*this game needs..a relic mode only😉

a mode where you only use relics where you can get special paints,hubcaps,banners,portraits, and more.the sky is the limit…
things you can’t get without playing relics…
but it has to be relics vs relics…no low ps crap…full on relics…
i’ll buy some relics for some cool stuff i can sport on any build in a lower ps…
does this sound cool?
what are we waiting for?

…what cool things would you like to have for buying relics and trying to win?
i’d say ‘pay to have’ but it’s not,you still need to win it with relics :rofl:

I recommend not playing this game. I already uninstalled.


well you should uninstall the forum too :crazy_face:


That’s right, I’ll be happy to look here and criticize, Things that deserve it.

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you don’t even play the game…you deleted it…why even bother commenting in the forum?

now you are just a Troll…go to work,make some money… :rofl:


Nothing good ever came of GJ. This game is not a trick. War Thunder+ Enlisted and even Crossout is all about squeezing players

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I have an afternoon and the money is there. I just bought. ARX

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Elite is 100% better game. Pay nothing and win

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then go play it…
nothing to do with xo…


What a weird way to spend your time.
Going on a forum for a game you no longer play to tell people that you hate the game. I guess everyone needs a hobby, but there’s got to be a better way to kill time.


It doesn’t appear to be interesting enough to even compete with this game’s forum successfully.


They could just crank up the disparity between rarities by adjusting the power-scores of those features, couldn’t they? Maybe they should do that?

The ironic thing is that his/her/its posts say more about him/her/it than it does CrossOut… and what it says isn’t good. Reminds me of the dude who posted repeatedly he was leaving the forum.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Hey, Aladin (Aladdin) where is Jasmine and Abu?

That’s because I enjoy criticizing things that are obviously worth it. I spend eight and a half hours at work, and my hobby takes about an hour and a half. Nj get up and exercise.

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Tvl, if you could see what I do when I watch politics, that’s a joke on my part. :rofl: The human brain is a strange thing. I must have a couple of billion bad synapses. :joy: :rofl:

UNLESS that mode has preset relic builds to choose from. So everyone can participate, regardless if they have relics or not.

your advocating for an “exclusion club”. made mostly of players that likely paid to be in that group. there is enough exclusion in life, we don’t need to bring it into games too.

point is have a relic mode but ensure everyone can access it if they choose.

it’s just to have an EndGame where there is no endgame in this game…cw is not an endgame…
plus it will make money for this company when players start buying relics to participate to get special items that you can’t get using any weapon.
but you can show off what you won in any ps…like any other game does… :crazy_face:

players be like…‘where did you get that’?


I think they should keep the Lvl 29 Engineer and lower in the Garage. Have missions only they can access by rank once they graduate to level 30 there out with the big guys

I agree, CWs is a sad excuse for an end game.

End game raids for ultra-rare gear would be awesome.

But they have to be hard, it has to take team work, and it has to be more then just complete one 10min raid.

It’s got to be the kind of thing where you need to think about what builds you bring in the team and the boss monsters need to be smart and use different tactics.