Does fusing give an unfair advantage?

I’ve seen a few posts over the last few weeks from veteran players who say that fusing is essential for some builds to even work, and that the advantages it gives are extremely noticeable.
Now anyone who’s read my posts on the board knows that I’m not interested in complaining about the game being unfair, and that I actually prefer to fight builds that are stronger than mine. This thread is not about being a crybaby.

If the vets are correct, and fused items are so much better than the stock versions, than doesn’t that mean that fusing gives an unfair advantage? You’re fighting builds that are the same PS, but your build is so much more powerful, and allows you to bypass the matchmaker’s attempts to make the game fair.

I’ve previously suggested that fusing should raise the PS of that item, but only modestly. This wouldn’t change anything in the competitive mode of the game, but would make PVP slightly more fair, and less horrible for new players.

Last time I suggested this, some vets freaked out that the idea would ruin their whole investment, but doesn’t that argument just sound like they want the game to be P2W, and are just threatened that could be tamped down a bit?

Why shouldn’t the advantages that come with fusing be reflected in the matchmaker?


some fusions do seem like must haves if youre running that gear , like the mass fuse on avalanche


no…it means you should fuse your gear when you get it and stay on top of your game…
you can’t up the ps ,then you need diff gear for that ps…

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. Seems like you’re saying that fusing gives an advantage, but that you should just accept that and fuse your own stuff.

I don’t know. The way I see it, if you’ve been playing long enough, you already have a huge advantage over new players just from experience. Add in the fused gear that a veteran is likely to have, and the new guys can’t really compete, even if they had the skills.

OK… I’m going to defend vets statements on this and explain a little more.

And I also agree with MudnBeer on the fact that people need to stay up on their fuse game.

#1 - I do not feel like any single fused item in the game will make any build OP.

#2 - fuse items are very expensive and they should provide some advantage - that’s why we pay 3 times as much. But with going back to point #1 you really didn’t get much for what you payed for.

#3 - The advantage comes when “everything is fused” and I mean everything… if your trying to go fast then fuse for that, if your trying to carry more weight then fuse for that, and so on. But because you literally had to fuse “everything” it’s a massive investment and you should be able to do something no one can unless they fuse.

Ok… also here is another concept.

“Fusion makes the creativity in Crossout better”

I could fuse a bunch of light weight gear for extra mass, and now that build plays like a medium cabin and so on. (Not going to list all the examples)

That is why with fusions you can make builds that can not be made any other way. But the investment of time is huge, so good for them.

If they want a build like that then they should have to work for it just like the guy that made it did.


Ok, but why is that logic not carried through to how item PS works for other aspects?
An epic machine gun costs more to buy, and is more powerful. I save up my money to get it, but using it puts me in a higher PS, which prevents me from buying an advantage.
But I could take that same money and spend it on fusing, and not have it impact my PS at all.
Why should fusing be treated differently than rarity? (And the other parameters that determine PS).

I don’t really fuse (don’t like gambling, and would prefer more options than stronger gear), and I don’t feel it puts me at a huge disadvantage, but when you run up against a squad of fully fused builds you definitely notice it.
For me, I just get more pleasure knowing that my victims died because of my skill, and not because I dropped a lot of coin on fusing. Killing someone with all fused gear just gives me more dopamine, so it’s all good.
But I also know that I am not normal, and it might be good for the game if new players weren’t getting clobbered by veterans who are augmenting their experience with a way of bypassing the matchmaker.

I’m not proposing that a fused epic should have the PS of a legendary. That would be ridiculous. But would a 10% bump be so bad? How small would the bump have to be for vets to feel like it was still worth using fused gear?

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I never said it shouldn’t.

You can search this forum and the old one (if it was still around) and I have posted multiple threads requesting PS to be “slightly increased” on fused items.

The little bump would not mater if you had a few fused items, but if your running 12 fused items your car is not the same car anymore.

The only people that would be against that is one of those low PS clubbers or dudes in fused 4 man’s owning everyone.

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:rofl: that’s why you fuse items in this game…
if the ps changed then we wouldn’t fuse them and just buy the next highest ps in game… :crazy_face:

so yes, fusing of course gives a little advantage but not enough unless 1 whole team has all fused(or the stupid bots)
it’s all fine the way it is…
i just recently fused my junk after playing for years,not that big of a deal. :sunglasses:

Not true.

We are not talking about a slight increase.

For example a Leech shotgun has 570 PS

A spitfire has 390 PS

So your telling me… If you fused a spitfire and let’s say it got a 20 PS bump making it 410 that thier was not reason to fuse that item?

20ps is nothing.

But 20ps x 4 is 80ps total - which can add up.

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Personally, I’d be embarrassed to admit that I couldn’t handle fused items having slightly more PS than unfused items.
If you’ve been playing long enough to have an all-fused build, you should have the skills to handle a tiny PS bump.

I will Agree that a PS change would piss off people playing on the edge of the brackets more then anything else. But those are the guys taking advantage anyways.

Haven’t had time, but I do plan at some point to play bracket builds, take screenshots, and post with a wider explanation of bracketing.

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5-10% ps increase wouldnt bother me personally


I rly dont agree with this one, why fused items should raise your PS? Its nonsens, whats the point? Bc you’ve work for it rly hard or spent a lot of money thats why you should suffer with higher PS? C’mon Its crazynes.
Im speaking as high PS player , I never sealclub ,dont see a point for that. Im also a lonely wolf I like to play alone.
I’ll give you an example ,there was a time when I used icebox cab on my typhoon hover but I want to make it a bit tankier by putting big train plow to protect my front hovers bc , in cw your build must be best of the best if you want to stay on the top, if not you’re in disadvantage, you know how many times I had to fuse it to get power and mass reduction? I was doing it over one year that garbage cost me 2 relics, there was no stabiliers back then and I had to play with bad fusions for a very long time which I didnt wanted to have, why I should have higher PS with bad fusion? Even with right one its nonsense.
Plz guys dont get crazy ideas.

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I’ll stop here, please read above.
We are not talking about a lot.

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Guys Im not gonna comment all of this for me its nonsense. All I can say to this thread is that if you want to improve yourself you’re going to fuse items ,if you want to stay stagnant and not move forward dont fuse. Its simple

It wouldn’t change anything in CW, which is what you really should be fusing stuff for.
PVP is supposed to be a “fair fight” between vehicles of equal power. We all know that’s not really how things play out, but it’s a good goal.

I play solo all the time too, and I definitely don’t feel like I need an advantage that the matchmaker won’t compensate for.

Its a fair fight its your choice if you want to move forward or not.

NO its nonsense!!! Play the game ffs make some relics join a clan play cw just move forward and then try to make some changes when you finally understand the game. No offense!

You dont understand yet my friend , plz just play the game and dont look for crazy ideas :love_you_gesture:
Stop breaking the game !!!

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This would not affect CWs in any way.

It would only really help “slightly” with seal clubbers.

Those are the only guys that should get bent at this idea.

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Over dramatic much?

Did you even read the thread?

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Yes Monkey It doesnt matter for cw but NO Monkey it shouldnt be a solution for seal clubbers ,guys there’re different solutions for SC , I already told you once Monkey dont look for the easiest solutions like ppl mostly do ,try to look a few moves forward like in chees.

Also OP is a Playstation player there is no sealclubbing problem!
Guys Im loosing brain cells looking at this “stupid” ideas

Im done here ,going sleep lol