Finally found a good use for the Huginn cab

Gremlin Omni build.

5 Gremlins, Speed fused cheetah, Kapkan, Cloak, Omamori. 0 coolers or radiators.

This thing is a tank, and powerful enough to shove around builds. If someone does manage to stop your movement, drop a kapkan and move away from them. All 5 Gremlins are on the omamori and they are placed on the right side of the cabin, protected by all fire from the left by the cabin. 3k durability with a freight plow, Gessan and Haraate guarding the right,exposed side of the guns. You could easily squeeze out 4500+ durability if you so choose. But the cab’s perk makes 5 gremlins a 5 shot burst (20 total shells) shotgun with very quick reload.

I use it with 8 omnis and it is still very responsive. The best part is with a speed fused cheetah and phobos, it goes 88 kph. The cheetah and cloak synergize as well for good feint ability, whereas golden eagle omni brawler builds have to wait a very long time for their cloak to come back and typically only get to use it once or twice per battle.

You could go medium cab and use a cooler, but the extra mass and power make this thing shine in its own right. Its finally a plus niche that takes advantage of all its upside without just being a slow, perma cooler version of a better build.


Gremlins do work well with that cabin, although the one fused one I have from the BP screws up the overheat cycle and doesn’t allow full use of the perk, so I’ve been running four gremlins at a lower PS and leaving my fused one in storage.

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I posted Gremlin builds as soon as I got this cabin. You must have missed it.

Also they are better at low PS

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shotguns in general are good with huggin , unless its one of those silly reload style


Still got the build? Im looking for inspiration to improve it. And i fully intend to use this as an antidog in CW. It already is an MVP machine at 12200 PS, and this is still a rough draft with slabs of armor thrown on helter skelter.

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Yeah, I’ve also had success with a thunderbolt build.

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It is not the kind of build you or I would play, it’s not a CW build.

When the cabin dropped I was trying to abuse the DPS at as low of PS as possible. And I was trying to release poison on the exhibition :slight_smile: for the low PS guys.

Also, after looking at an old screenshot I made it Goblins and not Gremlins. (Sorry for the confusion there)

You can get 5 goblins and the huggin cabin at 4699 PS and it does 3500 +/- on the damage ball.

That is straight cancer at 4699 PS

Post some gameplay & screeshot of the build(s)?

I’m always looking for a different… anything.

Big mistake
I use 3 fused shivers and 0 coolers with the Maquinist or Echo ( the last one is a place holder), it stutters a bit in the end of the 4 burst cycle just enough to notice.
I reckon with that cab your Gremlins will seem they fire constantly.
For a couple of months now i stopped using Seals in my SGs builds.

I’m gearing it towards CWs, which is why im opting for a kapkan. Fighting full dog teams with usually 2 booster breakers, 2 firebugs, there are gonna be times the decloak and catch me from the side. Drop the kapkan and move away from them, and blast them as they stay stationary. I’m also going to try it was a skinner as well tonight. But in the end, i can use that 2 energy for radiators/coolers if i need extra DPS. My PvP matches so far are showing me that coolers and radiators may not be necessary using this cabin.

Another feature about this build is that the omnis are the furthest out point by a decent margin. This stops the roofs of firedogs from putting me over tonnage and stopping my movement. I can strafe directly into one and push it like it’s not even there. Where most builds usually have parts that can get hung on the roof catch, they get put overtonnage and lose all power to move away from the dog. Combine my style of build with a kapkan, and they get stopped, shoved away, caught on the kapkan and then gremlined to death. Even though they started the battle on my side and thought it was a free lunch.

CW is a peculiar thing, outside what i normally am.

But in 10k/11k PVP you can rip off their faces of one or two with gremlins, even with ruptures.

to have overall better handling and to minimize entanglements and to avoid being pushed or deflected i have my gremlins sticking out of the build just a pin or two, this way not always the perk is activated but i feel i gain what i already wrote.

Is this low or mid CWs on PS?
I’m just wondering because this is not a thing on Xbox and I’m pretty sure it’s not a thing on PC for top 30.

If it works then it works, just looking for some info.

Also we had many booster breakers in PvP a few months ago.

Top end CWs. Its just a rock paper scissors thing. The guys rocking it either go fused 4 man puni, fused scorpions and mastodons, or full dog teams. Beat them on the punis, they go dogs usually. But yea, all of them have 3 or 4 fully fused relic builds and they keep you guessing round 1 or if you beat their choice round one.

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Here’s the quad gremlin thing I’ve been playing. I think I might have put it on the exhibition, but can’t check right now.


Edit: just realized the stats are wrong, because my curser was on a different build. It’s actually the build named Gremlin in the sidebar, and it’s only 8499 PS.
Much lower in PS and a lot more acceleration. The stats shown are actually for a different gremlin build, with five of them on four augers with Saviour. Similar concept, but a lot bigger.

Edit: I looked closer, and realized the photo is actually of the Saviour build after all. I guess I haven’t actually uploaded a photo of the other one! Guess I shouldn’t try to post quickly while I’m in between clients at work!

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Ok cool, it all sounds about the same.

I was confused by the booster breakers, thinking people might be running booster breaker teams on Play Station.

Those where popular a few months ago, I figure we got a few hanging around still but it’s not a “thing” on Xbox, if that makes sense.

They are used in top 10 on PS. Kami perk makes it more difficult for firebugs and harvester builds to catch them, so booster breakers are sometimes used to close that gap.


Completely understand that.

I think our META already went through that phase and has changed already.

It is cool to see the different META on different platforms and how they evolve differently.

Saviour + Gremlins? Feedback pls.

There’s a prototype of mine waiting for a Saviour cab not only for the perk but also for the form factor.

with that cab (perk aside) i hope to shorten the build in a few pins.

They’re buffing the heck out of BigFoot wheels, so that build will likely become much more usable after the update.

11+k seems awfully high PS for frontal shotguns, though.

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I’ve been trying all kinds of things with Saviour, but the slow speed makes it hard to utilize the perk.

Having said that, that build works OK at that PS. Mostly because people underestimate how much damage it can put out, and how much durability I’ve put in there. The augers help protect me a bit from fast close range builds, and allow me to push people pretty aggressively. And the strafing is essential for keeping victims in my crosshairs.

If you are considering Saviour, I would say it’s a lot better below 10kPS than above. But I would only use it with weapons that work with the perk.

Anyway, turns out the photo I posted earlier actually is the higher PS Saviour build.
This is the Muninn one I meant to post earlier: