Droning requires every drop of skill and luck

I usually use SGs with a with a brick build as tough as i can make them, since forever, now. I did tried a number of different types of build…and so far the one i kept was a drone build cause it’s FUN…but, at the same time, it requires a lot .
Often i see, drones users be looked down and frown upon… and let me tell you,
I used all kind of traditional weapons and some, and none of them required as much as drones require from me. I came to understand all of that when i first tried.

  • they have the durability of toilet paper
  • they are super easy to counter, so easy, that everyone can counter
  • you have no control whatsoever over the cooldown time VS any other type of weapon where you can have some elasticity or control on that same cooldown/overheating moments.
  • With drones there is 0 stopping power

To succeed you have to go full in and Zig when you have to Zig and Zag when you have to Zag, no room for mistakes and have luck on your side on top of all that.
things like, positioning , checking the distances, sense of opportunity to strike, having always a way out, helps a lot.

To do well in them, you have to be extremely aggressive, high risk, high reward, you have to be prepared to brawl and to ram against others, to use your build or what’s left of it to push others outside of the cap when things comes down to that…and in the end, despite you being on your A game, doing everything right, and so on, all of this can be neutralized with a bit of spray and prey.


This is why you never go full drone though, So far I have found the best balance is two drones and something like a Miller or median for your direct damage.

I love drones and especially turrets. I have the most fun with them as i only have to concentrate on map positioning and most of the times do really well with them. Its fun being the last on the team alive vs 4 or 5 enemies and getting the drop on them and winning the match if only to shock your own teammates with the win. I dont just randomly drop them in the open and often try to get behind groups and since its a fast build i can zip across the map to assist or cover the bases with haste.

They are bad if you don’t know how to use them as in screwing your own team over with them or dropping all 4 or 5 at the same time witch to me is the worst thing to do with them

“Never go full retard.” -roberd downey jr

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I could fill a book with what I’ve learned about droning. I have to admit to not having a lot of personal XP with a variety of builds, other than cannons (and i LOVE me my Judges), as my coordination starts to suffer under stress. On that note, the reload time on cannons is my saving grace because it gives me that few seconds I need to keep calm enough to focus.
Most builds require a level of focus that I just can’t achieve while under pressure. Drones…I love/hate them but, and this is a BIG one for me, as long as I just use them to distract, annoy, or support I can use my rig to do everything else. And, I LOVE plowing into people and melee’n them up when they least expect it. I. LOVE. IT. (It’s a psychotic thing, I know). But that brings me to my next point is that, with drones, you HAVE to have another plan while they’re doing their own thing, we can’t just rely on them, we gotta make use of the time in that window of distraction that they provide. That’s my 2 cents.

I normally only play them for the BP challenges usually using turrets. What I don’t like about the mobile drones is the lack of control and range. I really liked the send and recall function they gave the annihilator but it would be nice to be able to send something to a point on the map too but no that has to be a different type of drone too. Occasionally I’ll play them outside of the BP’s but I don’t find them that much fun. I’d love to see them all redone for functionality and enjoyability of play.

There’s lots of little things that bug me about them such as the ammo counts and how the efficiency of the ammo is decreased by not allowing mobile drones to redock if not destroyed. How a explosive micro-factory isn’t much of a factory as it nets such a small static amount of drone launches, lol… Let me harvest the burning corpses’ of my fallen allies and enemies to make more drones over time… There’s a long list of things that I could suggest.

I was there when I started playing CS 1.6… soooo, so long ago

You can work on it, but it requires… working on it. Just playing as you usually do and tensing up will give no results.
I highly suggest working on relaxed mouse grip first, as it makes a TREMENDOUS difference.

It’s just a game, you have no reason to tense up. Play a few games focusing on your grip and staying relaxed, not the victory. it can only make you better.

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This is what I hate about drone guys, because 90% of the time after running around for 2min by themselves they die anyways and we lose.

Dead team: “Why the fuck did we have no goddamn presence in teamfights?”
Last two survivors: driving laps around the map in pristine Hurricane and Fuze builds, not hitting shit

They probably think they survived last because their teammates suck too :rofl:

thanks man, i do appreciate it. For me, and please try not to laugh, I got hit in the head when I was about 7 and, since, have had some wires crossed. It’s kind of amazing you honed in on the wrist relaxation issue because THAT is exactly what I struggle with. All my life, from bowling to playing football to using a mouse, when I go from tension to relaxed, my wrist and forearm make a slight twisting motion. My bowling balls mostly veer into the gutter, my footballs almost always veer off course, and the mouse…well, I can’t keep the crosshairs on a target to save my life. So, I like using weapons that I can mash the button down with, like Equalizers, I LOVE those. But yeah, again, THANK YOU for reaching out with a possible solution to the problem.

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It’s a classic. I still struggle with it in tense games, and have been struggling with it on bass and guitar for 15 years. Muscular tensio is the enemy of precision :wink:
You should have seen me clutching a game with Quasars yesterday. 3 flaming cabs with like 2 guns left in the enemy team, the whole discord chat cheering in my ears, and I started missing shots at 15m (^% I took off the headset to finish that one, almost lost it too :grimacing:

And dw, I was never hit on the head, but my muscular coordination sometimes make me wish I did. I’d at least have an excuse c’:

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that’s me and my swiss cheese brain

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Oh that’s… that’s a nice dent :flushed:

I’ve heard people got away with way worse tho. Like, getting a steel pipe straight in the brain and being ok. The human body is impressive sometimes. I wish you the best :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a few saved drone builds. Two are for the Adventure 20 Side-Missions challenge. They’re unarmored and fast. The drones get the baddies off your tail so you can continue with the mission without stopping.

The other two are for when I want to play, but not pay much attention. LOL I’d guess about 3/4 matches I’m near the bottom, but at least 1/4 of the matches, I get MVP or very close. MVP will come from cloaking up, driving behind the enemies & hitting their big slow builds with grenadiers. They target the drones, I scoot out of sight. Wash, rinse, repeat.

When I want an intense battle, though… sniper builds or shotgun builds.

Fuzes are my main build, and yes making fuzes kind of viable on a battle requires a LOT of skill, i`ve been mvp lot of times, but that’s because battling with possibly the worst weapon on the entire game requires a lot of practice a lot of radar awareness, good driving skills and scape route planification and anticipation, that being said, i dont think its nothing close to fair to have one weapon that has very low damage, its very very very very slow (almost 30 seconds between launches), it has very low ammo, and its possibly the most counteareable weapon in the game, sometimes despite the fun it becomes infuriating seeing how easily almost anyone can rip you apart with no effort or skill, fuzes definitely need some love and balance, in some ps are just unplayable nor viable (if you like to win from time to time)


We’ve talked about it, if Fuzes are buffed in their current state, you’ll see 3-4 players botting 24/7 in every game.

By “in their current state” you mean being possibly the worst weapon in all crossout? funny you say that about 3-4 players botting 24/7 every game because that’s what i see happening with hovers and no one is moving a finger to solve it, but hey let`s not do justice to a weapon that clearly shouldn’t cost 1100 ps, because maybe, possibly, perhaps someone despite me and other 4 crazy players might use it

I mean needing only one click and then doing all the job without any user input.

Botting = setting up some bot or macro to play for you. Hovers CAN’T bot (I mean I guess you could bot with a fuze hover, but I don’t see the point)

The Fuze Trick…

It’s a high risk, high reward kind of thing. Build a rig with as many Fuzes as you have plus a Chameleon MK2. Make the front of your build slightly U-shaped with the open part facing forward. The U can’t be too deep… you need enemies to fit in there. Have all the Fuzes launching forward, launch a full Fuze volley, wait the 30 seconds, launch a second one, then ram an enemy while you’re cloaked up. If all goes well, it’s a one hit kill.

It’s funny because i never pay as much attention to my surroundings when i’m in another type of build as when i’m with my drone build.
I run 3 hawks + 1 sidekick, only 4 each, so when i launch i want to get the most out of them, i must be very careful ( there are games where i’m out of drones that quick).
Sparks, Lasers, Caucasus, miniguns, MGs, SGs, everyone craps on them really hard.

Using my SG build, its just so much easier, many of times.
Wait for the right moment, smash W really hard, drag it while firing at it ripping that sparkly dog face off.
I just have to pay attention to 3 things.
. Minimap, to trying to keep flowing in the same direction of the team
. Not to charge into adversary line
. Not to drag something into adversary superior numbers.

I never know what i’m charging, everything is game. Just because i can.

It’s night and day