DPS and rush is too strong

DPS is op by default no matter what platform or form it is in, rushing is way too successful of a strategy and wedging is still an issue. Any kind of a long range sniping weapon needs to be planted on a hover to be any amounts of effective, and that’s only because it can anti-rush (back up) so fast that you can usually outspeed most rushing builds. A single fast paced dps build can usually wipe out the whole team if you don’t get enough meta cheese onto your own side, same with hovers. Matches aren’t usually won by skill, but by how good of a luck you had with team distribution and how many of them are running the same meta easy win builds you have been fighting since forever. Bots either have insane aimbot or are absolutely useless.

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So you are telling me you only play slow builds…


What powerscore are you playing at?

I asked that because I played quite a bit of sniper this week and did quite well. I am playing below 12,000 so and mostly below 10.

One build had fused pyres and the other has a pair of… well. I think they’re called assemblers. Neither rides on hovers.

Both have chameleons.

Aggressive play styles trump all.


A slow build should not mean instant KO, especially when many builds and especially weapons are slow. Tankiness means absolutely nothing most of the times and some fast moving little thing manages to lift your build an inch off of the ground and you’re immobile and can’t aim at anything anymore


When there is only one playstyle that works things get stale really fast

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You can’t balance around play style.

I can go into a match with no weapons at all, and if I keep pushing into the range players on the other side they are going to get pissed.

For some reason many “ranged guys” consider it unfair or cheating if you do anything that stops them from sitting back and shooting at people.

War is not fair.


Just because war isn’t does not mean the game can’t be any amounts of balanced
Every weapon is a facehugging weapon by this point, and if it can’t be used as such, it can’t be used at all unless it’s on a hover.

There is no difference between how autocannons, miniguns, rapid fire machine guns, machine guns and shotguns are used currently, maybe outside autocannons that can keep a bit of distance if they want to, all of those guns are basically the same, just rush in and pin/wedge and push and just hold the button down with minimal aiming

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Oh, I’m well aware of the issue and I agree.

But you can’t stop people from pushing into you.
It will always be the best playstyle.

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I just wish you could have traction on top of enemy or friendly player builds instead of getting stuck, and coming into contact with an enemy should not do weird stuff to your build, many times even on a hover if I start to get pushed into one direction, no part of the build getting caught up in the enemy, I should realistically be able to just turn a little, on wheeled builds maybe accelerate a little, and slip off of the enemy, but for some reason you become completely immobile while being pushed in a single direction

And then on omnis sometimes you come to a dead stop against a small enemy build you thin you could push, and sometimes your little omni build manages to push a huge spaced armor monstrosity like it was made of cardboard

It’s like just by bumping into an enemy you stun it and if you keep driving against said enemy, they can’t do anything, even if they should by mass and power alone

Maybe I’m weird, but I play machine guns, miniguns, & autocannons differently.

Even the different types of Auto cannons need to be played differently. You have the ones that are like automatic shotguns, and the ones that are like slightly slower firing long range machine guns.

I also don’t get why anyone would just wedge another player with most of them. They’re so much better at stripping weapons and parts from a safer distance.

I’m sorry my friend, that’s just not true. The only face hugging builds I have are shotguns, and I don’t really face hug with them generally.

I’m constantly rebuilding my pyre build - not necessarily because it needs to be rebuilt, but just because it’s so fun to play with.

They are a blast to play on a very fast build with each pyre on its own trigger. Darting in and out of cover, cloaking up, harassing people from a distance… tons of fun.


Are you talking CW’s or general pvp?

Like someone already said, ye speak not the truth.

A slow build isnt an instant KO, unless you are a poor player or on a poor team. On smaller maps, ML/bigram spiders, with or without bubbles, can be a problem for dogs and hovers.

Punishers arent face huggers. Most dont use miniguns that way. ACs arent typically face huggers.

Omnis offer a ground version of hovers. I have seen them used well on both push builds and range builds.

Parts that cant strafe will always be limited with certain weapons. They make a poor option for most peek weapons. If you are dead set on using non strafe parts, understand you do so at the handicap of being at a disadvantage with peek weapons.

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Rush and DPS are really strong in the chaotic matches of PVP. Slower builds can be effective in groups, but they can be really frustrating to use with random teammates.

Mobility is Meta because speed and agility provide a lot of flexibility.

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Its very doable to balance play style. Targem completely neutered my CQC tsunami auger playstyle just by doubling their turn radius and crippling their acceleration when pressing multiple movement inputs at once. All the bumperhug builds ppl complain about are the types of builds that you cannot reasonably beat if they do the very easy job of W keying you. If I want to beat a bumperhugger I need perfect driving skills, perfect aim, and I need to beat them at navigating the map driving in reverse while they are just w keying me. Its cheap gameplay, and ppl are rightfully pissed off at builds that can so easily disable them in one engagement. If I want to kill some1 with something not OP, I have to hound them over the course of the game, multiple angles, and multiple cloak uses. They just have to get me once and I lose. They r on easy mode while I’m on veteran mode.


If people expect others to not drive into them in a “car” game then I don’t know what to say… I’m not suggesting they change the game to match real life, but if someone drove into you like they do in this game it would have much greater damage to both cars. I would have to say that cars in this game have a better chance to drive away from an accident then you would in real life.

Also, this is a game, if anyone is getting “pissed” they should take a break and come back.


I don’t think that’s what the complaint is about but there’s a lot to unpack and filter in his statement:

Lackluster maneuverability of the heavier omni-movement parts. (Fluffy has mentioned this before and I remember the change too it’s from when they fixed quads and triad’s to work better. We’ve had a few posts just about this issue in the past.) I’ve noticed this a few time myself as well but I don’t play pairs enough to make an issue of it as I’m not sure if it’s how they want it to be or if it’s just buggy.

Alpha damage weapons not being up to the same par as non-op DPS weapons. This I think is largely armor issues and how the the game treats Alpha damage shots with the blast and bullet damage compounded with aim and reload times. (Missing a single shot sometimes almost feels like a death sentence while engaging while being targeted in these types of builds.)

As per the vet vs easy mode:
limited angle cannons often spend a lot more time driving backwards while trying to evade and aim. It makes it feel twice as difficult playing than other build types since there isn’t any type of rear view mirror (camera). So generally it’s map memory and mini-map while the rush DPS player can drive and engage a target just via normal reaction to what they are seeing.

So then he sums it up via talking about how many engagements he has to make to get a kill vs how many engagements they have to make to get a kill. Which is kind of the way the game has laid out long and mid-long distance combat for a while.


I am 100% against poor turn radius and slow acceleration. I think the lack of acceleration is truly what causes most problems.

That said, shame on you for defending a “close quarters combat tsunami”. You deserve to lose to W-pressing SG builds


Simple premise, and spot on.

If I want to play something heavy or just nice to look at, PVP isn’t where I go!

Same… well, I didn’t use tsunamis, but really crippled the augers builds I have.

Again… agreed… and hovers having cartoonishly quick acceleration & turns compared with everything else.

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I personally have always liked that aspect of hovers. They are quick and agile but were also fragile. Now, between spaced armor and impulse nerfs, they seem less fragile at times.

I am not for slowing hovers. I am for making all other parts more snappy to close that gap


I can tell you’ve never fought a good dual auger player back when they were good. EVERY build will be forced into CQC if an enemy wants to force CQC unless it has full reverse speed. I beat wheeled shotguns most of the time as long as they didnt wedge/pin me. 1v1SnowfallDog - YouTube

Yep, except its not constrained to limited angle weapons, this is for every build in the game that can’t defend itself from a super aggressive player. For most builds if you dont have a team to hide behind you die to aggressive builds unless you are several times better at driving than the other guy.

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