Game is expiring

Sunday night, 9k build, 12 & 13k games 6 times in a row. Targem might want to work on player gain and retention instead of pushing a bunch of bad content and bad balance monetization…


A range of 4kPS at that level doesn’t seem so weird to me.
I think there’s the biggest player base around 9k-14kPS. If you want to be facing lower PS opponents, you’re going to have to lower your own PS. But then your queue times increase, and that’s no fun.

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SouthEast of USA… I had pretty decent matches tonight. The biggest spread was around 3k from top to bottom, I think. I posted a screenshot of the stats screen. I was weakest & strongest wasn’t far off. Weird…

That being said, I agree. They need to work on new player retention & gain.


I had a few games like that on a 9800 ps build, but mostly everyone was right at 10k give or take 500.

But then I played a whole week with only 1 or 2 bots in a game… and the next week it was solid 4 bots per game every game.
I do think the focus might be too focused on money and not retention.

  1. Not Targem, Gaijin. They are pulling the strings.
  2. OH BOY REALLY DUUUUH? I’ve seen saying that since the old forum. You people finally starting to get it?
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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:The play itself is a tragicomedy.

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Play on ps 9000 + and meet athena and such shit? Good advice

Nothing lasts forever, but I think this game needs better with player retention.

I think there are some cracks in the game’s foundation. The grind is long, PVP becomes stale, and many of the game modes aren’t fun.

It seems like the newer Battles Passes cater to whales and almost punish anyone else.

I understand that the game needs the grind to get people to play. But if they quit, then the Devs aren’t getting any money. Whales won’t want to pay for a game that they think is dying.


To me it feels like they have accepted that fact and are now just milking every bit of money out of people as they can.

I believe supercharged was supposed to be a sink or swim moment but I guess people were not super keen on all wheels being made more or less obsolete and they sunk hard, now we’re just waiting to reach the ocean floor eventually


Not sure about the rest of the world - but school gets out for the summer soon.

We will have a flood of new players at least for a few months.

It happened every year on Xbox.

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Do you want to increase the player base?

step 1

Close the market, switch the economics and increase the rewards.

step 2

No more useless packs to sell instead premium builds with well stablished traits to fight with.

well based on steam charts we have twice more players than before. Seen much promotion videos, so i guess its from it.

But still this new players need years to got 10k+ ps or months to go at least 8k+ i guess.

Main issue is that it always try search similar PS people to play together.
IMO it could mix it like both teams have one 6k, one 8k one 10k / etc

and if someone would tell “what about points then” - can multiple points based on your score compared in team average PS. So the less ps you have the more points you get.

This way you will find game always in 0-10 seconds

ALSO - another thing that they already plan as i seen is to merge CONSOLE population with PC ones. Would be cool since we have Console players on our discord anyway, even when not playing together.


Game is more popular than ever. I have been playing since 2019. The game has never been more popular since I started. I think the phone game is getting people addicted.


I’m going to agree here as well.

New guys might be comparing XO population to games like COD and stuff like that.

Well… this game was never that.

But we do have a lot more people then before.

If they think the population is low now, they should have been here a few years ago.

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Yeah. I’ve thought the game might be going out a few times. Not the case anymore. Crossout is a lot like World of Warships. Its a complicated game loved by a small core of hardcore veterans who refuse to quit and play something else. Its hard to get started and its hard to quit once started.


I’m not seeing them in NA battles and steam did remove a lot of countries from regional restrictions and so these players came to steam.

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You are a dreamer. :grin: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :crazy_face:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :crazy_face: :money_mouth_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Must be a new form of emoji palsy


Those are all but small steps. Without meaningful gameplay the game will require artificial promotions and fake variety to live.