Forced pvp missions again

i was looking through my missions for the new years caravan thing and one of the damn missions is destroying 10 people using rotors. can you guess where? FRICKEN PVP!
i am not a person who does pvp.
i tried this and holy crap is this annoying as all hell to complete! the most insulting thing is i dont get full teams, i only get myself and one other guy and out of all the battles i did my team got swept and not a single point was earned for destroying helis. screw this man im so done with these forced pvp missions.

i was only getting these missions done to choose weather or not to get the pass to get a fused legendary. well thats not happening. im not paying money plus additional to unlock 14 levels to get what i want. i waited till now to have a decent amount built up, well aint that a massive disappointment. i know there will be several with “destroy 10 aircraft in missions” yeah screw off i aint doin it. saving my time, saving my money and saving my wallet from this garbage.

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But it’s so well populated…

“b-b-b-b-but if you play pvp youll separate an already not so dense player base! waaaaah! youll make the ques 1 second shorter! waaaaaaaah!”

this is what i imagine the redditors crying about. :rofl:

Yeah I had the same problem, had to destroy 10 enemy copters. Wasn’t gonna happen for this old fart against the kids with faster reflexes, so I switched to a low-ps machine gun build and sat on the ground, shooting at them. Took about 5-6 battles to get the 10 kills. Remember, assists are counted towards the kills, and you DON’T have to use a copter yourself. I didn’t kill any copters, I got the 10 through assists.

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XO guy, which server are you on? I’m on pc, using the NA server, and I rarely have to wait more than a minute for a battle regardless of ps. Levi invasions sometimes take 3-4 minutes, though.

Xbox EU

Currently in a 13 min queue… I love everyone on Reddit telling me to do X Y Z and run rotors because that’s the problem… like they know what they’re talking about

I’ve never had close to that long of a wait for PVP air battles. What PS is your build at? It’s possible you might have more luck inflating your PS a bit, as many of the copters end up with higher PS because of using both ground movement parts and rotors.

I would say it’s easiest to complete this challenge with ACs or miniguns. You definitely don’t need a flying build, and it might actually be easier to hit a bunch of copters from the ground. Just spray the sky and you’ll get enough assists in a few matches.

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5k… it is what it is
I do sit on the ground and shoot up… i clip helis and then kill the bots… the bots then usually aid in aimbotting the helis for me at the end… as usual the bots in pvp do far too much

Yeah, that’s your problem right there.

I don’t even play that low in normal PVP because the queue times are too long. Makes sense that they’re really long for air battles at that PS.

Either inflate your PS to clear the challenge, or deal with the long waits I guess.

It’s on the fresh level 25 account I use to help new people… I don’t have much choice, it just shows how little new players stick around that they don’t even get to 5k helis

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Doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t sticking around, as they might all be playing higher PS. I think it’s more evidence that there aren’t a lot of new players coming into the game.

You would get a better sense of whether they are sticking around at 9kPS.

The only ones sticking around are those who pay then? How else will you get to 9k this fast

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destroy ten enemies using rotors can be used in patrol, this is because it means USE THE ROTOTRS YOU HAVE while destroying enemies. basically, be a heli and deal damage

What I mean is that 5kPS are the newest players, who haven’t yet decided whether they are sticking around or not.

By the time you get to 9kPS, you’ve decided to stick around. Yes, there will also be lots of vets at that level, but you can usually tell who’s been playing for years and who hasn’t.

At 5kPS, you are mainly seeing people who just started playing. By 9kPS, you are seeing those that stuck around. Any judging from your progress, your new account should get to that level fairly soon.

What? That’s not at all true it takes ages to get out of 2499

IDK. I see a lot of advanced weapons in there, and heaps of META too. That Booster-Pig META isn’t cheap, and takes a bit of practice too (for example)…and isn’t something they sell in a Battle Pass either.

It used to be more like you say, but I think the lake is pretty low right now, and they really aren’t doing anything that should appeal to new players either. Like these work benches with crafting recipes that require 80,000 coins of resources to participate in…or you can get a sticker :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it’s pretty grim out there, and I think the game’s trajectory isn’t looking great either. They could really use a win in public support and haven’t had one in a while, despite the helicopter innovation which I think they thought would be more popular, and isn’t.

Nah, that challenge required you to kill 10 enemy COPTERS (in pvp, since only human players can use copters).


Oddly, if you click on the icon to the right it takes you to this screen…

…which implies that Patrols are available to complete this challenge, but bots can’t fly. This challenge can only be done in PVP…which to my experience, Poony4U is right, in that it is much easier to complete if you do the air/ground combo using a ground vehicle.

IDGAF, so I’m not likely to bother with it this time around, but the last time I did, it was certainly easier using a ground vehicle.

How many play hours did it take you to get to 5kPS?
Seems to me you could get there pretty quickly with all the free packs available now.
I’m still thinking of starting a second account to try the new player experience again.

I think there’s another challenge for the mini-BP that requires you to use rotors on your own vehicle, and that one can be done in Patrol.