Features ideas

Post here your features ideas

Key/button layout tied to builds along with camera settings etc if wanted


Bedlam sd spam timeout, if you keep spawning and sd-ing too much in a row, with too short intervals, you can’t sd for X minutes. Resets if killed by another player.

There should never be rules in Bedlam.

This is not a game mode to sit around and relax in. It should be killing all the time. 100% free for all.

Devs dont read this forum. Explicitly.

I’m not sure they can read much of the internet right now unless it comes from Russian websites.

It was not the choice of the dev team to be cut out of the conversations.

World politics are very different now.

I’m kind of surprised Microsoft has not removed this game from their store.

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I run out of fuel in my boosters or get shot in my drift car in bedlam and self det, this would be painful to wait so long just to use my boosters again

numpad enter being unbound to chat, for lefthanders using the numpad.

Well what forum do they read then? i know its not the steam forum.

I know they use VK to make announcements. You can read about new stuff there a few days or so before the community managers transfer the message to other sites.

VK is officially supported by the Russian Government.

I never even heard of VK before the start of the “conflict”


Unless you set the SD the moment you spaw in into Bedlam, it would not effect you or any person playing normally.

It’d be purely to tone down the people who set SD right as they spawn in, shoot off homing missiles or mandrake or incinerators or any gun, or drive into any nearby player, sd before anyone can do anything, spawn back in, do the same thing.

Russia is not cut form Internet as of now (except couple specific sites) and Gaijin is Hungarian as far as I can remember. Specific location of programmers is not relevant.

yes its true, albeit many well known american social media sites are only accessible with a vpn.

i wonder for how long though, its not like they let any info in and most of what theyre contributing is fake news through social media trolls that gets eaten up by the feeble minded, like many in this forum.
then again, i dont really know if you can cut off a country from the internet.

I feel like China could if they really wanted to, but they know they depend on it at a government level so vpns will always work until they start only allowing citizens to have hardware that prohibits them

VPNs dont really work in China unless you are on specially approved corporate connection. Any VPN-like conenction is cut within 5 minutes or so.

A tazer drone for the forums. If you complain too much the drone comes to your house and tazes you.

The ability to choose to which active Bedlam room you want to wait to enter into, so you can avoid having to enter and exit repeatedly as you try to get to room1 instead of room2 because room2 is the Insert name of some pain in the anus player room

Can buy all hubcap

XO being expanded to MMO.

Either removing the jump pads from Bedlam or removing the invisible walls not allowing you to get up on top of things that were clearly intended to be gotten on top of with the jump pads, that we were able to get on top of in the past with the jump pads