Free to Player Lair: Chronicles of a Freeloader

Two years ago, I started up this F2P account and a companion thread on the old forum to chronicle what it’s actually like to be F2P. Well, it wasn’t that easy, and at the notorious level 30, I gave up on it. Boredom, the want for a muse has led me to fire it back up again. Now, I’m back in the ring to take another swing.

Technically, I’m not exactly free to play. I spent 99 cents and got the Woody pack, but I think that’s irrelevant, yes? So, I’ll be using this thread to show off what I can do with this game and 99 cents. I might post links to new promo packs if I can find them, and anything else I can scrounge up. I realize there is a thread for that already, but I’ll probably do it anyway.

I invite any other Free2Players to show off their builds here and let the world know how generous Crossout’s developers really are, and that this game is not pay-to-play or pay-to-win, despite the rumors. Free2Players are an important part of many online game populations and help improve the gaming environment for everyone in a multitude of ways. I encourage you to prove it. You’re welcome to show off your builds here, and discuss your resources and tricks to thriving in the Wasteland off the Wasteland.

I’ll go first, with something that was already in my garage when I came back to it.

I’m at Prestige level 3 Engineers (if I’m reading that right?). We’ll see how dedicated to it I am this time. There are some cool things on the Witch Hunt’s bench right now, and the Deadman’s Chest is a soft target for getting some quality free-gear. That’s where I’m heading.


I played for free for a long time and was happy, but started buying battlepasses when they were introduced because I wanted to support the game in some way.

Obviously I use a lot of the BP items, but a lot of my favourite builds are just things I grinded out.


I’ll be following this thread. Can’t really contribute as I bought into the game about 6 months after starting my account, BUT that 1st 6 months was pretty fun.


I think you should feel free to participate in the conversation if you have a trick or resource that might be useful.

Not everybody has money to blow on video games, children in particular may not have access to credit cards, and this is a game that is, at least in theory, rated for them. Popular modern demographic surveys might disagree with that statement, at least in my country, and at least superficially, as they are a popular target for marketing. I’m not sure where mom and dad stand on spending money on the frivolity of virtual goods for their children, but I would expect more conservative perspectives on that to be dominate.

So, do it for the children. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If you have a strategy that works, let us hear it. Also, the stigma of this game being pay to win is probably driving the player population down, and I’m not convinced it deserves the reputation. I’d like to be able to demonstrate that it doesn’t, and you can certainly help.


Let’s see.
The 1st thing that comes to mind is that I ALWAYS clear my Test Yard of the bots. Now, I’m not certain of this but it does feel like you get better loot from the NPC bots (like Alex and Cache, etc. Not the bots fro your friends list) by honking at them rather than destroying them. The “better loot” being Work Bench Coupons and, if you save them up over the month, you could get a nifty stash of coupons to save coins on crafting.

2nd thing that comes to mind involves doing a bit of math but is placing low bids on Legendary Decor and patiently waiting for the order to be filled. If purchased for the RIGHT PRICE, 1 Legendary Decor can be salvaged to provide 250 wires, 250 batts, 250 elecs, and 50 scrap, but like I said, you gotta do the math on all those items to see what good bidding price would be.
3rd, keep an eye on the price of Repair Tokens because some days the price will spike AND they’ll be selling like hot-cakes. When they’re selling fast, you can drive up the price by listing 4 Tokens at .01 cent below the lowest bidder. Once your 4 sell, wait until the next bundle above gets fully sold, then drop another 4 Tokens .01 below the next lowest price. Keep doing that and watch the price sky rocket until the Market bot steps in.
That’s all I got.


After five years I’ve gotten most of the battle passes and a few packs. Probably spend just over 300$ at this point. I have a fairly vast inventory. Battlepasss have added a good bit to my Inventory. But the vast majority of my inventory is ftp.

I was purely ftp until I got a single pack at engineers 30. So my ftp setup at that stage had come to the following build as my main: wyvern/2xarmoured track/2xfatman(cant remember what else it had) @ 5.?kps. I also had four spitfires and some large blue wheels and another blue cabin. That was it.

I’ve probably gotten about 350k+ worth of ftp in my inventory. At one point I was making over 12k coins a week free to play, but I was trying and grinding pretty hard then. Right now all I get are battlepasses. Being lazy and doing zero raids and just doing regular pvp I can get about an epic a week on lazy play(where I don’t max out any resource gains) and without making coin off market flips.


My advice for grinding without feeling like you’re grinding too much is to do the daily challenges as often as you can, and do the weekly challenges that appeal to you.
I prefer PVP, so I’ll focus on the scrap, wires, and battery weekly challenges first. I never do more than the minimum three raids to complete the daily challenge, but I’ll group them so that I complete at least one of the weekly raid challenges. If I’m playing often enough I’ll usually clear the 40 daily challenge weekly one.
I can usually grind out at least one epic a week, or several special items (which I might use the next week to craft a full set of epic weapons or wheels).

Some people will tell you that crafting is never profitable, but that’s not always true, depending on your platform and the item in question. To figure out if you should craft, add up the resources needed for crafting, then translate that to the coin you could make from selling. Remember to use the after tax number, not the raw price. Compare the potential profits with the cost of the item (remember to factor in workbench fees if applicable).
A change in resource prices can make a big difference, and some items surge in value occasionally due to fusing events like the current one.
Run these numbers often enough, and you’ll start to get a general sense of whether prices are high or low on any particular resource or item.
Personally, I never craft anything I don’t want to use. Eventually I might sell it or use it as a crafting ingredient, but that’s rarely my primary goal.


I think that’s what they expect to happen, and that’s probably reasonable. It seems like up to level 30 is a introductory period where you get to try the game for free, and then they expect you to buy something. After that the game becomes a lot less friendly.

If I wasn’t trying to prove a point, I would go ahead and get the battle pass and probably a sale pack. The Battle pass is a good deal, they put a lot of work into those, and I do believe in supporting this game with cold hard cash if you do enjoy it. If I had an alt account :wink:, I would probably go ahead and spend some cash on the battle passes and maybe a pack or two if it was on sale, because I do like this game, and the Battle Pass looks like a fair offer.

However, the game is advertised as Free to play, so is it really? I wanted to find out. Also, I think free-to-players are under appreciated for what they bring to the game, particularly a game with the abysmal player population this one has. I think they could use all the help they can get.


That’s where I’m at. It is a game after all. I’m supposed to be having fun, right? If I do, I play. If I don’t, I won’t.

Seems like lots of good advice though, from you and the others. I’ll be giving it a shot.

Last night was a little rough. I started getting dunked by Hovers at 4K. That felt a little pay to win. I thought those died because of the update :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Having said that, I did make out like a bandit on the Tricky Treats.

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Honestly, all my BP stuff isn’t that vital to my enjoyment of the game. I’m not super interested in CW, so all those legendary items aren’t that important to me. Sure, they allowed me to get a taste of high PS without grinding too hard, but high PS doesn’t give you more resources, and I don’t find it any more fun than low or mid PS.
Even if they’d never introduced BPs, I’m confident that I would still be enjoying the game and playing regularly. I’d have less stuff, but I have more than enough toys to keep me busy. I’ve got lots of BP items that I’ve barely used. Eventually I give everything a chance, but some stuff can collect dust for a while.

Just don’t make the mistake I did after the first BP, when I scrapped everything I wasn’t currently interested in. The resources weren’t worth it, and later on I regretted it. Thankfully the workpieces have allowed me to reacquire most of the things I scrapped.

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I got owned by some hover ninjas last night in the 5kPS range.
I suspect some veteran hover players are going low PS to try to master the new controls.

Just remember that low PS hovers are typically very delicate. If you can flank them or get close, you can demobilize them much easier than high PS hovers.

My advice to “Free Only” players is learn to use the Market. Become a Capitalist.


I’m onboard with that sentiment. I’m not sure what the race to the top is all for. It is the same game, and you’re absolutely right, the rewards and the game-play isn’t any different. I build cool cars and blow stuff up. That’s all I want out of this game, and it’s doing that.

Funny thing about this game currently, is that there are two things that dominate the Wasteland where I’m at; one are top shelf Hovers, and the other are bottom shelf Truckers with Melee. That’s how my night went. It seems ironic how polar that is. The middle class always gets the shaft :grin:

I noticed last night that the low PS melee trucks are having a hard time dealing with the burning wreckages, so that meta may shift soon.
Sure they can take one enemy down if they pin them properly, but then they’re sitting ducks as they struggle to get away from the wreckage.
I’ve been finding ACs relatively effective in lower PS ranges. Explosive shells pop explosives fairly easily at that range, and if you hang back and spam the choke points you can stop the melee from getting close, as well as preventing the long range hovers from getting comfortable in their sniper nests.
I’m really enjoying those therms we got in the BP, wish I’d tried them earlier.

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I do like that new feature.

I haven’t found much success with anything. I suppose I could try my own Trucker Melee thing, but it hasn’t mattered how many people I’ve killed. I still loose 90% or the matches I’m in. It sucks a bit, but I did get another heap of Tricky Treats for my personal effort. IDK what’s up with my team-mates.

Like this dweeb.

It looks like a strong build, but he just sneaked around and hid until everybody died and then came out and gave up. Seems like some kind of cheat or something, but if people want to make dorks out of themselves what can you do?
He’s a dweeb of his own creation. I couldn’t curse him more if I could turn him into a frog.

This build didn’t do too bad (it’s mine), but like I said, it didn’t matter.

I’d loose 90% of the time and then get one win basically handed to me for little to no effort. I can’t say it was fun. It was pathetic and very grindy, but I got a ton of Tricky Treats, and so I’m about half way to that Deadman’s Chest. That will cheer me up.

I’m ready for a different mode. Something fun and non grindy, like raids. PVP was not fun. Maybe I’ll try the brawl.

Oh-ya, they gave me a jack-O’lantern for the range. That was nice, and free.

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effective in all PS ranges

They get better combined with a Harpy cabin, the proper driver and fusing them for explosion radius. It’s fairly ez to start with some fused rapiers and use them to work up.

I try not to worry about winning too much. I’m more interested in how well I performed compared to the rest of my team. I get more of a thrill out of my unyielding badges than my MVPs.
Do you have a build for each of the daily weapon challenges? If so, what are you currently using for them?

Well the less friendly bit is you get moved from the noob lobbies to the open lobbies with all the vets. The skill difference is substantial. I was just being lazy and wanted to jump up in ps so I could play at the same ps as some people I knew and I wanted the purple cab in the pack and it had enough coins in it added to my own to allow me to get my first mammoth so I was like, hell ya!


All the vets trolling low ps in melee-truckers is pretty pathetic, if that’s what’s going on. I would have expected something more sophisticated. My mistake. What’s even worse is them getting punked by a low ps F2P’r :smirk: That’s worth at least my 99 cents all by itself.

I just wish my team-mates would get the hang of it. I need wins to complete dailies.

Question: I’ve collected 800 Tricky treats at this point, so I was wondering, before I craft that Deadman’s Chest, is the stuff inside salable? If I get a Trombone or something, can I sell it?

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Not only are the items sellable, but you get to pick what you want.
I grabbed an incinerator, and I think I’m going to do it again for a skinner (or maybe a second incinerator).

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