Every bot I could find with a radar of some kind

For reference I did this for about half an hour, the spectate option in custom games was messing up and wouldn;'t let me freely spectates so I had to do it the old fashioned way.

To begin with I’ll show an example of a bot without any radar, this image below shows a bot without a radar, you can see this via the minimap personal radar distance:

Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 12.05.45

I was half way through when I realised my minimap scale is only on 1.5 but you can still tell when a bot has a large radar as the ring is outside of my current minimap size.

I did go from lower PS to higher but these are in no real order:

Now I’m not perfect and there way be some overlap.

I would have also missed many bot varients as they are chosen at random event though I did 0-4500PS, 4500-9000PS, 9000-15000PS and 12500-20000PS.

Some have regular 0 energy radars, some have detectors and some have verifiers

In the wise words of Red_shift


That’s a lot of work to prove someone wrong.

But yeah i can’t imagine how he got to that conclusion. Other than maybe him only seeing the bots left at the end of a match, sitting on a base not doing anything because they’re blind without radar.


Worth every moment


I read the other thread and was like “man if I was younger I’d 100% be in custom games taking screenshots out of spite rn” :joy:



I stand corrected, and thank you for doing the research :wink:

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Sit corrected


Yes sitting would be more comfortable than standing.
I commend you on your effort, the fact to spectate bot’s radar radius never occurred to me.
I only acted on what i knew, that i never saw radars on bots.
Paradigm shifts are not new to me and i actually welcome them, so thank you again for your effort.

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Well remember all it takes is for one of those bots or a player to have a radar too. It would be very rare for an entire team to not have at least 1 radar

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It’s all AI generated! Ty for spending the time. Any other person that thinks they don’t have radar may now be pointed here.

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Your eating of the crow is apology enough for me.

M420 the real MVP of the day xD

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So i just watched the last bot on my team chase around the last player on the enemy team across the map for 2 minutes, the bot had no radar, yes i checked the radar radius on minimap, and the bot always knew where the enemy player was.
Looks like i was right after all.

source: bro trust me

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It would have had line of sight then. They will keep going in that direction for a bit when line of sight is broken, and then pick up the scent again when it catches a glimpse.

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bots have built in radar,its not like our radar,bots know where you are on any point on the map.
shoot the radar off a bot chasing a heli,see if it stops chasing them.
those radars are just for show so you craft them.
just a theory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your example only proves the line of sight theory due to helis being in the open sky most of the time

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buildings,bridges ect don’t stop them.
they only way they stop chasing you is de-gun them and they go to cap after.
or if no one aggros them,they will continue chasing you.

why don’t we see bot helicopters?

and how far can you see with no radar?

bots don’t have eyes. it’s just built in radar other wise they would just sit there,no fun in that .

Because they never programmed any

Don’t you ever successfully hide from bots?
I only started playing patrol this year, but you quickly learn how to shake them if you play that mode much. Breaking line of sight for enough time will shake them, even if no one attacks them.

I think what people are seeing is that the bot line of sight is quite long compared to human line of sight. So in some ways, they do have built in radar, but will perform much differently if they have a detector, or if a teammate has a detector feeding them map info.

i’m just saying they are bots programed to attack the enemy,thus they really don’t have radar,they are programed.

The discussion is about how they can “see” the enemy, and how radar and radar detectors impact that.
It is easy to see how differently bots behave when there is a radar detector providing map info.