Game mode ideas

Since they are trying to experiment with new stuff, why not throw our ideas out that will never be seen or read by the devs. Would be still interesting to see what people come up with

Slaughter, but with smaller teams, 4-5 players, and with friendly fire turned on. Damaging your allies lowers the score of your own team

Slaughter, no scores, no capture-able bases and with limited respawns, 3 per player. The team that exhausts all of their respawns looses, as they have no players left

Drone wars, normal pvp but you play with the drones from the droneapocalypse april fools event. At the start of the match each player gets to choose a drone from X random options rolled for them, if they fail to during the drone selection time they get a randomly assigned one. Otherwise normal win conditions, base captures and players left etc, no respawns no points system. Played on regular maps

Raid map matches, teams start at opposite ends of raid maps not normally seen in pvp

well, since Hollywood is basically collapsing right now they could, theoretically, start grabbing up IP as studios sell off to keep from going under.

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This is one I’ve thought about alot… a Mad Max War Rig style chase across the already existing Adventure map.

It’d be a 1 vs 15 all human battle. No bots.

The ONE is the player who gets spawned as the Leviathan - a fast huge tractor trailer style build. He’d get to choose his route across the wasteland & that’d be part of the challenge. The Adventure map would still be populated with the normal bots, so driving through them would be a risk to the Levi, but would also do damage to the human enemies chasing you.

The Levi player would also start out with some bots protecting him, but these bots would be slightly more powerful than the map-bots & the human players’ builds.

The 15 human players would spawn in low PS FAST pre-built chase vehicles. They’d get to respawn, too.

If the Levi makes it across the map, the Levi player wins.

If not, the one of the 15 who scores the most points wins.

It wouldn’t even require all 16 players to join, but if the chase starts with under 16 total, the Adventure map bots focus on the Levi more to balance things out.

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alot of game mode ideas in this forum.

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Relic quests for items would be interesting.