Efficient, Accessible and Budget builds ("EAB" tag)

Hello Survivors, this topic is the continuation and merge of 2 previous topics on the old forum: The EAB one and the “Best hard raid build?” one, both in the “Vehicles” section.

As the title suggest, the goal of this topic is again to build and regroup the most useful vehicles, that are cheap, accessible (faction parts-wise) and efficient. The main goal of those builds is to do most contents of the game with more thoughts put in our vehicles than real money or and time spending to save coins and leveling all advanced factions.

The builds fitting those criteria and goals will be presented here and/or placed in exhibition, searchable by typing “EAB”, filter “all time”.

For reference:

Now, as you already know, the last update changed the parts PS, so some EAB builds in exhibition might not have sufficient PS for some game modes such as Get the Cable/Battery, or even normal/hard raids. Moreover, the next update will improve raid bots AI. Moreover, as I mentioned in the old forum, I quite recently discovered a game mechanic (destroyed parts only remove a fraction of their HP from the whole vehicle life) that I intend to use more on the updated builds.

A lot of redo of the exhibited builds is needed considering those elements, and I will update you guys when it’s done.

Oooooh, they’re updating bot ai again? Noice.

Yes @67834135 devs indicated that they will “implement a lot of changes that will improve the balance of AI opponents in raids” on the next update 0.13.60. Maybe they will aim more for weapons or movement parts, maybe bots will try to all focus one target, maybe they’ll move less while shooting so they can aim better? Anyway that might be interesting and we’ll have to adapt more to their behavior!

In other news, the Battlepass and pack parts that were rotating on the exchanger are now always disponible to exchange for badges, witch is great since some parts are pretty interesting like the shoulders. We might use some of those BP parts now that they are guarantee to me always available. We’ll see.

Yeah shoulders are op AF. Every build can make use of them and be improved by them.

Bot AI at the moment is very “faction dependent” - lunatics are much more of a problem than firestarters. Hard raids would be not possible at current PS limits if Bot AI was actually reasonable - you are not surviving hard raid vs. nomads or steppenwolfes if they aim for weapons. “Raid racks” are existing for a reason. Better AI would require significant rebalancing if you cant rely on bots aiming for the cabin. Also - if melees stop backing after minor hit we are done. Sure - you can brag that you can singlehanded carry heavy raid at your quadruple relic build, but I dont see 8k PS build with 2-3 epic wepons doing it. Retchers are a must as it is - it will be even less variation than.

Hello everyone,
Here’s a build I made for the EAB serie: a quad defender build.

This 5K PS build is only 410 coins and is meant for get the scrap-cable-battery modes, as well as normal raids, and It’ll also count for the machine-gun daily challenges. it’s accessible level 17 as you can see on my test account.

Defenders are getting buffed, so are coolers which is right on time for this build, it has +25% rep with free decors and comes with fuel tank & barrel as well as radar and radio. There is 2 small wheels that will touch the ground and help keeping maneuverability if the front arrays are destroyed.

I have to say that I’m quite satisfied by the efficiency as much as for the design for this vehicle. Let me know what you think of it !

EAB grind2 E16 on exhibition


You should think about copying over the info from those topics, as the old forum isn’t going to be archived forever.

You’re right, and thank you for the reminder ! For now I think I’ll just take care of the builds, and I’ll summarize the most important here again when needed.

About the Quad defender build now, I’d like to add that it’s a very adaptable build since anything fits in it: guardians, tacklers, vindicators, bootstrap, shiver, hot red, seal… Anyone can go from 4000PS by removing 1 defender and generator (and adding a Chill for example) to 9000PS, look below !

It also should perfectly work as a spitfire build, tackler fits to should rupture… And I can mix different rarity until I get the missing weapons or if I want to play on a special PS bracket… So it’s a pretty versatile build! Of course it has only 900 HP so performances might not be the best, although weapons are pretty durable and there’s 5 strong bumpers on the front.

Guys I have some updates, I improved a bit the defender build, and I made a borer-sledgehammer one too:

The mix shotgun-melee works well as you can disarm while boring, do damage while chasing, and also shoots off drones.
We use the free sledge-hammers from the free pack Marmok, and the gen and fuel tank from the defender build. All needed is 3 borers for around 150c.

This 5K build will cover Shotgun daily challenge, get the scrap/wire/battery modes and their weekly challenges, and the recurring "deal damage with melee weapons, Lunatic weapons from BattlePass challenges.

I´m pretty statisfied of those 2 builds ! Next one will be most liky a bear- little-boy, for cannon daily challenge, “deal damage with a medium cab” BP challenge, and perhaps the cannon brawl, optionally.

Stay tuned !

Hello guys, I made 4 crappy-quality videos to explain and demonstrate those builds:
https://youtu.be/uJOO0aC3NKQ - hard raid build
https://youtu.be/bjqVZ7MJB3A - MG build - PvP
https://youtu.be/VocOKcQPZrY - Shotgun melee build - PvP
https://youtu.be/yFu0Y0Wzl5M - MG build - PvE (normal raids)
Enjoy !

If you put the links on their own line they will embed.

I know, they did until I added text description, so I saw.
There is 4 links and I didn´t want the post to take a full page so I intentionally shortened them.

There are no pages anymore just endless scrolling. lol…

I just meant that I didn´t want the post to take too much space for nothing, didn´t you figure it yet?
Thank you for your technical tips but I´ll even more appreciate comments on the content. What do you think about the defender or melee-shotgun build so far, for example? “EAB grind2 E16” and “EAB grind3 E16” in exhibition.

Its a complete stillwind In Russian part of forum, so let me introduce you my little friend. This one can be used in easy and medium raids.

In exibition - “missileraid”

As you can see, it has been built with parts of first three levels of younger factions, and some Engineers parts.
You will need 1 Growl, 3 Wasps, 1Big G, 2-3 Ammo packs (i’ve used one fused), and, most costly part - 3 Omnis.


forgot to put on Ruby and radio at first screen. As you can see, i has smallest ps, and top score at medium steel cradle against Steppenwolfs

To use it efficiently new player will need a bit of training, in ballistics, remembering vulnerable points of enemies, but basic tactics is “fire-hide” cycle. At this PS full volley right in place can kill any bot officer at medium raid.

What about using it in PVP, well… lets say, from zero to hero. You have to assist your teammates from second line, or catch enemies by surprise, which brings you high scores due to devastating power. And, if your mates acts stupid, or enemy is extremely cautious, you will be killed by shotty or mg is too easy (against pure melee you have a nice chances due to your full speed at any direction).

Than you for showing us your build @86857818 !
I checked your build, wasps are tricky weapons, with great risks and rewards !
As you mentioned, the 3 omnis are the hiccup on the budget side of the build. It´s possible to play wasp with wheels, but replacing them with cheaper wheels will bring it down to 3800 PS, making it unable to join normal raids… Wasps are fragile and not the most easy to use, so I would prefer a more sturdy and easy weapon, but that´s only my preference, I´ve seen wasp working in PvE and PvP indeed !

And using any non-strafe movement part dramatically decreasing efficiency.

Here’s a great cheap wasp build, accessible level 17 for around 450c:

Bear’s shape and energy points are perfect for wasps compared to Growl, and we’ll uses a couple of large wheels ST for tonnage and tilting the build. +25% reputation of free decors and fuel barrel+tank are always included, on top of radio+ruby radar.
Waps are side-mounted behind cab, with APC bumpers on each side, which makes the fragile weapons well-protected.

Waps are very fragile and require a particular playstyle. Attack and you’ll deal huge damage, get attacked and you are done. It’s all or nothing! Stay with your team, stay discreet, don’t stay still too long at once.

On PvE (incursion, normal raids), remove the fuel tank and barrel, use the bots as target practice for PvP. Enjoy the new build-in visor, and shoot alternatively the 2 and 1 waps. Pick-up some ammos from time to time, don’t aggro the bots (stay away, let them come to your teammates or the objectives), and you should be good! Bosses should not last long if you land your devastating shots.

This build can complete the “use a normal cab, lunatic weapons, rocket launcher” Battle-Passes challenges.

Hello !
I made this melee build to cover several aspect of the game. First of all it’s a popular and efficient playstyle at 5K PS, since probably there’s not much sturdy tracks or fast dodging hovers at that PS bracket.

Second, it does several BP challenges as it has melee weapons, lunatic weapons, light cabin, and most important, invisibility and fire.

Third, it should be able to participate to the melee brawls, although queues seems long and matchmaking doesn’t exist.

Overall a compete and efficient low-Ps melee build with good BP challenges use. That build should cover all the melee part and will save you quite some blueprint slots !