Fortunes seem weaker

so i been using my fortunes in raids at times and it just seems they have gotten alot weaker. its not just from the reload nerf either, it seems their damage has gone down and their explosion radius has decreased alot as well. before i could keep up with quad porcs, triple porcs, retchers and dual cyclones, now i cant even keep up with them. this match a guy with the cyclones had 49k damage with me at 31k. previous matches had scores like this to. its not just that, the damage from fortunes seems to have gone down to. i just dont seem to be doing alot of damage like i used to. is it just me? am i imagining this or is this for real?
more info here, im using 3 fused fortunes on a hadron. i swear they performed alot better then this before, did a nerf happen to them that i didnt know about apart from the reload?

apart from the reload speed nothing was nerfed

Their rate of fire was nerfed by 20%, which means their dps was reduced by 20% and their reload was nerfed by 20% by proxy.

Not only is it harder to use but it means you have to stay on target for much longer, exposing your build to more damage, plus sometimes fortune typed just disappear. I’ve made a bug report fore this but I don’t know if they’ll care - Community Bug Reporting System

Yeah that Fortune nerf was uncalled for.

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those wheeled double fortune cars with aegis which worked the same way at 9k as they did 19k were more uncalled for tho

If it was more OP then you’d actually see them being used, yet all I see is melee, shotgun spam and pure no-skill weapons :slight_smile:

before the nerf they were almost everywhere


Not on my platform(s), maybe I’m the only good person with Fortunes on console

since youre on console i would assume a weapon such as fortune would be less popular since you need actual good aim and tracking which is hardest on controller, so its possible youre the only person who is even capable of playing them.
on pc they were everywhere

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Weird, I can think of something that’s everywhere yet never gets nerfed, hmmmm.

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Right? Had to beat a 4 stack of dual Gravastar bricks at 9k earlier, whoel team died off and did nothing… close range isn’t OP at all rn…

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Ik its a unique weapon with a cult following and it should be excellent but it was too good. It was the most common CC build after the buff and I never saw a 1v4 in CC until a guy with Hermits and Fortunes on Oma destroyed 4 ppl when all 3 of us were dead. I’ve never done that in CC nor have I ever seen a dog, hover, or even Athena build do that.

You don’t play either enough or well enough then.

They deserved the cricket treatment and 20% really is not that much. Build better instead of using a glass cannon with 4 rare wheels at 10k+ powerscore for nearly a decade. Seeing ppl get 1-2 shot by a ranged turreted lance weapon farming 10K CC rating game after game gets old fast.

Tusk nerf has to happen next. The only build in the game that can repeatedly survive driving through the entire enemy team while killing a dude and scaring everyone else shitless to the point where they spend the entire game checking their map every 5s driving to evade a tusk.

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My fire rate fused crickets now shoot faster than my original Crickets, they were fine back then and their buffs back to what they were just prove that.

I play this game how I imagine the original game designers pictured it, in a build that resembles a real vehicle and I’ve been better than nearly everyone on my entire platform doing so for the better part of 8 years now. How exactly could I build better? I don’t need to build better when I’m this good at something no one else has the capacity to do.

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Im saying you use extreme glass cannon builds that have the best mobility. Any nerf to your firepower is going to feel extreme no matter what because your entire build hinges on the ability to 1 shot incapacitate people within a 1 second encounter before they can scratch your paint. If you ran a more balanced build (one that balances speed, firepower, and armor) fortunes would still be perfectly usable and competitive.
Its not healthy for game balance anywhere to have extremely fast, small, and light glass cannons that can one shot cripple everything in a second while having a shield active in that brief window where its in combat.

The only way I would deal with these Fortune builds in CC is I have to let them do their thing and make a mistake driving past me while Cloaked and pray to god my shots land between their wheels in their frames because nothing else on my team is gonna deal with them, and if I don’t instantly kill or cripple them I am going to be their #1 target and thats an extremely difficult fight against a one hit kill build.

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I wish that I 1 shot people, it’s called hit and run for a reason. It’s very rare to 1 shot pretty much anyone.

I’m still doing great, my guns are just nerfed and also bugged with disappearing projectiles. A couple from earlier today:

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What are you complaining about then when your build and fortunes can still do that? I know you aren’t one shot killing them outright but you are one shot crippling them which is still effectively a kill. The weapon cannot possibly be bad or even average if it is pulling those scores multiple times a day against other players.


It’s bugged though and they don’t seem to want to fix it, I cant be bothered to string a bunch of my exampled together but they just disappear sometimes and get no damage.

I dont have video evidence (i may start recording and watching after to confirm) but I think my cannon shots occasionally do that as well.