Frustrating market

Why are we not allowed to sell items when we want them or for what we want to sell them for? I just missed out on getting a legendary item for 200 coins cheaper than it has ever been because I have to wait 30 minutes just to sell 2 decor items, and can’t sell some because apparently it would be too little money even if I am very much fine with parting with said items for less money if it means I get the item I actually want

I could almost end my grind for a third legendary I have been working towards for so long 2-3 days earlier, does not sound like a lot but when you’ve been mostly selling scrap and wires to get 3 legendaries for so long without being able to play literal hours of grinding every day, it can be slightly frustrating on the long run when every aspect of the game is designed to be a complete pain in the behind to deal with for the user.


I H8 the XO market

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I completely agree & understand…

My coping mechanism is to try to enjoy the toys I have in my inventory & attempt to stamp down my envy of what other players have.

Meanwhile, I slowly grind for whatever the next toy is.

I understand the dichotomy in my clearly flawed logic, but it works for me… for now.

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It used to be a free market but you know not all people like a free market so the devs used the excuse that people were abusing the market and implemented these corridors which I don’t even like, if I want to sell something at a big lost or be greedy then I should be able to, people will decide what to buy and when!

Selling resources raw is a very inefficient way of making money. As a basic point, make repair kits, you’ll make more money selling those than the components.

Someone posted this over on FaceSpace.


7 years ago.

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At that time. There wasn’t that many hacked accounts nor shady deals on the market. Blame it on the cheating players.


my main concern is market manipulation by veterans and P2W players. who don’t want PVP competition so they sell stuff for exact value or just under what your selling to keep you from acquiring coins that are needed to buy better gear that will allow competition on a more even footing.

WHERE the market is being used as an anti competition tool against other players in PVP. IF they keep undercutting you can’t make coin to compete at their level. your always forced to sell at a loss. and thus not making any forward progress. for the vets and p2w players its no loss to them because they have everything they need.


Few years ago it happened. Most noticeable on console sides.
The game has changed so that new accounts are not rely on selling their rewards to experienced players to progress. There was a group of console players keeping the prices on the basic resources very high. This lead to new players have to spend much more time to gain items. They also tested and workout the market bot, so they have took advantage to buy/sell item from bot, pass items between accounts.
The restriction we have are in place to slow down manipulation from players. I won’t worry about the market. The most important prices are the basic resources. Coins are NOT only come from players use real money to buy coin packs. Our game play rewards can exchange to game coins too. Lets say there won’t be any player can effectively use enough real money to buy mass amount of coins, which can manipulation the game market for a long time.
Unlike in real life, the game market doesn’t need real valuables to back-up game currency(coin). The game can produce and exchange resources at any amount at any time. The market will be affected by, current event and resources players have and needed at the time. Believe me when I tell you there are number of players here spend many hours on crossout and have crazy amount of basic resources. They won’t bother to undercut others just to slowdown their progress.

I’m pretty sure on every platform you have a handful of guys that are the major market players if everyone knows it or not. Your not going to get around this, and I don’t think the dev team wants you to.

They can act like it is a “Free” Market all they want but it’s only as free as the players let it be. With the Market being controlled like this makes the dev team money. They can still play like the are the good guy, and have someone else be the bad guy.

Is it fair? No
Is a Capitalist system fair? No

But this is the false sense of control you are given and because it suits their purpose, they will turn their back on it.

you mean shit like this?

No not like that.

Some of us have so much coins that we can buy things out and set the price. Or force the bottom end up on things we don’t even want.

Their are other advanced tactics.

Someone that controls the market does not play “The penny game” - that’s for the dudes that are broke or don’t know what they are doing. It takes to much time.

Also…Why can’t we sell duplicate paints? Some of my paints I have 3 of. Why do I need 3 of the same color paint?


Some of them you can others you have to just recycle.

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it isn’t capitalism, they are NOT doing it for profit. its to manipulate competition in PVP. By denying other players ability to acquire coins to get better gear for use in PVP.

What you said would be true if there was NO PVP, PVT, CLAN WARS, component to the game. Using market in a way the devs never anticipated. That has NOTHING to do with making coin or profit.


I can’t remember how many market transaction I have… have not looked in awhile, but it’s over 90,000 of them.

I have made Waaaaaaaaaaay more then my fair share :wink: but I have never ever heard of anyone trying to block the market from people being able to get gear on purpose.

I know my influence on the market is significant, but it has always been in the name of profit and never to deny anyone access.

Greed is the word your looking for. I’ll raise my hand first and admit to being greedy, but we all use the same system.

selling at exact value of resources at that moment as example. taking the 10% hit. in process. unless they crafted when it was cheaper. the point of doing that is to force everyone else to sell at loss. thing is when they did it they lowered the cost significantly from where the previous sell point was at. to hit the point of where your losing coin. between crafting cost vs cost to sell.

lowest sell bid for vector is 102.00 the one trying to stop everyone else then drops it down to 80 or less. and everyone above them is only selling 1 wep. and this person puts up 5 or more. but cost is about 70ish or so to craft on our platform at that given time.

Guys who run the market DONT craft. (For the most part)

We don’t care how much you spent to craft your items, we just put it back on the market for profit based off what we payed for it.

I can flip 10’s or even 100’s of items in a day depending on what events or new items are released.

Crafters can not get the amount of resources needed to do that in a single day.

That brings us to our next lesson: Most items in game are not worth crafting. As soon as you craft it you lose money. Sale everything for high and buy everything with coins for low.

There is more then just the value of resources to consider.

Some items are also controlled by the fact that everyone can not craft everything.

So supply and demand kick in.