Failed weapons

What do you guys consider as failed / flawed weapons? Stuff that tries to do something, but does not do it, or stuff that is fundamentally flawed or simply does not work. You can expand it to modules, cabins and so on as well if you feel like it. I’ll get the ball rolling with a very obvious one

The vulture
It does not know if it wants to be a flying drone, or a floating mine, and fails to do either of those things. Poor damage and even if it has stealth, it hardly is any kind of a threat, even if it attached to you. You can’t spam them around enough per weapon to properly trap any areas, and you can’t really throw them into the middle of combat either hoping to get much done. To even begin to be useful as it is now, I believe that you should be able to shoot two of them per gun, just like a Jubokko, and they should have way more staying power and last a lot longer after being deployed, even if that would come at the cost of damage. The “drilling” part of the drone is absolutely useless, I have never seen it help at all and I have been trying to make these things work so much. Even on builds that use them, instead of feeling like a main weapon, it just feels like a secondary afterthought, and a very poor one, even 1 Yaoguai is more useful than 2 vultures, in fact anything 2 is better than 2 vultures no matter what the build.


All of the “special” blue cabins. The only thing any of them are great at is making them into something else.

Edit: I agree on the vultures, they suck bad and have since introduction.


Lancelot’s. I can’t put it into words but they just fall short. Considering the special variant Boomstick doesn’t inflict self-damage (like the lance does) and can be mounted in better ways than the lance can be, plus they can be seen while in stealth mode…I just think they fail.


Failed Weapons:

Definitely Vulture. It doesn’t do much damage and it only has 8 or 16 shots. The ammo count on Vulture really offends me. If I am playing a catapult I want to spam some shots.

How about the Aspect. I cannot get this gun to do over 2000 on the damage meter. This gun isn’t the worst though. It only takes 1 cooler/radiator, and you can use that to add DPS with a Trombone if you want. Also, the gun is pinpoint accurate hitscan, so you can surgically remove guns you don’t like.

The Assembler. This gun is one of the most challenging to use, and in return it is probably the weakest legendary with the least durability. Assemblers are bad.

The Pulsar. What do these do? The hitbox is huge and the bullets are slow and don’t have obscene pop to make up for it. Every time I play Pulsars I wish I was on Waltz or Locust. They fly faster, are harder to see, Waltz hits harder, and they both reload about twice as fast.

The Draco. These used to be the best. Now, they can’t burn any hovers because Icarus VII is too high off the ground now. The price reflects this.

The Parser. Another former best gun in the game is now nerfed into the ground so that it doesn’t do anything anymore.

The Nidhogg. These guns have horrible range, are easy to shoot off, and need to be on builds too slow to run down a hover.

The Harvester. These have 500 durability and they tend to be shot off before an opponent is ever reached. Even if you do make it to an opponent, you may lose the Harvester through explosion damage from destroying generators and ammo packs.


Mkay. Given I assume PvP part of the game is meaningful one.

About 30% of them.

  1. Everything lower than teal is weak enough and I don’t care for them the slightest. Maybe sledgehammer is the best one and maybe white/blue cannons are bad, I dunno.
  2. Teal:
    2a. All three cannons, Median especially. Too much power consume, and the overall output is too low.
    2b. Tempura. Something you have to be precise with, which Boom and Buzzsaw do not require.
    2c. All three drones because you know how weak drones are. They are fun but weak.
  3. Purple:
    3a. Tackler is too weak, Equaliser and Gungnir are too fragile, Caucasus is too weak, fragile, and heavy.
    3b. Arothron. I don’t know how this weapons is supposed to work, but right at the precise range and never closer is not a good feature.
    3c. Joule is too weak and fragile, expecially for a buy-only weapon. You literally has to be a sneeky cowardly hover and move constantly to not lose its only bonus.
    3d. Fat Man. Not a good cannon. Its bonus is terrible. Try it on Deadman with Flywheel and there will be no difference.
    3e. Most rocket launchers are too fragile, especially Flute. Rockets and missiles are in bad shape, with the exception of Snowfall and Trombone.
    3f. Impulse barely passes but just barely. Its attack rate is slow, it requires pinpoint accuracy at all times, its explosion radius is small.
    3g. Both Quasar and Blockchain are too big and slow, be that rotation speed or projectile velocity.
    3h. All crossbows are too big. Toadfish goes in there. It’s their minus. We can’t have smaller 3x3 version of crossbow shooting rebars or nine inch nails, can we? Phoenix is a disgrace as well.
    3i. Actually there are some good drones, giving their overall shape. But some others don’t. Owl, Fuze, Anaconda and Yaoguai are not good here.
    3j. Astraeus. I wasn’t pleased with that weapon back when it came out and I don’t see it doing being better now.
  4. Yellow:
    4a. Vindicator and Aspect are weak.
    4b. Parser has been nerfed six below. Nidhogg is sort of good but not good against erratic movements.
    4c. For a legendary weapon, Mammoth and Tsunami don’t feel like it. They are certainly better than their purple counterparts, but still not something I’d be feeling safe with.
    4d. Hurricane. Literally a crap weapon.
    4e. Retcher. Ha-ha, got you. No, it’s Pulsar, which suffers from the same drawbacks as Quasar does, and Assembler, which is the weakest legendary ATM.
    4f. Toadfish I already mentioned before and Harvester is just as big. And fragile. I mean, come on, it’s not a complicated mechanism. It’s mostly steel. It should have around 800 durability. You can slap on a Mauler instead and get better results.
    4g. Draco is bad since it’s semi-stationary. You have to turn your whole car for that. So you either have Omni/Hovers/Legs, or this weapon doesn’t do it.
    4h. Vulture is weak. Surprisingly, Annihilator lives up to its name.
    4i. Kaiju is a big sniper rifle, with terrible reload and rotation speed. If you hit with it, you can kill the enemy with just one barrage. But mostly you don’t hit, you get evaporated.
  5. Orange:
    5a. Typhoon, similar to Tsunami. That’s all.
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I think almost any weapon can work, if you put in the time to learn it, build smart, and stick to the appropriate PS range.
Some are a lot more challenging for sure, but that’s what keeps the game interesting for me. The satisfaction I get from playing a good match with phoenixes is far greater than what I get from an MVP using ‘good’ weapons.

To each their own.

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I agree with

I agree it’s crap compared to Yaoguai or Jubboko, but I think the design leaves no room for it to be good. It’s an invisible mine. If it was good it’d ruin PvP. Buffing its activation time could make it more versatile without ruining the game, I guess.

It suffers compared to the Pyre from the staggered volley, and inability to bait cloaks with a single missile. The vague upsides aren’t really worth the trouble and PS increase.

I played them after release and the initial nerfs to what was once a broken gun. Nowadays it’s pitiful. With the cannons rework, it just doesn’t hit half as hard as it used to. Most canons now have a 3m+ blast radius, and compared to Quasar, it mostly offers… better durability.
I think it’d be cool if it reloaded slightly faster, since it comes with tons of ammo.

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Agreed :100:

I’ve been successful with just about every weapon in my inventory - even if I don’t enjoy playing them.

A key example is the Assembler. It’s a fantastic sniper weapon if you use the module/cab/wheel synergies. It’s also the only sniper weapon (that I know of) that can be used to defend yourself at close range.

One I’ve never been able to be very successful with is the Vulture. That thing sucks. It takes what’s terrible about drones (they’re easy to kill before activation) and adds very low damage.

To make the other crappy weapons work, you have to play them at the appropriate powerscore and LEARN how to use them effectively. You can’t just slap on some Assemblers and go do well with them. It takes practice. I get MVP with mine on a regular basis. If the weapon was failed or significantly flawed, that wouldn’t happen. I hate using it, though, so I only do so for the daily.

You also can’t expect to slap some blue weapons on a 12k build & blame the weapon for your poor performance.

All of the weapons are flawed… the only ones I think are absolutely failed are the Vulture and Ripper. I’ve never seen them used well. Ever.

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I’ve actually been doing ok with two vultures and a Yaoguai.
Triple yaoguai is strong, but so many people are running MGs and miniguns at that PS that your drones get shot down too quick.

I put them on separate triggers usually so that I can use them to block escape routes from the original attack, or pile on when one finds a target.

Definitely not OP, but I’ve got enough MVPs with vultures to keep playing them.


I thought this post was about failed items that never worked or made sense when they were introduced until now?

If not, Large Wheels (tractor tires). they used to be on every build until bigfoots came out. now you never ever see them even though they have the height everyone is oooing and awing over.

That’s what I do, too… I still can’t get them to work well.


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Your Yaoguai is doing all the lifting. I am working on the vulture banner now. I would say I get average 300 points in a win if there isn’t any capping. (and Im hitting caps if they exist!)

Yes I mvp with them sometimes. But if a monkey hammers on a type writer long enough… :poop:

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Hey, I didn’t say they’re good, but the more I play them the better I do with them.
If enemies have their weapons up top, they often attach to them and remove them. Or even better, generators mounted high behind the cabin.
Luck is still a big part, but that are playable if you put in some time.

I feel like the TOW missile got indirectly nerfed pretty hard. The first nerf was the co-driver change, and the second was when car wreckages remained on the map.


We will have to disagree on these for now. If Vultures had a second shot or persisted throughout the game it would be different I think.
As they are now, they get shot down just as much as ones that arent stealth. Players > drones at higher levels lol.

Truth. There used to be a real bonus to their big slow shots… a hit would disintegrate a build. but now… they just get shot off while reloading.

Joule is borderline op. I have 3 and they --. I pulled a 1v4 against 4 armed enemies who were fully capable of pinning and killing me in a 1v1. They dont care about range, they will blind the shit out of anybody with all the gfx put on target, they do not care about spaced armor, they just about exceed everything else in overheat time, and you can freely tap fire them/strike from cloak without needing to get a perk rolling like with arb/spectre/gungnir. I’ve btfo’d so many MG players with them. They cannot compete with 600 damage thrown at them in two seconds by an autocannon that turns like an MG at 200m.

Most of the problem with weapon fragility are omamories and destructors. Those two things are so fuggin op at degunning.


I also have 3 of them and they are not OP. They are weak. Low durability and long barrel makes them harder to armour around. One precise hit and you’re done. Sniping the half-dead enemy from afar? Oh boy, half of weapons is OP by this criteria.

Show me all your fights with Joule against MG players and we’ll see how many of them were “1v1”, full builds.

Kindly prove your words about capability of your enemies in that particular fight. Even if you did kill them, which I’m positive is truth, and even if they were fully capable but you just so happen to show better skills… you might as well show me the reason why I should consider that a regular fight of yours (on Joule against overwhelming number of opponents), and not an exception.

Point is that hitscan cannot compete with autocannons at this, they have too much damage dropoff.

I don’t clip 1v1’s of me killing ppl by W keying them w/ dps guns, bloats my only drive. I do win most fights
so long as I do not take the low ground advantage by bumperhugging em, and as long as they dont have destructors.


That was literally as unimpressive a “1v4” as ive ever seen. Sorry dude, your sweaty palms were unwarranted.

I guess you didn’t prove your claim then.

As for video… you literally had stealth and radar against four half-blind players who never tried to do anything together. And the video starts with you destroying one of them so it was actually only someone with rockets( or whatever that was) out of three.

No, they weren’t capable of “pinning and killing you in a 1v1”. You have proved exactly opposite with your footage.