Efficient, Accessible and Budget builds ("EAB" tag)

A bit like my aggressor specter for raids mainly ?

There’s pros and cons about that setup. As usual it’s a matter of choice between protection and fire-angle.
I’m curious about your build, and the corner protections, can you share it with us ?


Also, you see them vertically in higher PS builds because the builds are bigger, so there’s more surface area to block.

Down low, you can easily have competitive builds that are only 6 blocks high (not counting wheels/ground clearane and exposed weapons).

I have a couple of higher PS builds that are 10 blocks high.

Fair enough… and you’re right. That being said, I have found when I build like this, it keeps me a little more aware of what’s going on. I’m watching my flanks more. Regardless of how your guns are firing, that’s a good thing. I used to make all my builds fire 360 degrees… found the benefit of firing 360 is outweighed by having the rear & flanks of my guns partially protected. At least… that’s true in PVP.

In PVE, pretty much everything fires 360.

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I can’t understand if it falls into “spaced armour” category or not :thinking:

When i build with my guns able to see 300°+, it keeps me a little more aware of whats going on as well. But when its time to retreat because the enemy team is coming en masse to back up the gun i stripped in a 1v1, i can retreat full speeed while still stripping guns off the enemy. On PS, we have a term called a “death roll”, where you and the enemy are circling each other because your weapons face frontally, so you end up circling one another shooting whatever you have til youre dead. If i get up near you in a frontal firing vehicle like these, you are forced into a death roll, while i can maneuver and dodge your aim any way on the compass while still fully blasting your weapons with all of mine. If i circle around you, i fight 50% of your firepower while i fight you with 100% of mine. That goes back to your more awareness thing, sure. But if i choose to get that close, ive already isolated you or i wouldnt be there just to kill you and die to 2 other people waylaying me.

I call this little gladiator. All parts used are engineers 17 and under, and basic factions parts (lunatics, nomads, scavengers) level 5 and under. 10 total rare parts, including wheels, which is a realistic number of parts to have at level 17. 55 parts, so under the 62 part limit of level 16.

Guns with diagonal shields to use as cover as you advance or if youre catching too much fire or on overheat or to catch say a junkbow blast before you rotate and resume fire. Firing angles at an estimated 300°. ‘Bumper catch’ and ‘Running board’ parts used in front of the guns, as they are the earliest half block armor in the game which provide a tad more effective durability for your guns while not limiting your firing angles at all (shown in picture). Guns placed on cab, with the other two on two different shoot through parts for redundancy.

My first ten matches i went 9-1 with 8 MVPs. (The one losing match i had a 1200 and 1700 PS -_-)

I own a $4000 gaming rig setup complete with a curved screen with 1ms response, 240 Hz, connected with Display Port 2.0 (no scrub HDMI for me), Sennheiser 660HDs audiophile quality headphones powered by a dedicated DAC, a Razer mouse for RTS games, a Razer mouse for FPS, Razer keyboard, a Razer gaming keyboard pad when i feel like it, a 3 button footpedal for inputting commands such as jump, crouch and reload with my feet. I play all games on ultra settings with no FPS drop.

But yea, sorry my PS4 doesnt have a upload this picture to the internet button.

Pretty nice, but I’m just afraid that the vectors are a bit too exposed and get destroyed too quickly…

PS isn’t high so it might work well

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I have been referring new players (ones that obviously just started by the questions in chat) to this thread.

No idea if they are coming to use it, but I do let them know this resource is here. I really appreciate your work and effort on this thread, I used some builds from it during my recent “new player” experience test.


Hi guys, here is a cheap melee-shotgun just out of the oven!
520c, fully equipped radio radar barrel and tank, air conditioning, decoration
it’s going pretty fast, it works pretty well and it’s fun ^^

That’s it for today, see you around ! :slight_smile:


Anything new lately Charlie?


Sorry Charlie, for giving you grief over your handling of that monkey business. It was inappropriate. I should have just shut my mouth and let you do your thing, confident that you would handle it with your usual competence and grace. I had no reason to doubt you would handle it any other way.


Actually I am still building and playing the free time I have for new players, and I am reworking the hard raid build I made here Efficient, Accessible and Budget builds ("EAB" tag) - #208 by 145971359

Now I am basically using Quantum instead of aggressor, as quantum has better stats with a reasonable speed and price. In fact I think it is the best first epic cabin for beginners, and is very versatile as long as we ignore the perk. It is light, compact, fast for a medium cab, cheap and with good mass limit.

As I did back in the days, I got Quantum as first cab and used it for pretty much everything.

Anyway this cab allows to make a more durable build than with aggressor, which is important for new players to start hard raids.

Here it is :

The build can also do pvp hence the fuel tank and barrel, that we cab remove for raids, although I can say for being my main raid build since a week that they don’t have any issues on both mode.

On pvp I recommend to be afar and behind the team as spectres are precise and with good damage, but fragile.

This build is made to be the best cheap hard raid build in long term (best balance durability damage and price), with decorations and accessible parts as always, and until the players has legendary weapons like retchers for hard raids.

What do you guys think about it ? It’s not yet in exhibition, I’ll let you know when it is

EDIT : here it is ! Reddit - Dive into anything


Good to see you building again!

I also did a massive 9k building project before the new patch to get people ready for mini-CWs.

I have been in the #1 builder spot for weeks now :slight_smile:

It was a ton of fun helping the community and having a building project at the same time.

Hi guys, it’s been a while, although I didn’t stop building EAB cars too much

I’ve made just right now this vector growl build :

It’s the most Crossout low PS build in my opinion ^^ Using ampere for this one.

And of course I made an armored aircraft :

This one already had some success this last 7 days.

Enjoy ! Both are pretty good for their budget et parts, I use them often at the moment in pvp.

See you soon !


Hi guys,

I’ve updated many builds, you can see some of them and their specificity here on reddit or simply on my exhibition.

One goal is to have all needed builds for game-modes and challenges in one exhibition.
Let me know what you think of it !


did you bring cigs?

same here, I want that whole pack (love building professional military builds)

Hi Guys just hoping here to present my EAB Valentine build !

It’s an EAB build with Valentine themed cosmetics.

I don’t post here often those days but I’m still building EAB builds. Some got quite a success ! Feel free to check them

I hope you enjoy those builds and have a good day !


@Charlie9204_XO Could you ask if we could get more of those ribbon causes stickers?