Enjoy your NOT lighters

Hello ladies , how does it feel to get scammed of 1 week of challenges?
Remember that for next season.
Best regards

I’m pretty sure there was a topic about that and it was resolved.

yes and absolutely nothing was solved , it was 1 month ago , so i post a similar thread for my beloved wastelanders
since nothing was solved in 1 month it s voluntary , hence a scam.

“Solved” was the thing that that discrepancy was a mistake or something. I mean, yeah, it’s a scam for us but we resolved the mystery of it.

an official statement has been made in VK , so if you thought you had 6 remaining weeklies ,and made your lighters calculations based on that is in fact … “a bug”
Of course what else could it be : the game displays remaining tasks that are owed to you but no it s your fault so YOU will have to pay for it if you needed a couple more lighters for an item.
translation of the reply : “Vladimir, the tasks were added with a margin in case of unforeseen circumstances (for example, the extension of the season). The fact that these tasks are displayed in the interface is a bug that we will fix.”

Yeah, it still falls into a “scam” category. We already know that. That was my point.

VK and the Russian Forum are pretty much the only real source of info now.

This forum and Reddit are a joke.

we re just wallets to them , and you don t ask if a wallet is happy or not , just just gage how much you can milk it , like a cow , and when old and dried up you dump it.
but overall when i see the “quality” and the intellectualism of most posts i see here i would tend to understand them.
useless rants of oxygen depraved braindead autists mostly

Based on the season counter alone, I was expecting the season to end on 8 June, but I didn’t check the season launch news post, which states that it actually is 7 June. So the maximum amount of lighters with the basic BP is 1460, and not 1550, like the season counter would suggest until 20 April - when it was corrected by deducting 1 day. Here’s my post from two weeks ago:

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I knew we already cleared this up in another post.

I just could not remember which one.

Thank you for posting the link for everyone.

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I think that people who do not expect this kind of stuff should really learn to expect this kind of stuff from Crossout

I already did my own maths at the start of the season and figured out that if you only buy the basic battle pass you will most likely not be able to craft 3 nothungs because people need to remember that the number 1 priority in this game is to get people to spend money because they are forced to for whatever reason, not to accomodate the players at every chance. I went into the battle pass with the intention of 3 sucknirs and 4 sleipnirs and the cabins being what I want out of it, so I am good since those are what I could get out even if some no more lighters4u fun stuff happened.

Which I was expecting fully well to happen, looking at how little you could grind the “unlimited” parts at the end of the mini battlepasses unless you once again wanted to buy levels and pump in money.

It’s always about the money. Do the maths, expect to be swindled and scammed as the norm rather than things being made with utmost player enjoyment in mind.