Easy Mode Builds

For the first time in Five years, I am happy and satisfied with all my builds and everything that’s been added to this game. I feel like I no longer need to take anymore breaks away from it (Except to grind some Fallout 76 & 4 on my days off). However there is one glaring problem left with this game that I have to cope with and be fodder for; Shotgun, Flamer, and Melee builds. I guess they are called Dog builds or something, I think they are Easy Mode builds. Their only required tactic is pretty much just rush.
Melee builds infest lower level lobbies, while flamers and shot gunners infest 10k+ lobbies. Us MG, Cannon, and AC builds seem to have double team one of them to stop them, like two soldiers in a Sci-fi movie having to double team a super human vampire to survive. This is getting ridiculous.
Easy mode should not be rewarded by getting near guaranteed victories. They should be just thrall fodder for builds that require trigger discipline, and aim leading.
I suspect Clan Sweats, and their close quarters 4v4 Clan Wars play styles are holding this game hostage, and the devs only care about keeping the Clan Sweats happy, like they don’t want to take chances with casual players who leave when they see the toxic meta spam.
That’s my opinion at least, say what you guys think.


I think I agree. It’s a good game in bad shape.


For me, strafing DPS is easy mode.
It’s relaxing though.
I play dogs when I want more of an adrenaline rush.
And then I’ll play long range or support builds when I want to feel more cerebral and strategic.

I find a lot of the time the popular new thing is mostly popular because there are some new tools that all the experienced players are trying out. The vets are more likely to perform better than average no matter what that new tool is. Which then makes everyone else either try that new thing too, or complain about the new thing being OP.

Between the impact changes, the cerebus buff, yeti, and finwhale, it’s not surprising that there are more dogs prowling the wasteland lately. I’m pretty sure when the new reloader and radiators drop we’ll see most of those players switch back to guns.


this will change when the new cancerous meta comes out, although unlike other nerfed metas i dont think dogs will ever take skill

Direct flame and Melee are the only two that I really consider problematic but they’ve almost always been that way as they have very few drawbacks compared to their benefits. I generally don’t think any particular build type as being easier than another though. No offense mean but I think that logic path is just a coping mechanism.

I think with direct flame they should make there be a minimal distance you have to keep before you start heating your own parts from the heat blow back. I burn my paths in the yard with a large roofing torch, if you get to close to yourself it gets hot. The same should be done with armoring them if their own armor is too close to the path of the flame it should be heated.

In the case of active melee, anyone with some chainsaw, grinding, or other machining experience knows you can’t work a cutting or grinding tool too long or it gets, heated, dulls or suffers some other type of wear. No other weapon in the game does not have a cool down period of some type. I don’t mind if they don’t have an button but keeping a 100% duty cycle is much of the issue. I don’t think it would be too hard to have them work with coolers and radiators to alter a shorter duty cycle. It would be fairly realistic as a lot of cutting tools in shops have active cooling systems to both lubricate and cool the tool.

The Cerberus buff I really think would have been better if they had made it more similar to the tormentor module, having the bonus active all the time with no cool down is pretty much what I imagined it would turn out like.


If 97% of all collisions didnt end up with two builds sitting completely still until the end, i dont think melee and firedogs would be too bad. Its just insulting to get clipped on your rear quarter panel, with a clear path ahead to move, and watch for 15 seconds as your build refuses all inputs until your dead. I know it doesnt have to be that way, because it wasnt beofre the wedge nerf years ago, and nowadays, the Kensei and the Kensei alone has enough power to muslce out of those jams.

The only times you should be absolutely stuck is if they hit you head on or t-bone you on the side/front half of your build.


new way to say “i dont play above 10k ps”

I play up to 15k but shotguns don’t bother me as much as most people.

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I agree with that assessment, but at the same time I don’t want to go back to the days before the wedge fix.
I do think the most recent adjustment to the wedge fix has improved some of the issues you describe, but there is still more work that needs to be done.

Have you considered that not everyone struggles as much against the builds you struggle against?

i have considered that a person who doesnt hate bricks does not play clan war, unless they play bricks themselves

what build do you play?

lol like only play one build… I have like 16 different builds that I play. Perhaps that’s your problem do you only play a single style build?

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I can’t help but notice that you keep dodging this question yourself.
Why is that?

I think you’ll find that those of us who don’t share your complaints often play an extremely wide range of builds. I think the only class of weapon that I have very little experience with are homing missiles. And even then, I have played a decent amount of nest/trombone builds, so I still dip my toe into that arena.

What builds do you play?

i play exclusively mammoth, and two types of builds being hover and spider. one of my issues is that a 1x1 sized short range and high damage brick with 5k hp shouldnt be able to outrun every other build in the game, outturn anyone with the turning radius of a smart car and push everyone around with the force of a bulldozer. i can give my walking cannon fortress as much power, armor or hp as i want but i am useless against dog builds.

and again, if you ever played CW or higher PS, you wouldnt think that its a build issue or cope.

edit: as far as my hover goes, a fire brick still outruns me and once it touches my build at almost any speed it ragdolls me and i cant do shit

First of all, there’s just no way a 5k durability build is able to “outrun every other build”. It can go faster than your builds, but any lighter wheeled build will easily outrun one of those bricks.

And if you only play one weapon, and always play it on movement parts that have a speed cap, no wonder you’ve got such a big problem with wheeled builds. You are playing the builds that dogs were designed to counter, so of course you hate dogs.

I do agree that cannons in general could use a buff. But it really looks like your problem is that you chased a meta, and then the meta shifted like it always does, but you don’t want to change the way you build or play in response to those never ending changes and balance adjustments.

Edit: you are right that I don’t play CW. Tried it, didn’t like it. But I do play high PS more often than low PS. Mid PS is my favourite, but my big heavy builds usually end up in high PS, so I am very familiar with the concept of having a ton of durability that is useless against close range attacks. That’s part of the challenge, and the challenge is what keeps me interested in this game.

But that isn’t the issue at all, there are no maps that are simple a straight line… we’re no fighting on an air strip.

A build that can go 90kmh will be able to keep up enough to a build goign 110/115kmh and be able to damage them unless they have melee weapons. Shotguns, fire and anything else will just get spammed at the faster build which is unable to put enough space between themselves and the other build; with damage output being so high that build won’t have a chance.

I know this because I have one of the fastest builds in the game at the powerscores I play at and all of these huge builds can simply keep up enough to do stupid amounts of damage simply by keeping up speed spinning in circles. Smart wheel users have knows to keep your speed up in circles but 20 tonnes builds shouldn’t be able to keep 85-90kmh up in circles, that is just insane and implausible.

If my build can barely keep away from these builds and only survive because I use an Aegis on most builds then how the hell are other builds going to stay alive? Current gameplay is brainrot and straight up unfair.

Heavy builds should be slow and lose speed wayyy more while turning, simple as that.

I think what you guys are seeing is that vehicles skid a lot less at 90kmh than at 115kmh, which means they can correct course and chase people more easily.

And while flamethrowers and shotguns have some range, you still have to let them get really close to do that massive damage. I am surprised that you of all players are letting those bricks get so close to you.

Anyways, you guys have convinced me that I should make myself a heavy dog and see for myself if it is an instant win. I used to have some fine with Yokozuna melee builds, and those should be a lot more fun with finwhale and yeti.

As always in Crossout, the best way to figure out how to counter a new meta is to try playing it yourself. I will report back about what gives my melee bricks trouble. I’m sure there will be something that stops my rampages.

You have no choice, many maps are so small and confined you can’t exactly keep distance while doing damage.

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Well then I look forward to playing my invincible instant win fast brick.

Pretty sure I’m going to find out they are not unbeatable though.