Dogs fever at PVP and CW

It’s getting monotonous and boring, pvp and cw games with the amount of firebug dogs, impossible to make a game without 2 and 3 falling on me at the same time, the chances of escape are practically impossible, I’ve been playing this game since 2016 and I’ve never seen anything like this I’m seriously thinking about giving up playing, I’ve seen many quit over time but I always kept going, something gaijin has to do because what’s the use of having other weapons if a firedog kills us in a second, at my point of view view that kind of way to play is a retarded way, it doesn’t need absolutely any skill you just have to go against the enemy and that’s it.


Are you sure? It seems the game rotates obnoxious OP parts/builds every few months.

I’m not discounting what you’re saying. I agree with you about how obnoxious it’s gotten with the firedog crap.

I just think this is the norm for XO. The nerf/buff cycle in this game is the real deal.

Give it an update or two, and it’ll change.

At least it’s not spaced-armor canon hover builds killing everyone, anymore.


Wheels feel good now, and hovers have been top of the heap for a while, so now it’s dog season.

As I posted in the Show Your Builds thread, wheeled melee builds are great right now. But mostly against hovers.

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In about 2 weeks, the masses will have the new legs…and dog hunting season will begin. Hang in there…


Firedogs have been way worse than this. Its not so bad. Get some slepnirs and a verifier and youll be fine. Im not useing either of those two counters and i beat up firedogs more often than not. I remember a point like at most a year ago where firedogs were so rampant and dominant i had verifier on every build i owned practically. I havent even needed to play my porc build more which crushes firdogs. Ive been beating them with kaiju and no verifier.


Agreed, and now it is Firebugs turn.


Yup, and fire dogs have plenty of cycles in the spotlight being OP in the last year let alone throughout the years

It’s a neverending story of buffs and nerfs


The trick to fire dogs, lances, or even shotguns is to always be aware of what is happening on the map. The minimap is your friend.

With the exception of very bad players, to be successful with these builds, they have to be very patient and plan their attacks strategically. If you know what to look for, you will see them coming most of the time before they can do any damage.

  • most of the time*

There are two main approaches to attacking with these builds. The first is to get behind cover close to the battle, wait for someone to get close, cloak up, then attack… preferably to the side or rear.

The second is the wide flank. Running up the side of the map early on and quickly, hopefully out of range of enemy radar. Then, cloak up and hit a big cannon build from the rear.

When I get killed by one, it’s usually because I forgot to watch out for these things.


your strategy thats what need to do but u can do that to 1, not 2 or 3, thats what I`m complaning, if I run from 1 I go to another and nothing I can do, last weekend was insane the amount of dogs and I see the same this week, thats why I call fever, it seams everybody switch to that retarded way of playing and its sad because playing like that doesnt need skills

So, if you really believe that, please build a fire dog and play it. I mean that sincerely.

Regularly people come to the Forum and complain about a weapon being overpowered and claiming they are so easy to play, it’s almost like cheating. Every time this happens, I invite them to play that weapon type. See if it really is easy.

All melee and short range weapon builds are very susceptible to long range weapons. In order to do any damage to you, they need to get close to you. That is not easy to do against a team that is watching the map, has radars, and has radios.

So, try it out. Build yourself a little melee brawler at whatever powersscore you can, and play it.

I think you will find it is not nearly as easy as it may seem.

If you find that it is easy, please upload a video showing us your tactics and success.

I’m having copter event pyre flashbacks here.

When I gave this challenge to people complaining about that, I don’t think anyone uploaded a single video in response. LOL, :man_shrugging:


I’m blaming it on heavy cabs getting shat on every update by Targem.

Firedogs are extremely crunchy for a superheavy wheeled dog. Sadly those have become so absolutely useless against everything else thanks to Targem’s brilliant balancing over the last 1 year and a half, they’re def not worth a CW slot now.

its literally that easy though lmfao

FiReBUgS aRe HaRd - YouTube legit first game to prove you wrong none of them were hovers, while my pc was dying and on 130 ping but yeah definitely man dogs are so hard!

Firebugs might not be hard to play, but they’re much harder than hovers. The big thing with firedogs is map awareness and plotting a not obvious route to the enemy. I would recommend waiting 30 seconds to a minute before you do anything every match. This is to get the baddies preoccupied with doing something else, that is let the fog of war set in a little bit.

I appreciate that Firebugs are finally getting some fan mail. They’ve been absolute crap since the 2.0 update last August. Also, I feel your pain. I used to be an Assembler player. Maybe, get a machine gun spider to fight back.


I find it harder to play firedogs and melee than it is to play MGs or SGs, but it’s a really exciting playstyle, so I keep trying.
Sure, you’re not really aiming, but your reflexes and driving ability have to be strong, and you have to make very quick strategic decisions.

Verifiers help a lot to counter dog attacks, and staying in a group will also scare them away. Kapkans of course. Tracks and legs survive better than hovers or wheels.

Best way to figure out how to avoid becoming dog food is to play as a dog for a while.


Hammerfalls or Breakers on Ermak always is unpleasant to face as a Firedog.

Also, firedogs don’t work on Sleipnirs. They eat all the heat.


What did I say that you proved wrong? :joy: You posted a video of you playing against some people who clearly weren’t doing anything I said you should do against firebugs, so you actually very much proved my point. Thanks!

You further proved it by doing with your firebug EXACTLY what I instructed… Wide flank, cloak up, hit the guy in the rear. :joy:. You’re welcome! Come back anytime you’re needing good strategy, mmmkay?

The invitation wasn’t even for you anyhow, but thanks for playing. See… I’m trying to help the OP enjoy the game and have a conversation. You’re clearly trying to win an argument or prove some point no one was entertaining. Yawn.

Imagine what this will look like with that new engine and a dozen slepnirs. :flushed: The META will shift dramatically, methinks.

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I’m pretty sure even with the new engine tracks are still outclassed.


I’m thinking we’ll see them used as armor… we’ll see. Gonna be fun.

Looks like I couldn’t explain myself well. My problem is not facing a firedog, harvester or shootgun, the problem is the quantity, mainly in pvp, only one is evident that it is not easy to get results, now two and three and sometimes more is impossible, you leave one and dock against another. This past weekend and this week is what is happening, it is practically impossible to play a game with a fight because they start killing and everything ends very quickly. Monotonous and boring and frustrating of wasted time. Another thing I’ve been playing for so many years that it’s evident that I also play with this type of weapons, firebug I never had but draco, harvester and breakers yes. Lancelot never had nor want to have totally unfair and ridiculous. I hope this game type fever changes because honestly getting into the game and not even being able to shoot is wasting time in my life where I could be doing something more interesting.