Fix drones, or REMOVE them

drones take no skill!!!

please nerf all drones until they deal no damage!

drones should be made totally useless!!

this is the common thought that i see everywere, every time someone tries to talk about drones, or any “no skill” weapon those are the comments that pop up…

but now, nerf, after nerf, years of nerfs, drones finnally lay at “totally useless”

i used to use drones as seconday weapons, the way they were intended to, a cannon, and two turrets, or something similar;

drones themselves were always easy to beat, they always had severe downsides to them, such as being easy to destroy, having low durability, unable to target especific targets, unable to aim at weapons

there was a time that “drones” (actually a singular drone) was trully “overpowered” the sidekick was given a 200% damage boost, the change was quickly removed;

drones in general did have a low “skill floor” but they also had a low “skill celling” there was no way to get “better” whit them exept for “learning to build better” the exeption being turrets, which you could learn map possitioning, and put turrets at strategic points to be able to be more effective with them;

overally, drones were easy to “counter” there are several ways to do so…

but still, due to them being an “no skill” weapon, it got people to cry and cry, ignoring their severe flaws and the fact that they are bad weapons overally…

so now we are here

at this point, i almost never see drones, be it in PVP or PVE…

when i identify i drone player in my team, it just makes me want to quit the battle and report that user for “inactivity”, as 100% of the time, it results in our team to lose…

i can safelly ignore a “droner” in the enemy team, as the only thing it damages is the paint of my vehicle, gives us a free win, and i can just quicly ram the drones for easy free points, air drones? destroyed before even deploying them.

i believe, that no weapon should be “totally useless” no matter how much “skill” it requires, but at this point having a drone user in your team just feels like a liability…

so in this post, i won’t be proposing a “buff” in a way, but a FIX for drones, to make them actually not only require the so called “skill” but to also be “usefull” and “fun to play”

so starting:

new module/weapon proposal

“laser targeting system”

energy consumption: 1

when mounted on an armored vehicle, makes a lazer similar to flute’s, when the lazer is on an enemy target, it will increase the damage recieved by the target by 3% per second, up to 8% for regular weapons, and 15% to “no skill”(drones) weapons

with this proposal, there could be “more” than just “deploy, run” to the gameplay of regular wheel drones, and flying drones, and it could even be a good “support weapon” for other allies, you could even run a build that only uses them, and solelly help your teammates win the fight!

now lets look at individual drones:

wheel drones:

very low durability, extremelly low damage, will extremelly often run around and target multiple enemys, dealing almost no “effective damage” to a target, extremelly bad AI will make it ram into enemys and instantly get destroyed(even when not hitting a bumper)

a solution could be to make you able to “target” with those drones, like a caucasus, making you actually able to do damage to a singular enemy, + give it better driving AI so it avoids enemys instead of running right into them, giving them resistance to bullet damage could be good to, as just 3-5 shoots from a spectre, can just instantly destroy it, while not making it invisinble to canons;

grenadier has been nerfed so much, it can’t keep up with your own armored vehicle, has extremelly short range, and the accuracy makes so it will miss even the biggest of builds


same thing as the sidekick, but increase accuracy, no need to reduce damage as their damage is already complete garbage where it is.


i don’t know where to start, this thing is just horrible, has always been horrible, and will probrally remain horrible if a complete rework of it is not done, the AI of the drone just stinks, when deployed, it will remain 2-4 seconds without doing literally anything, then it will find a “target” and it MUST be in your minimap for it to “see it” then it will run to the closest target, ram it (not explode) and then after some mileseconds, it explodes, sometimes it even explodes when an enemy is far from it!!! it still uses the old explosion mechanic, but it’s extremelly bad AI low base damage, low amunition, long reload, inability to deploy more than 1 or start reloading while one is active, slot machine targetting, is not worth doing the same damage to all parts in the radius of the explosion…

missile drones:

they take extremelyl long to reload after firing, the missile is slow, the hitbox is massive, the missile will often hit the ground, and it only deals exactly 101 damage per shot (both of them) probrally still using the old blast mechanics, horrible missile turning,4 energy consumption, still not worth it using even with dealing the same damage on all parts of the blast radius, nor due the fact that the missile can change target mid-flight if it loses it’s current.

for the flying drone, increasing the damage by 50 points, and increasing durability due to it’s size and giving it targetting capabilitys could be good, for the turret you could “maybe” double it’s damage per hit, as of now you can mostly just ignore them.

module based flying drones:

they are horrible, they won’t even deal damage, instantly destroyed by any weapon as soon as they are deployed, they are huge, and fly right above you without moving at all, all of this while having less than 50 points of health;


increase durability OR make them constantly move around like annhilators do, as of now they get destroyed too fast to even deal any damage to targets


currently in a “good place” deals enought damage, while you need to aim and strategy where, and when to place them, low durability, but small hitbox makes so it survives enought;


in a “good place” can currently work as a “side support weapon” like the developers intended to drones originally be;


i don’t know what to change without breaking them, they require enought skill to be used “in a good way” you won’t have a lot of sucess with them by just randomly dumping them.


remove from the game, the is no fix for this atrocity.

what do you think about this post? what would you do to “fix” the drones?

Limit them to 1 per vehicle and buff them.


remove them from the game then

My Drone Boat.

Just 5 minutes ago. It wasn’t easy, but there it is.

Drones are not really a problem, people being to dumb to shoot the drones are a problem.


But I thought the Interceptor module was already released…


There is also too many counters against drones. Speed, modules, cabins etc… What happened if we got same amount counters to manual aiming weapon? Im cutious to know.


Screw those people. Dronemoms are the easiest targers out there.

Also, we need the names for those upcoming vehicular combat gaemz. If you were telling the truth about them, that is :expressionless:

This is BS, all weapons should be viable without restrictions.

Drones originally got nerfed so much because drones were the Rock to Range Scissors. Then the camping range guys complained because people would go behind them and drop turrets/drones and run and they would die.

But this was at a time before hovers, range guys can move super fast now.

Also in the above example I would have to argue that the range guy didn’t have any map awareness (aka skill) to realize someone was driving behind them.

The idea that only range guys have skill has always been a lie made and supported by other range guys.


I want CKs for my Fuzes.

What I noticed about drones the way they are now vs. the way they were, is that if I don’t participate and help them along they don’t work very well on their own.
The sidekick just stinks. I can’t figure out that one anymore, but I’ve been enjoying the Fuzes and haven’t bothered trying. I could probably figure it out, but I bet it doesn’t function well without support. I’m not sure if any of them do anymore.

I think that’s the way it should be. I don’t do well by dropping them, hitting the cloak, and then running away (that build doesn’t have one). I patch for Melee is what I do. It’s busy and violent, not campy. Fast, not sneaky. Fun, is what it is. I can hardly stop.

There’s nothing wrong with my Fuses. I don’t know what other kids are using, but I like those and I don’t think they are over or under powered. I get mauled plenty. It’s not an easy win. It’s a very kinetic win when it works.

If I was to be critical, I suppose one could say it’s all W. It’s a lot W. I fused my W for power, spent some coin and did the grind, and it’s working, so I’m going to use it. I don’t care what the other kids say.

I like fast as a passive defense better than stealth with my drones. I like the kinetics. I like leaping off cliffs through explosions, rescuing mates as I can be almost anywhere on the map in seconds, and harassing Melee. But mostly I like leaping off cliffs through explosions.

I don’t know about the other drones, but the Fuze is lit. Leave it be.

i used fuzes and loved them. before being nerfed they had a big explosion radius (bigger with the harpy) and really good damage. but so many people were hating on grenadiers and annihilators that they nerfed the entire line of drones. i dont see why they would nerf fuzes, mainly cause it takes a bit of skill to use them. i used to have a glass cannon build that used fuzes and i just obliterated people with it.

grenadiers and annihilators is what ruined it for all of us. they needed the biggest nerf yet they just said screw it and nerfed all drones. also you say grenadiers cant hit anything but on my small build they always hit me even when im nowhere near them and at a distance where they shouldnt be so accurate.

i had seen this but no, the main cause of this was grenadier and annihilator drone users. annihilator drone users only had to stay within range and the drones would just eat away at your cabins health, if your weapons were on top theyd get sparked off. if you were a cannon user you were a sitting duck basically. grenadiers took no skill to use, have a team of 4 people, drop drones and stay hidden while the drones picked them apart, killed a drone? well just drive around and drop 2 more before they kill the third one. it was annoying and even heavily armored builds stood no chance.

it needs to be buffed again like it was before they nerfed it. it was so much better before the nerf.

I do agree that grenadier and annihilator did spark a new round of nerfs that went over board.

BUT before that :slight_smile: they did major nerfs to drones that where in the pre-hovers times. (I realize some people have not been here as long, but drones used to be really good when the game started)

Drones have had nothing but nerfs from the start.

P.S. I also want to add that I currently do not play drones, so I’m not doing a “buff everything I love” kind of thing.

I’m going to have to disagree here. You must not have play them on release. Fuse drones are a echo of what the used to be. I do agree they where OP on release, but in the current state I would not even bother playing them.

I remember the days of clan wars when someone had a fuse player on their team people where scared. A single drone could rip a 10k car in half.

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yeah people were afraid of my drone build in pvp to. especially since i had a doppler, radar, 3 fuzes, harpy cab, cloak, cheetah engine. i could obliterate builds if you didnt get a crippling shot on me. id drive around in cloak drop my drones and wait till they locked on, when they did and they got to their target id hide and run as soon as they got to the target and exploded, the enemies often times didnt know where they came from. i did really well in my old build. after the nerf to fuzes, decreased explosion radius, decreased damage, they became useless and i was forced to scrap my build to make room for other builds. sad really, i really loved using it and trolling people by demolishing their wall builds lol. loved seeing huge chunks of armor fall off after my 3 drones exploded on them xD

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Sounds like fun times, but I’m even going back more then that when the harpy cab was not even a thing.

This is a time when the quantum, steppe spider and hump back where the only epic cabs in the game and a single fuse drone cost more then a legendary gun because they had only been released in an event one time and in that event you could only build random gift boxes and Hope and prey that when you opened it you got something good.

At that time, I used to run 4 of them on hovers. The drone would instant lock and move toward the target as soon as they where dropped. Not only that, they would travel across the whole map to find a target. And then when they did find that target it was not going to live. (Or pretty much be a cab on the ground)

You could hide behind a wall, half a map away and not move and just hear cars pop in the distance.

I do not want these days back, BUT if you compare that drone to the one we have now, then the one we have now is complete trash.

wow are you serious? fuzes used to be an event only item? and they were really that strong?

in pve they can be very annoying, a tiny little drone can send a 20 ton car into the air from just bumping it. well… not entirely… when a drone hits my build at full speed in pve it can launch the front of my build into the air. mind you this build has TWO train plows, but even then it has over 20 tons on the drone, yet the drone can still hit it hard enough to send the front in the air.

speaking of the drones from the past, on a full build how much could one fuze drone take off? im guessing the explosion did pierce damage?

There’s too much salt here. Y’all are gonna get high blood pressure.

No I didn’t. I didn’t really play drones at all until this last year.

I do remember them being something of a plague when I started, though. They sure aren’t that now, but I can make it work in PVP with some effort, and I think that’s where they ought to be, rather than an easy win with no effort- just drop and run. I think that’s how people would like it, as if the drones should play the game for them, but I don’t want to see that. I like where they’re at presently.

I do like my Fuzes and wouldn’t argue too much if they were buffed a little. I don’t think they need it, but I would like it if they responded a little quicker. Sometimes I think they loiter too long before making an attack.

I can make them work in PVP, and frankly I’m glad everyone else isn’t, and we don’t have a plague of unbeatable drones (aim bots) farming free wins off the back of A.I. like before…but if you want to buff their response time a little…that’d be great.

if they didn’t…you would be able to just rapid fire them one after another…kinda glad they sit for a few seconds before attacking.i would still love to play them,i think they better than grenadiers…
annihilator still kicks butt too.

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what we have learned so far from this topic is that monkeyboy apparently used to be a heavy drone user before he qualified to be a heavy aim assist user.

fuzes used to be op, then later sidekicks. and later came the whole grenadier/annihilator debacle.

they were both so broken on release. you had knuckleheads who bought the grenadier pack/annihilator battlepass filling up every lobby in most ps brackets for a month or two.
they would even get to dunk on you in cw before the first nerfs hit. with a freaking drone build driving into you and pressing lmb once. it was insanely stupid and broken and it was obvious to everyone at the time that a nerf was coming.

and then targem started to just randomly change numbers and this lead to what is in the game today.
i mean, just imagine the super random “drone fix” for consoles. flat out 30% or whatever dmg nerf across the board. and then tenshin the little rat tells me the game is hard to balance when theyre obviously not trying very hard.