Event crafting gone awry

Publishers & Developers, Please stop using past “event only items” used to craft new event weapons & or components . Want to build discord amongst the troops? well this is a perfect way to do it.


Personally I will not cater to this new business practice. Sure if the items are a reasonable choice to craft and not the ghosts of events past I would spend the extra $$ & support the cause. But not on those radical demands. Enough already don’t kill the game .

I don’t mind them, as it makes the workpieces I’ve been hoarding suddenly profitable.
I should be able to finance some purchases I’ve wanted for a while thanks to the new recipes.

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It bothers me too, I wouldn’t mind if there were better ways to foresee what to buy into like like a weather forecast but current method isn’t that great if there is one at all. Beyond that I really just want to be able to craft things when I want to craft things.


I agree it would be nice to be able to craft everything, but I think we have to accept that the F2P business model demands that some items only enter the game through real money.
As long as we can buy things on the market, it doesn’t bother me that much.

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That would be true for pack items… but the problem are those limited edition event items that could be crafted by everyone during the event and can’t be obtained now. If at least they were in packs, you would have a point but that’s not even the case. Stillwind’s ridiculous price is because NOONE in the game can obtain it aside from the market.

I was kind of excluding them from what I was saying I mostly meant parts from awakening and prior bps… Rather then pack exclusives.

The problem I see with pack only items being used are the restrictions to the one time only purchase of a pack. Not that I have loads of cash to throw away…

Aren’t most of this BP only items craftable after the event through workpieces?
That’s what I was referring to. Although I have already used a lot of those workpieces, so I may not be able to profit as much from this.

You can now purchase them multiple time via crosscoins from what I hear. I haven’t tried though so take that as word of mouth.

I didn’t see any workpieces offered for the event? They are using workpieces from previous events though.

That’s what I meant: I have tons of unused workpieces from previous events, which I often save for moments like this.


Even then some of them are hard to manage as they sometimes depend on a secondary workpiece.

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And that’s why I hoard them!

But even if you only have workpieces for the lower level parts, those parts often surge in value too. And if you are missing the lower tier parts, it can still be profitable to buy those parts if you have the workpiece for the higher tier part.

I get the opportunism of the process but it’s just not fun to me. I do much the same with I use them really carefully. I just don’t think it should be like this in a sandbox game.

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I agree it would be more fun for me too, but I accept that any F2P game is going to have some artificial scarcity to motivate people to spend real money.
It’s not ideal, but it’s baked into the model to some extent.

At least there aren’t any true paywalls in Crossout.

That’s why I keep saying you could limit them to badges and @ZERGOR just suggested they could be randomly added at level. I just don’t think it should be as bad as it is right now in terms of scarcity. Some of the stuff you can’t even buy at times even if you have the coin for it. To me that’s just not good for a game.

Athena crafting recipe?


Edits: for basic corrections…

@Poony4u fixed the response on this to be more correct.

Badges or level ups would be good for player retention, but wouldn’t motivate them to spend money.
Now there is an argument to be made that they should focus more on player retention than monetization, but their accountants might not share that view.

And even things like Athena don’t count as paywalled, as it is still possible to buy them on the market.

Don’t get me wrong: I wish Crossout wasn’t a F2P game, and would gladly buy it for $80 if that meant they got rid of all their other monetization tactics. But I just don’t see that as a realistic option (especially with Gaijin as publisher).

See I would argue that it was effectively pay-walled via demand during the crafting event. Meaning in such the portions of the recipe were rendered unavailable.

Most of the other stuff I would agree with you with.

I would only use the word paywall for items that players can only buy with real cash.
If it’s available on the market, it’s not paywalled, no matter how much it costs on the market.