Game is in the middle of a meta shift

in the uranium gamemode you only see a few build styles almost exclusively, targem i ask very politely, take action and just give us a very very tiny nerf on these builds and everyone will be happy

Dude, it’s only day two. Give it a week before making any claims of what the new meta is going to be.

The more this game focuses on Clans and Uranium, the more players will lean into exploitive META.
I’m sure it also increases the P2W imperative too, which I presume is why the developers are accentuating it and developing it. This is their version of farming resources. Just say, “moo.”

Clan Wars and Confrontation should be expected to be this way (cut-throat), and I think if you don’t like that, then don’t play it. This game has other features…other features I wish they’d focus more on, but that’s just my opinion.

If exploits, the META, and P2W have a place in this game, then I’d say Clan Wars was obviously that place.

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except they shouldnt exist in the game

for this specific gamemode (and also every single other gamemode) the meta is perfectly defined the whole time

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I don’t disagree, but I’m glad they are somewhat fenced off into their own ranch with Clans, where the whale milk flows like rivers of cash.

I’m hoping the new energy rework will help build that fence stronger and help segregate the whales from PVP, but I don’t actually see that as likely. I expect the contrary through the new uranium rush.

The more they push this clan feature, the more META turns up in PVP, and I’m not a fan.

I appreciate their developments in the game environment more than these clan updates. The new map is a winner IMO, for example.

so you dont think the devs should be aware of this? do you realise that if clan wars werent so cancer it could be played by everyone including you and it could make uranium at least a tiny bit more accessible

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I think they know what they are doing with this. They are ranching wallet warriors, I presume.

There is literally nothing about Clan Wars that I find appealing. Nothing. Its entire premise is so far outside my ideology that there was never even a chance that this would be a mode I would enjoy.

I respect the fact that other people like it. This isn’t my game, and I’m glad other people enjoy it, if they do, but there is not even a hint of allure in it for me. I’d like to put as much distance between me and clans as possible.

is the trend visible, or do i have to provide raw data?

  1. brick
  2. narwhal
  3. relics, mostly porc

At least they aren’t particularly ugly builds. I’d say the META has improved a lot on this front, judging by those screenshots. It used to be some severely hideous garbage. I can’t really say that anymore. Some of those builds have a pretty good aesthetic, IMO. It’s better than it was.

I’m not convinced that there is anything wrong with using the META for Clan Wars. Why wouldn’t you? I think if you’re playing competitively as a team, you sort of have an obligation to play META, don’t you?

I’m sure nobody wants to see one of my builds on their team, and I wouldn’t even think to inflict that on them. I play for fun, not uranium, but if I was to do the clan thing, I wouldn’t be put off by being expected to get with the META.


Wheels and ultra light high dps weapons arent op at all.

If I only showed the screenshots of every copy paste meta stack I ran into, I could make it look as if that’s all there is too.

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Wheels. IDK why they buffed wheels. Right after you were saying they needed nerfed too.

Tracks is what I thought people wanted buffed. That and ML-200s. They nerfed epic medium cabs for some reason too. Why? Who asked for these things?

I can only guess that there’s more weird stuff coming, and it’s supposed to line up with that. Boats? Pac-Man drones? IDK. As a stand alone update, I think this one would be nonsensical. It has to be half of something else.

I can’t see the shift, it used to be mostly shotguns, and now it’s still mostly shotguns
Honestly just nerf the shotguns already, if nothing else some of them have way too much range, like the breaker and hammerfall, I don’t mind if they strip weapons from point blank range in a matter of nanoseconds but even if you put some distance they still can reach your weakened weapons and strip them and other parts off even if you manage to slip away and put up what feels like reasonable distance

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right so because the builds are aesthetically pleasing it means its ok to keep the broken meta in the game? i dont know about you, but i would rather play against hideous looking garbage and have actual fun instead of playing against cookiecutter tidied up shotgun/narwhal builds.

the entire point is that this “meta” should not exist. there should not be one meta to rule all builds

and you dont ever wish you could have actual fun playing for uranium? like you just ditch that idea, anything remotely competitive is out of bounds and reserved for meta slaves?

yea occasionally there is an ancient cheap mammoth wheel build, maybe a pulsar, or maybe a hitscan hover, but otherwise probably 80% of all matches are cancer meta games

look at the many screenshots i sent. its either shotguns or narwhals. i hope they buff most cannons since narwhals outmatch everything

You ask devs for nerf bricks, while they buff wheels even more and add Titan wheel with same as ML200 slow leg HP, while this wheels is much faster, and wheels with HVY cabin have TON of push power and grip.

In same time for years they cant even fix problem of legs moving much slower on little slopes.

Its like you have 2 same pizza to buy, in same price, but one is just bigger and better. WTF devs.

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Cookie-cutter META has always been what clans do. When was it not? If it wasn’t this META, it would be a different (shotgun?)META. META: it’s what clans do. Has it ever been different? It’s been uglier, IMO, but I don’t think it’s ever been a different premise.

Nope. Never happened. Not even once. I totally don’t care about uranium. Why would I?

Sort of, yes? I don’t think my attitude towards it is quite as narrow as would suit your argument, but I can’t really imagine playing a video game “competitively.” I mean, how “competitive” are we talking, and what would I win, my name in lights and a Worlds Greatest Nerd Award? I’m fine playing meaningless PVP, sans META, and without the support group, thanks.

I think it’d be dishonest to say that I’m not at all competitive when I play PVP (I like to win too), I just don’t care for the premise of Clan Wars. IDGAF about uranium, I don’t build for the META, and I don’t want to be a part of any group. Clans are not for me, obviously.

IMO, Clan War is META mode, and always has been. “If you don’t like it, don’t play it,” has always been a fine ultimatum with me. The more it stays that way, the better, I think.


Yeah, I agree with you.

I don’t want to play meta builds in PVP, because I have more fun with my builds. But I accept that in competitive modes like CC, CW, and Uranium Wars, people are going to use their most competitive builds, which by definition are going to be meta builds.

Having said that, so far I’ve played meta and non-meta builds in Uranium wars, and in the low PS division the non-meta builds weren’t complete failures, which was a nice surprise,

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Right? I mean, why wouldn’t they? It’s like bitching that Motorhead only plays Heavy Metal.


I like that the game has a variety of modes, and people after different things can go there to find it. Screw homogenization, I say, and that’s my only concern with the ramping up of this uranium thing; PVP becoming a lobby for META warriors waiting for their uranium fix, and this game becoming Clan War centered, because there is a lot of P2P that comes with that. Exploits and cheats become the name of the game, because for whatever reason people go crazy over uranium and will do anything to get it.

I’d like the uranium fetish to stay in its lane, so I can continue to do my thing. IDK how all this is going to work out (with the new update), but that is my only concern.

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then do not play as meta! no need. i admire people who do not copy paste but make something own working.

people complain…

in meantime “Kaiju Spider player in Silver CW league…” (well, even top 20 in one moment)
In our clan almost everyone have own unique builds and we play bronze/silver - yes, even against this broken brick meta

the main problem is, only top clans are able build new meta, while others just copy/clone it brainlessly anyway. Shame on copy-paste people.

ofc not to mention devs buff current brainless meta even more.

in games with a more grounded playerbase and less useless dev team there is no such thing as an absolute meta which dominates everything else. this is pretty easy to balance, if youre the developer and you play your own game that is.

i dont know about you, but i do wish crossout was at least 50% skill and 50% build to win but its much worse than that raio.

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