Fuel Tank Needs Love πŸ’ž

Upgrading fuel tank should give at least 5 more fuel. :crazy_face:


Have not used a fuel tank since the first few months of the game.

Dont worry, in the future all cars will be electric, and we dont need fuel anymore.
but watchout for those electric cars spontaneously combusting, we never know when they are going to blow up.


The races give fuel for first place which isn’t bad… I like keeping an upgraded one around for fuel challenges via BP too.

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I still think this is a valid post happened to see it down on the suggested post list. Whatever happened to those alt designs they had for them???

A legendary fuel tank was promised exactly 4.5 years ago. Did the developers lie to us again? :slightly_frowning_face:


I think that was an april fools joke… lol

I’ve been thinking of making a lance/tusk build with fuel tanks and a gas generator mounted up front as weapons. Anyone try that kind of thing recently? Does it still work?
I used to see more builds like that years ago, not sure if something changed to make them less effective.

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It use to work as front facing explosives. I don’t see why it wouldn’t still work.

It still works. It’s just not worth doing.
There are to many negatives that out weigh the positives.

Not anywhere like it used to.

It used to work like it did in the chopper event when people were cheesing it.

Now its not very good.

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