Gameplay is becoming insufferably bad

Seems to be just either you;re a camera steering hitscan/hold 1 button build or you’re a melee/hold 1 button build and every game is either spend hiding in spawn or driving into people.

This game used to actually be something, not the gameplay is akin to the brainpower required to play a mobile clicker game


Sorry we’re not at talented as you

*me in art builds at 12k PS *

Strive to be better then

Nah, I’m happy with where I’m at.

Most of the time my builds and playstyle are pretty similar to your approach. But I also make a point of trying to get good at all the other ways of approaching the game, including melee and camera steering. I think it’s pretty silly to get as worked up as you get over how other people play the game.

Your online persona on the forum for many years has been mostly boasting about how skilled you are, and then complaining angrily that “no skill” builds are too strong (or that bots at too strong). The combination of those two tendencies is very funny to me.

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But they are too strong, how well I do in comparison does not take away from their abhorrent level of imbalance, both in simple statistical output but also skill-floor/curve.


I dunno, that all sounds pretty cringe to me.
And while I will agree that it’s easier to get a decent score with a DPS build than with a reload weapon, it’s not nearly as big of a difference as you claim. And melee is definitely not a dependably easy strategy. It’s either MVP or 30 points when I play melee.

But keep complaining and boasting, I’m sure you’ll find an audience for this routine eventually.

You’re replying, so you’re being an audience


Good point!

Anyway, don’t take me too seriously. As I’ve said before, I respect your skills and appreciate your build and play style.
I just think you could chill out on insulting other people’s choices so much. And maybe accept that the choices you’ve made make you more vulnerable to specific things that wouldn’t be such a perceived unfair threat to you if you hadn’t made those choices.
Anyone can look at your builds and see that melee will tear through them, and that you would struggle against strafing DPS builds, and that perfect aim bots could take you out before you can work your magic. You could choose to accept that, or you could choose to adjust your builds/playstyle, but instead you choose to complain about how other people play the game.
Myself, I have just adjusted my builds over time so that those things aren’t as big of a threat to me. That means I don’t have as much speed as you, or as much fire power, and my PS is generally higher than you. Those are all compromises that allow me to play the builds I enjoy and still be reasonably competitive, even though I’m much less skilled than you.
I just think that anyone playing this game makes choices, and they should accept the consequences of those choices, rather than try to force other people to make different choices.

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Except I’m not the one with a problem fighting melee, I have a problem when I need to fight 4-6 enemies because my team die to melee in seconds so often because they have 0 awareness of what’s happening around them.


That sounds like another humblebrag.

Nothing humble about it, I watch the map and see melee enemies flanking, I look at my team an they have no clue even if I spam the map with markers etc… they don’t have basic awareness

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and yet here you are complaining about it? lol

melee takes a bit of skill to use, you cant just run in at someone without planning or stealth or sneaking. if you can get up on someone then you can get the jump on them. you could also argue to that cannon builds are no skill or scorpions are no skill cause you sit back and fire guns by pressing a button.
also if your that frustrated then just hop into pve or raids. its better then putting up with dumb team mates. :crazy_face:

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imagine wanting things to improve so you voice your opinion, crazy I know.

Hit cloak then drive at them not head on, wow just genius galaxy-brain levels of skill and tactics.

They did make Scorpions no-skill when they changed their perk, I sold mine.

I got a question. Do many russians play crossout on ps/xbox?

nope. you never played melee before have you? i can tell by your response there.

changed their perk in what way? they still pierce through your vehicle until they hit your cabin unless its in raids where it goes clean through your entire build.

saying “people playing this game make choices, and should accept the consequences”
is akin to saying “i pay the salaries of the developers of this game, and yet i accept the fact that i have no say in the direction of development and am not happy with the current direction either”
since the consequences of my choice to not use the most meta build are that i will be wrecked in pvp, even though the build i use is not remotely close to being the worst combination or weapons

why do you keep accepting or overlooking these gamebreaking issues that crossout has, pretending that this disparity in skill ceiling of all sorts of parts is a feature or that the effect of it is intended?

This is accurate though. This is how capitalism works. You can choose to pay for a product, or you can choose to spend that money somewhere else. Those are the only two options available to any of us.

If some customer walked into my business and demanded that we change the way we do business, we will just laugh at them. Unless of course we agree with the suggestion, in which case we might implement it. But we definitely wouldn’t just because a customer demanded a change.

Do you treat other businesses like this? I hope not.

And yes, buying a good gun should not guarantee that you get wins with it. This is Crossout: put a good gun on a suboptimal build, and you should expect it to perform not as well as it does on a meta build. I mean the whole definition of a meta build is that it is the most efficient way of using that weapon.

no i do not treat businesses like this, however i am trying to hammer the fact into players heads that they can literally just stop giving targem money and if we then say what we want to change ingame the developers are forced to implement this change.
except i guess that is easier said than done since there are so many players that just have a few (tens) of those spare dollars lying around ready to be shoved into the mouths of targem devs, and also probably are the type of player to game occasionally and not give a shit about the state of the game they play or invest time and money into.

at this stage as you may have observed on this forum i am desperate to do anything to repair this game in any capacity to move it into a more presentable state, but obviously i am powerless and the only thing i can do is cry about it on here.

so to anyone who may read this, whenever youre considering putting some money into the game, buying a pack or whatever, remember that you pay the developers, so if you dont put that money in for once, youre able to bring down their revenue and cause them to act and improve the game you enjoy.

That is not gonna happen, players are gonna continue spending money in the game and there is nothing we can do about it. There is more whales in this game than in the pacific ocean and i know that for fact, some of them new and some of them that has been around for years and still continue to dump insane amounts of money. Telling people to stop spending money in crossout is like telling a gambling addict to stop gambling, tis not gonna happen.

For example I’ve been buying up material grid from the lloyds trail mini bp and there are a flood of hundreds of those paints selling at this moment for 10 to 20 coin on pc when that very same paint was selling for like 2000 coin last month and it is the same situation with the titanic that is also selling for nothing now.

The devs have gotten better at monetizing the game and things are only gonna get worst because they have no incentive improve. Crossout is a very unique game and there is not many other games if any like it so until we get another game that can kick crossout in the teeth this is gonna keep happening until the cows comes home,

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