Easy raids

I am guilty of bringing in an OP build into raids gobbling up points and patches while others with less effective builds struggle to get anything. I hadn’t really thought of how my teammates felt. I have encountered this phenomime happening to me & I didn’t like it. Feeling remorse for my gaming sin, I have the idea for the developers to possibly consider. Placing a PS max & minimum to each different levels of raids. If we cannot govern ourselves for the good of TEAMWORK (Note guilty of not doing) perhaps we all need to get slapped around a bit for being so OP in easy raids for the quick daily completion. I am sure this comment will stir up controversy & rightfully deserving.


I’ve been on both sides of that situation, as when I play raids, I usually just run whatever DPS build I currently have in my blueprints. So sometimes I’m a few thousand PS higher than my teammates, and sometimes my teammates are a few thousand above me.
I don’t personally have a problem with either scenario, because I see raids as a cooperative mode. If I’m the low PS player, I’m glad to have some Porcs and Retchers on my team to make the raid go by quick and easy. If I’m the high PS player, I’m happy to take my time and focus on protecting my tiny low PS teammates.

However, I don’t play a lot of raids, so maybe it’s easier for me to be relaxed about this dynamic,

I do think the idea of PS limits is potentially a good one, and not just for PVE. Confrontation mode really showed how a PS limit can make the game more interesting and balanced (at least from my perspective). Adding the same mechanism for raids seems like it could work, but why not do the same for PVP? Make scrap battles lower PS, wires can be mid PS, and no limit for batteries.
I could see that kind of mechanic helping reduce queue times and improve matchmaking for everyone.

I’m happy with how things are currently, but I know that many are extremely frustrated with the matchmaker, and anything that makes the game better for more people is good.

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I’ve been on both sides of that coin too, but lately I’ve been more conscious of trying to give the kids a chance. If I’m in a mission and I’ve already racked up 3 kills, I slow down and give the other players a chance to score some kills…especially if they’re names I don’t recognise or if they are obviously newer players (you can usually discern that from looking at their build).

Little things like that, giving the other guys a chance to score, might just be enough to keep them interested in the game. No one likes to walk away feeling like they were useless, while old Snit got 5 kills.


This might be selfish, but I like how the game looks when there is a big PS range. The big builds look appropriately massive next to little low PS cars. When everyone is driving high PS builds, you lose some sense of scale.

I used to enjoy doing raids in a big slow cohort/whirl/meatgrinder build. When I had a low PS team, I would follow those little tiny cars and buff them with the cohort perk, flipping them upright when they got upside down, coming to the rescue when they got mobbed.
Made me feel like a big dog taking care of my little puppies, and helping them learn to hunt.


I hardly ever do easy raids anymore but I have noticed even in the higher raids sometimes the lower PS builds can score out rather well. i.e. A small fast 8-9k retcher build along with a few others types can really out preform. The ones I use to feel bad for were the low PS new player builds that you know are just struggling regardless of team structure.


i havent done any raids in a long while because of their absolutely brain dead decision of making BOTH raids the exact same thing in each level of difficulty and only making it so 1 is available in easy. i want the raids back to the way they were before, both random on each difficulty! i would have to wait for DAYS to get the raid i want and when i do its only… what… 30 minutes till it changes again? then i have to hope its the raid i like or else im stuck waiting. i used to do raids all the time but now my fuel never gets touched and i havent even touched a drop of fuel in my inventory. hell i dont even know the last time i completed a raid weekly.
if they bring back raids the way they were then we can talk, but other then that i got nothing to say on the matter.

I really didn’t like the old raid structure for the exact reason of if I really want a particular raid it hardly ever came up. The only thing I did like about the old structure was you had 2 choices normally with 2 different factions for each difficulty. I wouldn’t mind if they swapped that portion back. I’ll play most of the raids available though with the exception of not really enjoying steel cradle.

I had at one point on here suggested they move to a 3x3 difficulty and complexity structure which would let them get a lot more variety if they wanted to do min max ps values. Basically they’d have easy 1 - 3, normal 1 - 3, hard 1 - 3: where the number represents the complexity or number of extra objectives of the raids. Not all of them would have to run at the same time to consolidate on the player pool.

Tthat simply shouldn’t be allowed in easy and medium raids

I generally don’t think they should ban them from modes simply because they over preform. It’s one thing to tighten down a PS restriction but it’s another thing entirely to start restricting parts like that.

It’s the wasteland. The strong take from the weak.
I don’t feel bad playing with parts I have spent countless hours farming regardless of other peoples PS.

If my build turns out to be 3k fine. If my build turns out to be 16k fine also.
One does not feel bad when squishing bugs.

it’s not unheard of

countless events where there’s a banned parts list.
it’s a simple fix.

PS restriction wouldn’t work, there’s always people going out of their way to squeeze those type of weapons to lower PS.



I still remember Operation Radiance, where they modify the ravagers and the operation mid operation because of hovers but there were others that used Reapers to bypass the gates and the ravagers doing so they killed the rest of the team because countdown clock.
and before that in the red light operation skinners and hovers used to abused the physics and short comings of the devs.

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If we look at the current raids, Easy , medium to hard. Medium & hard have a Power score limitations for too low of PS to enter current medium & hard raids. So why should there be any issue to PS limits to grossly high PS farming all of the points for themselves? Sure you earned or purchased those weapons but for the point of looking out for the new players and their success ? Then one wonders why new players uninstall the game & leave? And yes I have been guilty of doing this farming myself. But if that “OP” build is so good why are you not in harder raids ? For easy pickings. I know that’s why I did it. Simple easy quick pickings .

Exactly why I dropped out of the game. I chose that option the points system is FUBAR then that playstyle on top of it. I got tired of the extortion in bending the rules along with the crap points gain & loss system. Yes Thanks for nothing devs. Many have uninstalled due to these issues never to return. And yes I have spoken with several past clients.

It’s normally for mode breaking issues & themes that they do those restrictions. i.e. melee only or cannon only type of themes. Removing heating weapons and a few others as they were decimating the chase mode. Outside of those issues it’s a sandbox game it’s meant to be fairly open in terms of what a player can do.

It’s true that there are ways to squeeze weapons into the PS restrictions but the goal isn’t elimination, it’s rather that builds have a type of 3 fold balance to them between Mobility, Offence, and Defense within a given range.

Some of it I think comes down to the nature of it being a sandbox game. I don’t mind PS requirements or even max’s I find them kind of interesting to build around for the most part. The only issue I sort of have with them is it tends to require a player to have more blueprint garage spots, which are expensive to earn. An easy raid though should be playable by a large amount of low PS builds though. I think the lowest I have is 7-8k.

whatever makes the matches go faster im all in favor for that…
'just as long it doesn’t make bots increase to there ps score and damage to us… :crazy_face:


skinners ( because of red light operation Spider men) boosters, tusk cab.

In operation radiance, they add a count down clock ( once a gate was open you had x seconds to proceed to the next gate, you couldn’t get back)

That “fix” and the boosters ban was a double whammy for what came next, hovers with reapers. Those three things combined killed thousands of teams ( yes, i did that operation back to back, nothing else)
At a certain point, i would push over any hover i saw with reapers on the bridges i could find.
And those restrictions hit creativity and diversity a lot but also reaper hovers killed a lot of people that didn’t have a chance to compete with that.

But then again, what retchers and alike are doing in easy/mid raids?
In those raids, noobs, starters builds, builds with problems, underperforming weapons, you can see the lot, and thanks to those kind of weapons the devs made harder bots, harder raids, making harder to those i pointed above, and in top of that the “big boys” take it all


One more thing.

This game is or was about creativity and diversity not “natural selection”

That’s exactly why they try not to do those restrictions often.

What comes after a restriction as you just said can be worse. It’s a part in the game that’s what it’s doing there. It also encourages players to go get the part they think works better for the task when they see something doing a better job then what they have. No one ever says look how much that weapon sucks at doing that, that’s the weapon I want to play with.

Even when scoring out last in a raid you get something. I know this because I don’t always score out first. If you took out the differential scoring and prizes you’d have players that do the minimum to finish the mode while leaving the work to the other portions of the team.

As far as power scaling goes, I’d like harder raids to minimize the scaling but we can barely get people to play the ones we have. It’s not hard to go over the PS requirements in hard raids and have scaling kick in either. The scaling at least caps at a point to not make the mode too impossible to finish.

You also have players that will only play certain raids, So if that raid isn’t up on the higher difficulty ones when they want to do their raids they will just play the lower ones.

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All in a nut shell, since when has Gaijin or Targem actually listened to any clients suggestions? I wouldn’t worry about any max or minimum PS limits on EZ raids what so ever. It will never happen . It was just a thought, Sorry to stir up such a stink amongst the ranks :frowning:

That’s why i’m not going to fight you on this ( like that expression goes)
But i do think something must be done.

In operation radiance they banned boosters among other things, reapers already have been nerfed ( cause heli reapers builds, long before the off we go event) but they still had enough to allow people use them in that way.
with the access to the boosters blocked and the way the event was made ( having to wait x seconds before the gates opened after it’s activation) and the countdown clock, the ravagers were just a distraction. we were only observers.
So the all thing double back and bite in our asses.

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I think they have on occasion but it’s likely they were looking for alternatives by that point too. I think it’s good that they don’t take all of them too as we’d probably be suffering a lot more if they did. lol

They probably could too it’s really just an issue of what, if we don’t want to compromise the premise of the sandbox that exists. The track record for fixes isn’t that great either. A lot of these special raids they toss up for events could easily be what I’d classify as raid class 2’s or 3’s from what I said way above. Unfortunately they often don’t get polished up and released permanently though. I’m not even sure if that would fix it though. Just as likely to get lower players that are hungry for rewards going in and finding they are under preforming.


what the hell are you talking about? :crazy_face:

‘its an easy raid’ go home to reddit’ and stop bothering us. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: