For graphics and performance issues

  1. Make sure your computer meets the system requirements.

  2. Update the drivers: AMD, NVIDIA, Intel.

  3. If you have more than 1 GPU, make sure that the game runs on the more powerful one, it can be checked with the F11 key.

    If the game starts on a different GPU, then force the game to run on the primary one using your video card driver. You can also select the required GPU in the graphics settings.

  4. In case the issue is not solved:

  • Press F11 in the game to display detailed information;

  • Take screenshots of the current graphics settings;

  • Take a screenshot in the garage and in battle (with the detailed information displayed using the F11 key);

  • Create a thread in the bug report section and attach screenshots, logs and DxDiag there.

Where to find logs, DxDiag and more: Required information for filing a bug report

Full screen mode:

Full screen mode is not available if the display that the application is currently on is not connected to the video adapter (GPU) that the application is currently using. In the case of a multi-monitor configuration, move the application window to a monitor that is connected to the adapter that is used by the application.

If the system has one monitor installed, select the adapter to which this monitor is connected in the settings window.

If you have a laptop with an integrated and discrete GPU— make sure that the preferred adapter for the application is the one used by the game. You can set it up via the driver settings.