Faction Armor Rework

I’m personally very excited about the armor rework with resistances added to different factions.

It is going to make building more complex.

But it just hit me… because different factions will have different resistance bonuses it will become
More important to have different faction armor in different areas of your builds. And also adjust armor based on the meta.

Now this will not mater to meta builders, but to Art builders that like to play their builds in game will be punished because they will not put the right parts in the right places because of the resistance but because of look.

If you thought art builds where at a disadvantage before… well…



Moot point. The resistances are gonna be negligible to most armor pieces. The ones that will truly matter will be bumpers (as all armor pieces are 138 or less durability). I believe the highest single resistance was 14%. 14% of 138 is 19 extra durability. 14% for a frieght train plow is a different story.

As far as art builds getting screwed, they chose their path already. Anesthetic builders A) wont care and B) wont notice a huge difference just like the rest of us


I’m actually excited about how it applies to art builds.
For the most part, I can swap in different faction parts of similar size on my generic car-that-looks-like-a-car skeleton. So if certain builds are more vulnerable to certain weapons, I can optimize.

When making art builds, I still think about optimization, and that’s a big part of the fun. But sometimes it’s about wanting to use certain front ends or fenders, and figuring out how to use them in a way that doesn’t handicap me too much.

I fuse stuff for less of a bonus. 14% is a lot.
This 14% is going to mater with the new way canons calculate bullet damage.

Even if the armor only stops the shell one pin early before the explosion it is an advantage.

People will mini-max armor, and others will not be able to figure it out, so they will download good builds like always.

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Art builds won’t be affected, because their principal goal is how it looks.

I’m very sceptical about armour rework .

Probably because their are a small team ( i assume they are)
Binding the rework to different factions makes no sense and will be a mistake.
the parts should be divided in categories not by faction.

e.g. Plows
they are the highest durable parts there is.
But because they belong to different factions they will have different resistances, and they will crack under different types of weapons.

e.g. 2

also makes no sense that steppenwolf and scavengers parts, some, very similar in weight, durability, not only will have different behaviours but also will be second best to bullet damage to nomads parts. which always was a middle of the road /inferior part.

IMO, the rework should be based in what type of parts we are talking about (according to mass, durability, and so on) and not by faction.

In fact, the placement of the different armours plays a very minor role, as the protection depends mainly on the weapons carried by the opponent, and we can ignore the consequences of the different placement of the armours

It should be possible to find armour in light armour that is resistant to each of the four types of damage, and heavy armour as well, rather than all light armour being good only against bullets and all heavy armour being good only against explosions

Also, the damage type of the game is not enough, and we may need to add new damage if we want to remember the role, but there is no rush, the first problem is the warhead

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And i agree, but according to the number of resistances they want to do.

Nomads parts have 10 against bullet damage and steppenwolf and Scavengers parts have 7 or something like that and 0 against energy weapons.

And they will change the damage and penetration from 2 m to 3 m (bullets and shells)

I don’t know where this all will end.

Only the childrens of Dawn will have max resistance to energy weapons.

Man, unless there will be mirrors , a slab of stained steel will trump or should trump all the other parts in resistance…just saying

Mostly that, I think.

Art builds have no business in Clan Wars, IMO, so if we are talking about PVP, then I don’t expect anything to really change how messed up that mode is. The META will change. That’s it. People who didn’t use it before still won’t. Art-builds are already at a disadvantage, and we don’t care…unless they found a way to make META pretty, otherwise the game is the same; Art-build in a field of attempts at the META, some better than others.

I don’t think these changes mean that much, but if they did, I think that’d be great. From an art-builders perspective, the challenge seems interesting. I’ve wanted the factions to carry more relevance in this game for a long time, and wished it meant more to build according to faction themes. If there is a different, but equivalent, passive “perk” to be gained from building along a particular factions inventory, then that sounds appealing to exploit artistically to me.

I am curious to see what happens. Sure seems complicated for a game, though. Seems like they don’t need anymore fires to put out either, so I hope it goes well. They know what they’re doing, right? What could possibly go wrong?

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Fly, you fools ©


Well, I kind of agree.

True art will not be affected, but “Functional” art builds will.

Agreed, but now that means they will even be at a bigger disadvantage. But I guess that kind of player don’t care.

I’m all for the change and anything that makes the Meta better.

But if I was an art builder I would be pissed (I guess that’s the min-max in me that just can’t understand, oh well.)

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Ditto both…

As someone who often logs in, builds for an hour, runs a couple of matches, then logs out, changing stuff doesn’t really rock my boat that much. It must means I’ll be toying with the new mechanics & rebuilding everything… which I’d be doing anyhow. :man_shrugging:

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That currently isn’t a thing (as far as I can tell), but I’d welcome it if it was. Anything that increases immersion is a good thing, IMO. I’ve said it before; I play this game for escape, not wins or prestige.

I’ll be one of the first and fullest to explore the depths of faction builds, and I will see what that means, if it means anything at all. You probably will too, Monkey, as you are sort of my opposite concerning this dynamic. I am looking forward to seeing what you learn from this update, and I think you should post more on the “show us your builds” thread…I think your builds are META-ugly, but the science of it is very interesting to me, and I often borrow from the ideology to make my own things work…and I’m probably a little drunk for personal reasons (my health is giving me issues that I’m fixing with delicious whiskey, because phuk doctors). Soon maybe, I’ll be done with this schit (life, good riddance), but I doubt it.

Anyway, I think the developers want a better game, just like the rest of us, and I applaud their efforts. I’m looking forward to the change…any change, really.

That’s what a soldier sounds like, I think. The military is a lot about exploiting weakness, and I can’t imagine that being an easy habit to kick once it has been experienced. It’s a trained coping mechanism (always cheat, always win)…otherwise you probably wouldn’t be here, friend.

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Like what i do, the Art of eating cannon shots in the face and rip off their face. :slight_smile: :joy:

It is on Xbox.

In the builder community, anything that looks awesome and at least works in combat, we would call a Functional Art build.

It maybe a term you guys don’t use, but I would say most of what I have seen if your builds fall in this group.

On Xbox a true “Art Build” does not even need weapons, or wheels, or anything a combat car would have.

So basically, “Functional” in this car just means they work in battle. They don’t need to work well :slight_smile: but some do.


True sir, I can’t turn it off :slight_smile:

Also I realized my spelling/Autocorrect error.

I meant Functional Art Build.

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I just wish that the Steppenwolf’s armor pieces came with some blast/bullet resistance for being so heavy and low HP for their weight!

No lie… both of these are fully functional art builds, and I absolutely love bringing them into battles. It’s one thing to win in a meta-build. It’s quite another to win in a giant puppy wiping his butt on the ground.

4 fused pyres, Omnibox, Flywheel, Cheetah…

Kapkan, 2 Grenadiers, Fuze, Beholder, Chameleon, Doppler…

These will not be rebuilt - no matter the armor rework (unless mass changes).