reason is a shift in the playerbase that gradually took place. Maybe some of the more serious players have left and been replaced by more casual ones, and younger at that. For some six months, I’ve even been noticing complaints about the very aspect of grinding. There used to be ‘whiners’ back in 2017-2020. Now, we’re increasingly more often dealing with ‘squeakers’ - ones that are too weak to grit their teeth and plow into the grind after they’ve done complaining. Some of them are so weak and unprincipled that they’ll try arguing that someone who has gone through the same things and knows the game inside out doesn’t understand how hard the grind is, like they’re experts after just a week or so. The kind of coward that goes ‘squeak, squeak’ in reaction to anything you say. But - back to the casual players with their ‘smol’ and other kinds of art vehicles. Looking at this neutrally, they deserve a league of their own. They don’t like being pitted against mini-maxers and tryhards (which is perfectly normal to be - the term ‘sweaty tryhard’ is an insult intended to cover up one’s lack of skill). They want a casual, relaxing experience centered around driving stylish vehicles. But that won’t happen because Crossout has lost a greater number of players recently - on top of the slowly dwindling playerbase. The developers could have employed strategies to anticipate such crises by:

  1. balancing the game in a fair manner and based on the players’ reasonable observations, because it’s us who play it,
  2. not lying to us in patchnotes about nerfs, etc.,
  3. maintaining the various aspects of Crossout for a seamless experience (e.g. not removing the Ship Graveyard, the Fortress and the Old Town from the rotation for over a year)
  4. adopting better criteria for recruiting moderators,
  5. making more precise rules governing the behavior of both players and moderators.

Now, it’s too late to start developing that trust which could have been of great help to the game in its current situation. So they’ll keep throwing at us these mini-brawls with ready-made vehicles, great for new players who only have a handful of basic parts, to keep them logging in and maybe induce them to buy a pack. By ending Operation Ashen Ring 3 days 18 hours early, or the New Year’s event a whole 14 days early, the developers demonstrated that their attitude to the players is dismissive at best. If they made a U-turn now, they’d still have to spend years developing trust with the latest generations of players - something they should’ve done when the Open Beta was launched (at the latest). If they did that, they’d still be 5 years behind, for no rational reason. But I assume they won’t. They’re not going to change.
After the OAR fiasco in October, when I was denied my shot at the event rewards because I was prioritizing editing and uploading Crossout videos to my YT channel, I’ve been staying on mainly to see what becomes of this game. I would hope they’d at least have to move the servers outside of Russia when they start running out of spare PC parts - but then the upkeep costs could be too high. By alienating the playerbase to such an extent, the developers have painted themselves into a corner. They’ll be desperately needing even more money soon, but because of years of negligence on their part, the players won’t feel a deep enough connection to start spending more to save the game. And here I am, still trying to work on my skill and improve every possible aspect of my battle car, trying to treat this insidious money trap as if were a place where ambition and growth matter. (10 Buggy Wheels/ST upgraded during the last discount event.)

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While the rest is true, I’ll have to correct you on this one though.
There are enough of oldies here that play from the early days of this game and specifically use art builds WHILE making them efficient and to full performance. Not all art builds are weaker, and not all art builds are casual.
But to clarify, by art, I mean something aesthetical and realistic (as far as realism goes in a game). As in looking like a real vehicle would in such a post apocalypse scenario.


I’m not a fan of Punk movement, culture and so on, spikes don’t appeal to me, metal plates and heavy armour do.
Again, we are very close in opinion but not share the same opinion…so.

yes, these are supposed to be survivors killing each other for a two days rations worth of water but…but with a sense of humour

YES, yes and yes again.

I want these… Always


I like the Bunny Ears, and I actually lobbied for the Bronx-Cheer horn. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get one.
As for silly stuff in my game…

  1. It’s a game. I’m hoping for fun.

  2. Some of the worlds most evil villains are clowns, real or imagined. I think that’s why all the real jerks always say “lol.” Just a theory.

  3. It’s Easter.


You need an “I don’t care” option. Because IDC…

well, I’m half way from your opinion and Mr. splatter’s

I scrap or sell almost every hologram, but I would actually keep this one. I don’t know why I like it so much, but I do.

Great. Here comes the childish reporting my posts for no reason other than spite. What a bad mechanic. It’s so troll.

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Are you ever not cringe?

You’re cringe in game, you’re cringe here… Have you considered -not- negging on everything constantly?

I made a decapitated Easter bunny last year. I guess I could make another one this year, but with the head dangling barely attached. Can we turn the ears sideways? Dah I’ll probably never get around to making that.

Yeah, but somehow I’d expect people barely surviving on rations of water and food, to be more gloomy… And the sense of humor to be twisted and dark…
It’s fine when one player out of 50 uses oversized bunny ears or farts… But when 3-6+ in a single match do… It’s just a circus…