Garbage matchmaker

The PvP matchmaker in this game is utter garbage. That’s it, thats the whole post.


How is it garbage?

I’d love to know the actual parameters it uses to match people. I believe it somehow takes into account your performance with specific builds.

For example, I’m terrible with sniper builds, but pretty good with shotguns. I have two builds with almost identical PS right at 10k. One is an Assembler sniper, the other is a shotgun build. When I play the Assemblers, I am most frequently matched with lower PS players. When I play the shotguns, I’m almost exclusively matched with players WAY stronger than me. I’m talking 4000 PS higher. I’ll be the weakest at 10k & the next lightest dude will be 12k. LOL

I’ve gone back & forth between the two builds & the matchmaking almost always follows that pattern.

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I agree , I’m often on the losing team and normally the first to get killed so I return to garage and join another match. What I have noticed is that if the teams have no bots then the team I am on will be totally wiped out with the other team losing none or only 1 team member. If the teams have 3 bots then there is a 50% chance of the team I’m on winning but again this can be with the team I’m on not losing a single team member but mostly with only 2 team members left. I also do not see how an opposing team can , on maps like sandy, gulf fire a cannon or flame weapon from more or less their base onto our base and I end up getting destroyed, I’ve noticed on sandy gulf this seems to happen with with the shots hitting the same area. It doesn’t matter if I am first away, in the group or last away the chances of me being the first to be destroyed is 75%. It is something that requires looking into. I just try to think , but it’s only a game.

There is your problem right there, leaving matches actually causes the match maker to put you in worse matches with people who have done the same.

BAsicly if you leave matches you get put with leavers, which results in worse matches as leavers tend to not be that good.

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This is a “50/50” matchmaker. It was confirmed by Crossout streamers and youtubers years ago; by some of the best players in general. So it’s not a rumor. When you get a winning streak, it starts teaming you with players that have been losing, and vice versa.

Other peculiarities I noticed:

  • When I take my Incinerator car to PvP, I’m more likely to be matched against Incinerators.
  • When I go to PvP in my Barrier IX car, I’m much more likely to face grenades and course rockets (there was an update years ago that increased the damage done by grenades, rockets and ACs to the Barrier IX force field).
  • I’ve been testing a Catalina car with 3 Yaoguais in raids and PvP. In raids, I seem to get teamed more often with players using drones and turrets. I’ve only started testing it in PvP, but yesterday I got teamed with 3 other Yaoguai cars (btw., all 3 had R-Type 52, who, as I understand doesn’t buff flying drones). Oh, and I don’t recommend the Yaoguai for raids. Sometimes it may get high scores, but that will only deceive you into believing it’s OK for raids.

So yeah, the matchmaker being of the 50/50 variety does make it garbage, because you can’t hope to get randomly teamed with both good and bad players. In that sense it’s rigged, and that’s unfair to those who make an effort to win. I assume the reason is to give bad players a sense of accomplishment, so they’d continue to spend money on this garbage game with lying, lazy developers and predominantly unprofessional moderators.
Btw., if you want to have a laugh, compare how Igor spoke English in the last English dev stream, and the one before it. I assume he pretended to be less fluent at English in the last one, so as not to make Alex (his boss) look bad. Makes one wonder as to the kind of personal dynamics they have at that workplace. As for Alex, he opted not to do an English dev stream for the Mr. Twister update, even though they did one in Russian (which was announced by a news post on the Russian version of the website). I’m also curious as to Igor’s status, as he didn’t accompany Alex in that dev stream. I’d at least like to know if he’s safe.


Yeah but I don’t want to sit there for 4 mins waiting for the end of the match and I have found that my next match usually includes 4 bots and I have more chance of being on the winning team so the devs need to get the balance right.

first the match average is 2.5 mins, second it doesn’t mater the MMR is designed to hurt those who leave matches as it assumes anyone who leaves is rage quitting.

Reviving this thread because this gets really old really fast…
Lightest PS 5 matches in a row… WTH?
I feel like I need to “throw matches” to confuzzle the thing so I can get some more balanced matchmaking.


I always suggest rotating your builds. I like to build a roster that includes a variety of play-styles and maybe a clown-car that is fun, stupid, and probably will loose pretty bad. This way, if my roster is put together right, I can just go through it and pick off my dailies, but it also makes the matchmaker happy, because some play-styles I suck at, like cannons, and the clown car helps flatten the curve too. And so, I loose a little, win a little, but I get a variety of maps and opponents, and I’m not always lodged at the bottom of the power-score hierarchy in matches. The matchmaker will thank you for being a good sport by not penalizing you for pwning too many dudes.

Same… That was with rotating builds. Dual assembler, triple Therms, Quad Maces… I dunno, man… I know I’m not a fantastic player, so that’s not it. I don’t feel like I’m owning anyone.
Well… hmmm… I guess I did really well in 2 matches, okay in 2 and was 1st dead in another.

I think I’ll go pop balloons in Adventure for a while or something. PVP isn’t being my fwend. :rofl: :clown_face: :man_shrugging:

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I wish I had a better answer. It’s true; the matchmaker sucks and is constantly leaning on the scales, nerfing the actual competitiveness from PVP. I so wish it was simply random matches based on power-score, but it’s more than that, obviously. In PVP, your strongest opponent is probably the matchmaker.

Often times it seems like the matchmaker will throw you soft pitches if you have a daily you need to do and your build is lined up for that, but once those dailies are done it’s back to playing hard-ball.

It’s hard to tell what it actually does (it’s classified), but it feels pretty rigged.


About the MM, it makes me question everything. I can’t tell if my build and/or play style is good or bad.

For example, am I that good, or was the enemies just a bunch of pushovers?

I feel like it’s gotten a worse recently.


This is not true…


That looks like a normal PS range to me.

Please read the next part with a smile in my voice.
It’s not meant to be confrontational, but it’s hard to word and not sound abrasive.

The question is - if you played 10 matches in a row and the range was 7k-10k where you were the one at the top - would have you came to the forum to complain?

Food for thought. :wink:

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It’s not. It’s not that simple, and wins (high scores) aren’t the only thing it’s adjusting for. It adjusts map selection too, and who knows what that thumbs-up/down button does. Nothing as far as I can tell.

All I can say for sure is that the matchmaker sucks, and is worse when the game population is low.

It used to be that if I started getting placed at the bottom of the team roster, I could reset it by leaving a match before the countdown timer finished and the match started. Worked like clock work, so I know the matchmaker de-ranks you intentionally, and there are ways around it. I’m not sure if that works anymore, but it’s worth a try if you’re experiencing the de-ranking penalty for being too tough to beat. Maybe it still works. Try it.

Also, if you’re not playing PVP, I don’t know what to tell you. I have no advice for PVE or Clan Wars. I don’t do Clan Wars, and only rarely do PVE. I haven’t even done raids in…I can’t remember when. So, any fix I might suggest only applies to PVP Missions.

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You are in the 9500-13500 bracket. Lower your PS by 436 and play 5 games. To be clear, I have no idea if that will help. It’s just a guess.

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I don’t think the matchmaker is anywhere near as complex as you guys are suggesting.
I think most of the weirdness just comes from either playing at times when there aren’t enough other players for it to work well, or playing at times when there are a few skilled squads playing.

I’m sure we wouldn’t get so frustrated if the player base were bigger.

I do, but the only thing really evident is the de-ranking. You can watch that happen just by playing, but you need to be able to really tear it up and score high consistently to witness it. Bully 3 matches in a row in PVP and you’ll be at the bottom of the roster.
My builds mostly suck since the speed nerf, so I’ve not had the problem of winning too much lately, though. It’s putting me right in the middle most of the time.

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I think at first, I’d be elated. It would get boring very fast, though. I don’t get any sense is accomplishment from seal clubbing & have openly criticized the 7k porc players.

Here’s an interesting thing about this…

It wasn’t long ago that when the MM started making the shotgun challenge all but impossible to achieve, I’d switch to that dual assembler build I mentioned. That would reset things, and I’d get more balanced matches. Heck, with that build, I’d often be the strongest on the team (not even 1/4 the matches, but at least it was possible). It was a refreshing change.

Now that I’ve been playing dual assemblers for a while and getting pretty good with them (they’re lethal at weapon stripping from across the map), that now gets the same MM treatment the shotgun build do. It leads me to think the MM certainly adjusts for your proficiency with a weapon.

I tried that, too… Went from a 7k PS spread from the top player to be to a 5k spread, so maybe there’s still something to it. :joy:

Good point, but I don’t think it works. I say that because I have two shotgun builds in my daily rotation. One is a quad mace or sledgehammer build (it’s easy to swap out the weapons). It fits in right where you’re seeing those scores.

The other is one I built specifically to attempt to do what you’re saying (and it looks more like a real truck which is more fun). That one, IIRC, is a triple shotgun build around 6k. It gets slapped hard by the MM as well.

I dunno…

When it gets bad like this, I literally just stop playing PVP and go build something stupid for a while. That or turn the game off. Getting one shot killed by a player across the map I never saw while running a build with zero explosive components is just boring. I like being seal clubbed no more than I enjoy seal clubbing… Which is to say not at all.