Drones need to change

Drones need a dramatic change.
My suggestion:

  • Make turrets, and shields and wheeled drones drive trough for team mates and for the mothership

Since they have tissue paper durability, we could have drones that could be flying, drive around for the entire match (in theory), and as in any other weapon, they could be integrated in the 3 major group.

  • Overheating weapons (Falcons, Hawks, sidekicks, cobra, python, yaoguai)

  • reload weapons (owl, anaconda, fuse, vulture)

  • energy weapons (annihilator )

For that, drones would eat a lot less energy to accommodate the modules needed it to support them, just like what happens with SGs and MGs builds.

Same payload from stock for each type of drone, yes, the mothership would be bigger/fatter but we would have more control over fire solutions like what happens with SGs and MGs builds.

I don’t think driving through them is necessary but they should be moveable when bumped into. I mentioned something similar for turrets here:

I think you remove depth of play when you do that. Deciding where to drop turrets is part of the gameplay. I mean they already auto-aim.

Unless you are just a random pooper and drop them in the middle of the way with zero strategy.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people do not “aim” their drones both by positioning and actually aiming with the arrow on the boxes. (wheeled drones and turrets will lock onto a target they are “aimed at” first, if within range in case people did not know).

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Falcons, Hawks, Cobras, Pythons, Sidekicks, Grenadiers and Fuse Drones are pretty well balanced right now.
There is no need to modify their performance or parameters.
These Drones you shoot across the wastelands like a sniper may need adjustments.
Falcons and Cobras are starter weapons that have been in the game since Open Beta. New players can easily obtain them.
You want different Drones, then suggest adding new ones.
It is a team game, no need to crowd your ally and get caught in your ally’s weapons. Pay attention!
They need to add a Rare Wheeled Drone.

The way things are going…
before we could run them over at cost of some speed but lately we can’t do it no more, they will flip us, even our own.


the most of them don’t and we can see that in this event where most of them drop the turrets and shields in the first gate or the bridge creating a barrier to team mates, the other team will not get pass the first gate when they are open, the drones don’t do nothing then


I don’t know about you, but i would like to have more control over them.
Cheetah + Bfs are not as efficient as shivers and rads are
Many times i have to go away from where i am to accelerate a new spawn of my drones where i would prefer to stay and fight.
And i can’t figure out why sidekick has 4 energy, it should have 3 energy, and why there isn’t a blue sidekick?

In terms of balancing it wouldn’t change nothing only the way the “perks” would come.

Sidekicks caused the original Drone Apocolypse. They used to be blue.

Logically, that a good balance doesn’t require other changes, but from my feelings, the drone is not quite the same as I imagined,maybe add some range of activity to them,For example, a wheeled drone will accept the user’s instructions to reach any location,even if some attributes are sacrificed for balance

there’s a lot of things that used to be blue.

Point being.

I like the sidekick, i use a sidekick with my hawks i would like to use one more but i can’t because 4 energy to a drone that isn’t that menacing.
If sidekick was “upgraded” to the specials, there’s nothing to replace it on the blues.
Meanwhile, there’s nothing in epic forwards that i would like to run

That was the sidekick basically. Use a big radar and they crossed entire maps to shoot people. It was a horrible experience. Entire teams of only sidekicks.

That they already tried a wheel drone at the blue level. It failed. Horribly.

It’s mostly the turrets and barrier that bug me as per being ally obstacles. I wouldn’t mind if they even just made them fly after they are deployed.

I do think there could be some other ways to enhance drone play though too. Like our micro-factories currently are really just glorified ammo boxes and aren’t really much of a factory. They work great if you have high launch counts but horrible for low counts. As wreckages are now left on the battle field we could put in some type of scavenge function where you can harvest parts from the wrecks by sitting next to them for a while to fuel the micro factory. There’s a max of 14 wrecks to be used at anyone time so unless a wreck could be harvested too many times it shouldn’t be op but it would get rid of that annoying effect of one launchless droner running around at the end of a match that can’t do anything.

There aren’t any support modules for extending drone life either which I think is kind of a shame. It would be interesting to be able to set up a portable powerpack, shield gen, and a turret and have them persist longer.

I dunno. i feel like it would take some serious processing power to be running drones that acted like real drones.

But why was it decided at the time to cut the range instead of directly reducing the damage, as TOW did


Tow can still do this, but why doesn’t anyone use it?

Do you know how scared anyone is of a TOW build? It’s an even easier win if there is more than one on the team.
Now, contrast that with drones that always shoot at the cabin. 3 players with drones = 12 wheeled drones. Imagine all 12 of those drones shooting you and following you across the map.

Your comparison to TOW is flawed.

You must not have been playing for the mini drone apocolypse when they introduced grenadiers. That was a TINY taste of what sidekicks do in numbers when they can follow you without leash.

This is the numerical advantage, the fuses are currently relatively balanced, and have a long range, if 12 fuses come in your direction, what will you do?

You do not gain a “numerical” advantage by having a whole team of TOW’s do you? Balance.

If 12 fuses come my way, I die, come to the forum and start a thread about how horribly OP ALL drones are and they should be nerfed into the dirt. And when the dev’s aren’t making money selling drone cabins in the BP they nerf them.

No, you have teammates, and it’s only reasonable to think one person against another,Of course, if you like to fight alone and don’t have enough mobility, that’s your problem

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The thing I keep telling you is that you are asking for a reversion of a nerf that was desperately needed. They were WAY to powerful and toxic to game play. Entire teams would be drones. You would have 24 drones active and everyone running and hiding etc. It was not fun. It was not PVP.

I’m going to agree and disagree at the same time.

When they did the massive drone nerf to ALL drones the only two drones that needed a nerf were Annihilator and Grenadier - the rest of the drones where at different levels of trash - some better then others.

So I agree something had to be done at the time they did it. But at the end of the day they just didn’t listen.

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