Forced pvp missions again

Oh…I see. I probably completed that one without even noticing. I don’t think that’s the brawl the OP is having an issue with, though, and is the one I posted. Otherwise there really isn’t an issue. Just pwning bots in a copter is pretty simple.

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i play patrol exclusively and always complete that challenge so you’re doing something wrong

You can’t complete this in patrol



There are no bot aircraft.

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I thought it was “destroy or help destroy 10 enemies in missions or brawls using rotors” we were talking about here

I’m not really sure anymore, because that is actually how the OP states it. In which case you are absolutely right. There should be no problem completing the brawl you…and maybe the OP is referring to…but I think he means this other one.

Quite a few people have said it

i meant this

I see but you replied to this saying you could do it in patrol

ah, I read the statement wrong. Snit, however, wasn’t referring to the same challenge I was.

Ya, that is confusing, and I think we are talking about different things interchangeably…my wife does the same schit. I call it “speaking Fitzgerald,” because that’s her maiden name and all her sisters and mother do the same thing. I never know WTF she is talking about for sure, but they just babble on to each other, simultaneously talking about separate subjects, and not actually knowing what the other is talking about. It’s weird.

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I’m a bit confused now too. I have not destroyed any armored aircraft at all, yet I’ve completed all available Caravan Challenges.

That’s how the OP reads. It seems to contradict my inventory of completed challenges.

Screenshot 2024-01-10 101424
similar to this but with the destroy/assist missions. it is a sky raiders challenge though so I see where the problem stems from, I though OP was talking about sky raiders challenges

The Caravan challenge must have been worded the same (as your screenshot) and had the same requirement, because I absolutely did not take down any manned aircraft (not for months), yet I have completed all of my Caravan challenges. If there was a Caravan Challenge that required me to have taken down any armored aircraft in PVP, I would not have completed it.

I don’t do choppers in PVP at all. I hate it. I don’t even play that mode from the ground, let alone from my own Copter. I stick to regular PVP. The missile alarms are just not something I can tolerate for very long, and niether are the aim-free weapons that they largely depend on in there. I hate that mode myself, and don’t play it. Ever…well maybe a dozen times since it came out.

I think you were right to be confused, because after re-reading the original Post, IDK what he’s talking about anymore…not for sure. I thought I did, until that.

Now that I’ve unlocked those anti-missile flares, I’ve been trying to get into matches with lots of heat seeking missiles so that I can get used to how they work. Unfortunately for me, it seems that enough people have unlocked them that there aren’t nearly as many missile beeps anymore.
On the bright side, that also means you may not face as many heat seekers if you venture back into PVP.

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Sounds like it was good to just let that blow over a bit then (I’ve mostly ignored the copter modes, other than for Patrol).

I would like to have a set of those flares, but I can’t afford them without buying the battle pass. I’d been lobbying for flares for years, and it’s a shame I won’t have any, now that they’ve finally arrived.

I wish they would have put them in a lower rarity. I don’t think it makes good sense to have put them where they did. It’s a Legendary part, isn’t it?

It is, but I think it’s only because it’s a BP item. If it was normal, it might have been epic, or even special rarity, making it much more accessible. It doesn’t do damage and it’s practically useless in any game mode (it’s been months since I’ve seen a rocket build that I wasn’t in), but because it’s a legendary people can’t set the price lower than Targem or Gajin says (stupid market price limits should be removed, they have zero purpose). And because it’s a legendary it boosts its PS way higher than it should.

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Outside of the forced pvp all you really need to do is go into the match with a heli part on the build you don’t have to use it. I do think they should just let players do these in patrol though not everyone likes 3d space combat.

This to me is much better then the other forced pvp mission of kill or help kill 10 helicopters. That had me bummed out for 2 days. Eventually I got a good match where I just killed everyone. Dumb rockets are hard to play with sometimes.

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sorry that i didnt make that very clear i meant THE ENEMIES using rotors, meaning pvp. the way i worded it could be taken as pve or pvp, my bad.
but yeah pvp is basically what i meant.

its the additional challenges there. the caravan event has 2 different types of challenges. the standard ones and the additional challenges. the additional challenges there are what im referring to.

i mean that the additional missions in the caravan event require you to do pvp against other copters. so if you want to get all the rewards youll need to complete the forced pvp missions against people using rotors or else your paying money to unlock the rest. if i completed all of the normal caravan missions and not the additional ones id have 14 levels left to max out. id have to fork out 266 crosscrowns to complete them all and im not doing that. nor will i be forced to do battle against them irritating rotor users.

this is what im talking about… :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Yeah that’s the one I meant when I eventually just killed everyone… It was very frustrating though. I think I had lost like 8 games before that.