Why does almost nobody use it?
5 years later and still nobody takes the effort to install this vital part and the whole team goes radarless when i pop.

Personally i try to fit it in when i can , but most the time its either putting me over weight or i dont have a spare energy , so i toss on my fused listener and a radio instead

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I prefer to run a Doppler or a verifier, and in lower/mid PS I’ll often run a maxwell.
But there are a lot of builds where I can’t spare the energy and have to use a normal radar.
What I wish was that everyone hid a radar deep in their car, so that at least we’d all be able to share our map intel, even if our radars/detectors get destroyed.

If I see red dots attacking my teammates, I will go and rescue them. But if none are running radios, I’m much less likely to know they’re under attack.
It’s tiny and costs no energy: use it!

do you have one equipped? if not, then your answer is probably why.

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If I’m playing clan wars and no one else has one I will use it.

If I’m playing PvP I will only use one if my build needs it to work. (Like drones)

Because of how the PvP point systems works you do not get rewarded for winning a match, you get rewarded for damage. So in PvP I couldn’t care less if everyone on my team dies, I’m going to put out some serious DPS before I go down and I’m going to get my reward regardless.

Nothing in this game (except CWs) promotes any kind of teamwork.

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I mostly just play PVP, and I would argue that a detector helps a lot more than just drone builds.
If I’m playing long range, helps me see people rushing me. If I’m playing close range, helps me spot isolated enemies and avoid driving into a wall of enemies.
But there are a lot of builds where you sacrifice too much DPS. Seems like most five energy weapons feel underpowered when only running two, but three doesn’t leave you enough energy for a detector.

I would love a cabin with a built in detector.

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I use the Doppler, Maxwell or Verifier on everything I can. If not, it’s the Keen. Radios on everything.

Even in pve, running a radar helps you get higher scores. It’s a lot easier to go kill a bot if you know where it is!


Oh I agree 100%

I would always want a Doppler on my team.

BUT in the crazy world of PvP missions where you don’t know if someone is going to run face first into the team, or sit in the spawn ramming each other, or playing a build shaped like a penis… I would rather spend my points helping myself then helping others.

Are you guys running radios?

In watching the boneheaded behavior of some folks, I can only assume they not only don’t have a radar, but don’t have a radio either.

It leaves me thinking they should be playing single player games instead. :rofl:

Radio is a wasted part for me. I only build CW builds, and someone always has a Doppler.

PvP is just to goof off. (Aka grind)

P.S. other things have radios built in them.

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You can’t accuse me of not running doppler derp_driver. All you sees is doppler, you were there wacking me with pyres so I assume you you were packing doppler has well

Your in like 50% of the videos from 2:10 onward

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I run radios on virtually everything. Often, it’s just a “filler part” used in the place of a structural part. I’d rather have a radio than the “metal box,” for example. Consider it a back-up plan. :grinning:

thats not how radios work. your radio transmits whatever youre spotting to teammates in range. you dont need it to receive info.

thats also why people dont use radios, they cost you whatever ps but only benefit your teammates. as monkey described, your teammates are your true enemies in pvp. that is, if you are an average crossout enjoyer.

I mean, if you don’t want me to support you when you get pinned by a dog, by all means don’t use a radio.
I just find I score a lot higher and do a lot better when I’m either supporting or being supported by at least one other teammate.

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relax, i said average crossout enjoyer, this aint for us.

we hardcarry, no going back to pve, no posts about some ps difference, noob groups yadada. drop cloak, install fused detector, use meta build and solo the enemies. adapt, overcome, own!

in memoriam: d. hawk “the sheila”, the dude who bragged about being mlg and then had to quit the forum because he lost a 1vs1 against the asian spider guy, monkey sometimes, and many more.

Lol no. Radios are trash.

What’s the ps on radios vs the metal box?

This is the part that’ll tank your build?


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only if youre trash yourself. but they dont know how radios work. boomer logic makes them think they know a thing or two about mechanics because back in my day we played with rocks. so they think you obviously need a radio to receive info. its wrong.

They are not all that bad :slight_smile:

Team mates make good shields.

Got to the love things like: Team mate moves out, they go stealth, you move out behind them but don’t go stealth, someone shots at you and BAM free nova shield. Thank you! Then I move around them and take out 2-3 guys.

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