Spider legged - Turrets

I’ve been mulling this over in my head a for a little bit and I think the stationary turrets are inconsistent with other remote deployed weapons in their ability to just turn into an ally road block. Most of the other deployed weapons be it barrels or other wheeled drones even if you land on them as an ally can create some funky animated physical movements but for the most part can be moved out of the way. So why not give the turrets smaller versions of the ML spider legs so they can get nocked around and animatedly reorient themselves when knocked over.

Isn’t this basicly a wheel drone?

I know it’s a little different in the AI the part would have, but it’s kind of the same thing.

It wouldn’t follow the user it would just use the legs as an articulated tripod. I’m suggesting this as a change to the existing turrets so they don’t act like ally roadblocks anymore.

Yeah, different AI.

Maybe they should make them so they can be pushed. If someone hits them they stick to the ground so they don’t tip over, but they are move to the side.

I thought about that too but it just seems like it would be visually odd having over simplified physics. i.e. Having it just kind of slide around. Similarly if you knock into a wheel drone they jump back up pretty quick but are kind of animated about it.

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